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How to Make Trouble… // The Dole Army

Sarah is 29 and homeless. She lives on welfare. When she is not on the streets she is in rooming houses. At the moment she pays $160 a week for a single room in a house in the suburbs of … Continue reading

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Melbourne blogs, books, histories…

technorati — “once one of the hottest and most valuable proprieties [?] in blogging” — appears to have committed suicide with its re-design. oh well. in other news, i added my blog to loadedweb.com. it lists blogs according to location. … Continue reading

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Fuck the FBI! Free Elliot Madison! (And other stuff…)

The wascally wabbits at CrimethInc. have two neat-o reports on the G20 shenanigans in Pittsburgh: Breaking News from the Pittsburgh G20 Protests & G20 Mobilization: Preliminary Assessment In Battening Down the Hatches: Secret State Monitors Protest, Represses Dissent (Antifascist Calling…, … Continue reading

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