Australian Protectionist Party has a bad dream

According to a report on Indymedia, a clutch of a dozen or so bizarros belonging to the ‘Australian Protectionist Party’ were confronted by a group of locals in Newtown, Sydney, on Saturday. The APP rally, which was not publicly promoted, was presumably held in order to promote Darrin Hodges and Nick Folkes’ Senate campaign. NSW police soon arrived on the scene to reinforce the fascists, and eventually escorted them away from the Martin Luther King Jnr mural under which the small group had assembled. Members of the APP may or may not have lost some of their propaganda to the crowd, no arrests have been reported, and a fuller account may or may not be published at some point in the future.

A group of fascists and neo nazis were found in Newtown this afternoon. They gathered provocatively at the “I have a dream” mural wall in Newtown. A hundred or so people of the Newtown community spontaneously gathered and overwhelmed them with their powerful presence and voices. The people chanted “nazis out of Newtown, nazis off the planet”. They were physically confronted and forced to flee with their tail between their legs escorted by cops. The cops, the dogs of the bosses, of course attempted to protect them from the rage of the people, trying to arrest only those who have come to kick out racism, nationalism, and fascism. We will not let the fascists exist in our neighbourhoods.



[Wave of balaclava : DH.]

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I live in Melbourne, Australia. I like anarchy. I don't like nazis. I enjoy eating pizza and drinking beer. I barrack for the greatest football team on Earth: Collingwood Magpies. The 2024 premiership's a cakewalk for the good old Collingwood.
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  1. @ndy says:

    Darrin Hodges writes:

    Red fascists attack APP members in Newtown

    Newtown has become a red fascist statelet

    Members of the APP turned out in Newtown to campaign on behalf of independent group D candidates Darrin Hodges and Nick Folkes.

    As we had a permit, three police were initially present, however after 20 or so minutes they departed since noting untoward was going on. What they and we didn’t know is that a number of red [fascists] were watching and as soon as the police departed, they were on their mobiles and about 20 armed red fascist thugs attacked.

    They destroyed hundreds of dollars of placards and attempted to assault APP members, however they […] soon retreated when they realised that the APP were going to stand their ground –

    The police disarmed a number of the red fascists –

    The police have to battle daily with these red fascist thugs, who even abused and manhandled locals that supported our right to exercise our democratic freedoms. They spat on the Australian flag, which they clearly find offensive.

    In the end, it became apparent that Newtown has become a red fascist mini-state, the APP will continue to campaign in Newtown until Newtown becomes open to all people. Many thanks to APP members who showed up and stood their ground with us against the red fascists, no doubt they will think twice next time before attempting to disrupt our freedom of expression.

    Darrin’s been around the traps for a few years now, first poking his head up on the white supremacist Stormfront internet forum (using the moniker ‘Proud to be an Infidel’) in 2005. In late 2005, he was one of many on the site who loudly supported the actions of the 5,000 or so brave patriots who publicly assaulted several dozen individuals guilty of walking-around-in-the-wrong-coloured-skin-in-Cronulla. It was at this point that Hodges was publicly outed as an IT guy, working on a site selling, inter alia, gay porn, big black dildos, race-mixin’ vids, and so on.


    Joe Hildebrand gave the following account in The Daily Telegraph (December 20, 2005):

    One of the most disturbing developments of the past nine days is the emergence of handfuls of white supremacists suddenly invigorated by the prospect of a race war.

    Until two Sundays ago [11.12.05], these people were rightly confined to the lunatic fringes of political thought. Their presence was largely ignored and their views – so far removed from modern and mainstream society – were considered laughable at best.

    Now there’s a buzz in the bizarre world of white supremacy. They think their time has come…

    And plenty of those stirring up hatred are locals too, not just to Sydney but to the Sutherland Shire.

    …The internet on its own is also a hotbed for white supremacist activity, giving them instant access to their paltry and disparate fellow travellers across the country and overseas, offering the anonymity they crave.

    One active local member, who goes by the moniker “Proud to be an Infidel”, has been a regular contributor to international white supremacist organisation Stormfront.

    Via a series of electronic footprints, anti-Nazi campaigner Mat Henderson-Hau has linked “Infidel” to Engadine local Darrin Hodges.

    Hodges, who runs a website for a sex toy distributor, yesterday admitted to being a member of the racist Australia First Party but denied being a member of any white nationalist groups or a contributor to Stormfront.

    His alleged alter ego is not so shy.

    “Friends, today was an historic day, the day Australians stood up against state-imposed multiculturalism,” he wrote on the night of the Cronulla riots.

    Accompanying his posting is a series of photographs he took at Cronulla that day, including one of a T-shirt emblazoned with the words “wog free zone” and another of a sign offering free sausages to the crowd, with “no tabouli”.

    Infidel also speaks of footage he filmed on the day which Henderson-Hau believes was used in a video released over the weekend that glorifies a mob of rioters bashing various non-whites at Cronulla.

    Posted on Saturday, it had been downloaded around 400 times by yesterday afternoon.

    It follows an earlier video credited to “White Nationalist TV” and dubbed “The Battle For Cronulla”, which was released on the Stormfront website on the night of the riots and has since been downloaded 1700 times.

    After several minutes of footage showing skinheads emblazoned with the iron cross and three-bladed swastika taking part in the Cronulla “gathering”, the video finishes with the words “Not white, not welcome in Cronulla”.

    If there was any doubt as to what Infidel and his ilk stand for, consider one of his earlier posts on Stormfront in which he states: “I’m more interested in the purer form of fascism… and while I don’t subscribe to the whole ‘worship Hitler’ thing, his comments on multiculturalism and politics in general are still just as relevant today as they were 70-odd years ago.”

    Following considerable internal squabbling, in 2007 Hodges left/was kicked outta AF and subsequently helped form APP later that year. The new party also brought with it a shift in political perspective, and a conscious attempt to ‘mainstream’ the racist message, dropping hatred of The Jew for the greener pastures of Islamophobia (while at the same time maintaining opposition to leftism, multiculturalism, non-white immigration, promotion of the “homosexual lifestyle”, and so on). Curiously, at the same time as these shenanigans were going on, Hodges was an anarchist for a day, at the APEC protests donning a face mask and participating, along with a small group of neo-Nazis and various other racist kooks, in a performance piece which The New Right Theatre Co. dubbed ‘Black Bloc’. Apart from this rather amusing sidestep into radical drag, Hodges and APP have been attempting to model themselves upon — and are naturally seeking to emulate the relative, but possibly now exaggerated success of — the BNP in the UK, and have subsequently drawn towards them those elements on the far right that are unhappy with the more openly anti-Semitic approach adopted by AF (under the leadership of veteran fascist Dr. James Saleam).

    Against APP/BNP, Saleam’s approach, and that of AF as a whole, is based on the model provided by the German NPD: Dr Jim pooh-poohs the idea of ‘trimming’ white nationalist politics to suit either the whims of a fickle electorate, or to pander to the Zionist bankers (who really run the show). AF also has a broader understanding of the role of a fascist groupuscule in germinating a fascist social movement. Generally contemptuous of APP, in an attempt to undermine Hodges and Folkes appeal to fellow SF users in the run-up to next week’s election, Dr Jim writes:

    I understand your lead candidate is in a marriage to a Japanese woman and has children with her. I understand his brother is in a de facto relationship with an African woman. Is this the model of assimilation that APP favours?

    And so on. The message being: APP aren’t fair dinkum about keeping Australia white. The irony here, of course, is that Dr Jim is himself of Lebanese descent, a fact which doesn’t deter many unapologetic neo-Nazis from joining his party, vocally supporting him as the one true Fuehrer, and savagely denouncing Hodges & Co. for their kosher ways (cheering on Israeli military action against Arab/Muslims).

    As for Hodges, he’s easily been the most outspoken of APP’s leadership, the only other figures of note, apart from Folkes, being Mark Wilson (ex-BNP, founder, in 1999, of the ‘Australian Friends of the BNP’) and Chairman Andrew Phillips. In September 2008, Hodges removed his face mask and stood for a seat on local council in the shire of Sutherland. Despite considerable media exposure — and a very handsome face — he came last, garnering just 333 votes or 2% of the total. APP claimed earlier this year to have secured over 500 signatures (the amount necessary to register with the AEC) but processing party applications takes time, and the declaration of an August election placed theirs on hold. Hence, Hodges and Folkes are campaigning as ‘Independents’.

    As for Folkes, like Hodges he can be an amusing fellow. His stoopid is currently on display on the ah, intertubes.

    “Illegal boat people are asylum shoppers and should be deported immediately whether they are processed offshore or on Australian soil.”

    “The Greens and other anarchist Socialist parties would like to see a low carbon future where infant mortality skyrockets, life expectancy decreases, industry ceases and cave dwelling is the norm.”

    “A nuclear energy industry should be established without delay.”

    “The Education Department has become a hotbed of radical leftism, which has resulted in the slow destruction of learning and replaced it with indoctrination. We need to rid the Education Dept. of Communist thought so our children grow up in a creative, open and impartial learning environment.”

    “As Lenin once said, “tell a lie often enough and it becomes truth” – anthropogenic climate change is a LIE!”

    “Great men and women of Judeo-Christian backgrounds and principles founded this great nation of Australia and we should be naturally proud of this fact. In my opinion prayer is beneficial and strengthens the soul.”

    “Fightdemback is a racist outfit bordering on the insane. Members of Fightdemback are well known in the community for their double standards and anti-Australian rhetoric.”

  2. inglourious_basterd says:

    Quite a giggle watching Hodges and Folkes strenuously attempting to win the hearts and minds of the inner west. I am sure their fervent sweaty message of millions of asylum seekers paddling furtively up Alexandria Canal would have struck fear in the hearts of cosmopolitan Newtown.

    Bad dream or wet dream? How many more failures is the APP going to have? Are they after a busking licence perhaps?

  3. Kommunista says:

    “I understand your lead candidate is in a marriage to a Japanese woman and has children with her. I understand his brother is in a de facto relationship with an African woman. Is this the model of assimilation that APP favours?”

    is this true?

    all this sectarianism, where is the White love?

  4. inglourious_basterd says:

    Well “radnat” has the story from Jimmy himself, and Whitelaw Towers is also braying about it.

    Poor woman, whoever she is.

  5. pat50 says:

    Wait a second, wasn’t it said that these individuals “Hodges and Folkes”. Say they are running independant from the Australian Protectionist Party for the senate. So why have a heading associating Australian Protectionist Party. It should be something in the lines of Hodges and Folkes.

    I see you are showing just one photo. Why is that. Why didn’t you show the red facists like the guy with the green t shirt with yellow star, with cut down brom handles belting the people having the rally.

    Why don’t you show the red facists getting arrested for assulting and damaging the property of said rally people. Look at these photos, they put the people of Newtown in a different picture.,8151.0.html

    Why don’t you show the red facists getting arrested for assulting and damaging the property of said rally people.

    One would suggest that Newtown was a good area to promote in as Newtown poeple are tolerant of different parties and their ideas or is it true what people have suggested and this area is run by socialist allience uni students where decent people fear to go, for fear of being bashed for their beliefs.

  6. @ndy says:

    G’day pat50,

    I think yr point about Hodges, Folkes and the APP is mistaken. Both are members of the party. In fact, they are its leaders in NSW. Their candidacy has been endorsed by the party. The party has been mobilised in order to support their campaign. Further, APP has claimed to be in the process of registering with the AEC. Assuming this is correct, and the application is successful, it’s quite possible that the next time one or both of these fine young men stand for office it will be under the APP banner. In summary, that the pair do not have the words ‘Australian Protectionist Party’ on their Senate ticket is a technicality, not a point of substance. On the contrary, both would be happy to stand as APP candidates, and are in fact working to precisely that end.

    Regarding my choice of photo to illustrate the post: yes, I’ve used one. I could’ve published more than one or, alternatively, none. I chose this one because it shows the APP and the police assembled in front of the mural with the Aboriginal flag. It also contains a sign with the word ‘SHARIA’ crossed out, and a man carrying an Australian flag. In other words, I think it conveys something of the ideological nature of the clash. Otherwise, I’ve provided a link to the story on Indymedia, and there are further photos there, including some which show “the guy with the green t shirt with yellow star”.

    Beyond this:

    AFAIK, nobody was arrested at the rally, and until somebody informs me otherwise, I’ll assume that’s the case;
    One photo on the APP forum shows a policeman grabbing a man’s shirt (presumably a counter-protester), while the other appears to be reaching for the stick the man is carrying in his other hand. Presumably, the policeman confiscated the stick — but I’m guessing;
    I don’t know if anyone was carrying cut down broom handles — rather, a number of counter-protesters appear to be carrying black flags. A number of APP members are also carrying flags, but I don’t know if these are affixed to cut down broom handles or not. In either case, it’s fairly ordinary for people to carry flags at events, and naturally these are often stuck to bits of wood. And?

    To conclude: I think that, when deciding to undertake this rally, the APP understood that Newtown was a provocative place in which to hold it. That the party chose to rally beneath this particular mural only reinforces this proposition. This is not an unusual tactic. In Melbourne, for example, APP endorsed a rally that the ADL (at that point, a kid from Perth named Jack !@#$%^&) and a handful of rather cranky Facebook racists organised to take place under the clocks at Flinders Street; several years ago, a handful of local crackpots declared they was gonna march on a mosque in Brunswick wearing bikinis; when NA was still kicking, it organised a rally outside the Brunswick Town Hall (despite police protection, they eventually had to run away and catch an express train back to the city).

    And so on and so on.

    In fact, if you read media reports of racist and fascist organising in Europe, this kinda thing is routine. The EDL, for example, organises some of its marches through areas heavily populated by Asians and Muslims (with varying results). I believe that the APP would be overjoyed if it could generate a fraction of the support the EDL has in England, although it may be that Australia proves to be as welcoming as has Scotland and Wales.

    Staging provocative events also has a long history on the right, dating back (if not prior) to when the original fascist movements conducted rallies and marches — through Jewish quarters in Germany, or left-wing quarters in cities in Italy. During the same period, The Battle of Cable Street pitted Mosley’s men, reinforced by thousands of police, against the workers of the East End. Here’s what happened when neo-Nazis — who naturally asserted that they were merely ‘nationalists’ — attempted to march through the Jewish quarter of Prague on the anniversary of Kristallnacht/Pogromnacht in 2007:


    I think a better question to ask is why have the moderators on the APP forum removed the comment from someone claiming to be one of the young APP men wearing masks, boasting that he assaulted not one but two counter-protesters, including “the guy with the green t shirt with yellow star”, and claiming to know where he works?

  7. Nick Folkes says:

    The fascist left wing toilet water drinkers are at it again.

    We held a Protest permit for Newtown rally but it was rudely interrupted by anarcho-fascist thugs wielding batons with anarchist flags attached. The stench of the discounted Uni. wine bars attacked peaceful Patriotic Australians and ‘yes’ we did fight back. We protected ourselves from the goons of the gulags.

    In typical racist left wing fascist fashion we were outnumbered 3 to 1. Your infantile supporters are like a pack of smokes; they come in packs of 25 and stink.

    One of our members complained due to the stench left on his hands. He vigourously used graffiti remover to remove the unwashed smell of flea infested bean bags and used roaches retrieved from public bins.

    The Clamidia Queen wearing a disused green tea towel as a shirt got the stench going with mantric cries of “Die Darrin Hodges Die”.

    You must be so proud of ye delinquets attacking peaceful Australians.

    See you in the streets!

  8. Nick Folkes says:


    You must be in the inner circle of Wilson’s Klub Nazi?

    I am married to a lady of Japanese descent but I do try and keep my personal and political life separate.

    The extremities of left and right wing nutbags are much closer than you think.

    Go and join the Nazis of AFP or maybe a membership with the left stench of Socialist Alliance. These political protest parties have been around for awhile and are still stuck in kindergarten.

    The APP will eclipse both extremes within a short period of time. Australians increasing see us as a viable Australian political alternative.

    Onwards and Upwards.

  9. Nick Folkes says:

    The dishwasher with “green shirt and yellow star” belted peaceful protesters with a baton.

    We have the photos to prove it and the goons are under Police investigation.

    What do you expect?

    With every action there is a reaction.

  10. @ndy says:

    G’day Nick,

    First things first.

    What is the APP’s position on the campaign to change the Australian flag to a giant dick?

    Yes, you claim to have obtained permission to hold a rally. Yes, it was rudely interrupted. But then, life’s not all beer and skittles, is it? And to be outnumbered is a rather strange definition of “typical racist left wing fascist fashion”, but then you’re a pretty strange guy. You’re also a person who doesn’t spell good. For these reasons, but also for many, many more, you won’t be joining Bob Brown in the Senate anytime between now and, oh I dunno, let’s say, 2525.


    ye delinquets attacking peaceful Australians.

  11. inglourious_basterd says:

    Jeez my dishwasher sits quietly under my kitchen bench and fills up with water when I press a button.

    What planet is Nicky Balmain on…oh wait…

  12. @ndy says:

    Oh yeah.

    “I am married to a lady of Japanese descent but I do try and keep my personal and political life separate.”

    Bully for you.

    On the other hand, this would appear to be against APP policy.

    2. Protect our families

    Establish pro-family measures to protect the traditional family unit, which is the foundation stone of our national culture and way of life…

    The traditional Australian family unit is not composed of an Australian male and a Japanese female. You are violating a cornerstone of our national culture and way of life according to APP policy. (Note that culture means ‘way of life’.)

    5. Protect our people

    Implement a zero-net immigration policy, on a “one in, one out” basis. To have sensible immigration programmes that will be geared towards accepting into our country only those people who will readily fit into our society, primarily from traditional sources such as Europe and Britain…

    Was a female of Australian descent ejected from the country upon your wife’s arrival? If not, you are violating APP policy. Further, last time I checked, Japan was not considered a traditional source of immigration. Again: against party policy.

    And so on, and so forth.

    How do you expect to be taken seriously when you don’t even practice what you preach you silly hatemonger?

  13. Kommunista says:

    Hey Nick what you waiting for mate, protest against these fascists.

    Radnat is going to the forum.

  14. Fascist Troll says:

    I see Nazi Andy is still at it again! Nothing changes, still pushing your Nazi [a]genda trying to get rid of white people. Hitler would be so proud of you! Who funds you? Of course, it is the anti-white racists! We all know who they are, the same one’s who murdered 50 million white Russians. Sorry Nazi Andy, we survived and we will show the World who you really are and who funded the Nazis. I see where 500 trillion dollars have vanished from the USA economy. Nazi Andy and his Nazi racist thieves, won’t get away with it.

  15. @ndy says:

    Which naughty boy forgot to take his pills again this morning?

  16. Jeffrey says:

    Communista, what is it EXACTLY you are protesting?

  17. PAT50 says:

    Sorry @ndy after reading a large amount of topics on your blog. I have come to the conclusion that you have a fixation on destroying a political party?
    I would appreciate your own views and beliefs on what a political party should be like here in sunny old OZ?
    @ndy, one could assume that if you were not stuck behind a keyboard in your bunker somewhere. You would be out there on the hustings campaigning to become an entity of grandeur too.
    Hey what do you reckon “A pollies life for me”. Great money for pollies and one or two terms you get a pension for the rest of your life. Win win situation.
    I am supposing like me, you have a hate for politicians that have two agendas that have a public face but lurk around in the shadows doing funny deals and forcing decisions on the unsuspecting public.
    I would appreciate your thoughts on this matter @ndy.

  18. @ndy says:

    “…you have a fixation on destroying a political party?”


    “…what [should] a political party … be like here in sunny old OZ?”

    That’s an odd question. I’m not a member of a political party, never have been a member of a political party, and have no intention of joining one. I assume that you’re a member of the APP. If that’s the case, as far as you’re concerned, the question has already been answered.

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