Australia First ~versus~ Australian Protectionist Parties: Sutherland Shire

It’s history in the making as Australia’s two premier White nationalist political parties go head-to-head for the first time ever, in a ding-dong battle for the much-coveted ‘Ward D’ seat on the Sutherland Shire Council. Using all their senses, skill, creativity, they have prepared political programs never tasted before.* And if ever a challenger wins over the Establishment, he or she will gain the people’s ovation and fame forever. Every battle, reputations are on the line in Sutherland Shire, where master tacticians pit their political creations against each other. What inspiration did yesterday’s challenger bring? And how will the Political Establishment fight back? The heat will be on!

Who takes it? Whose cuisine reigns supreme?

At this stage it appears that the honour goes to…

The Australia First Party!

Full results are available here, but in brief, Darrin Hodges (APP) got a total of 584 votes (2.5%), while Matt Hodgson (AF) got 931 votes (4.0%).

Congratulations to Matt and to Australia First.

For Hodges, the good news is that this is an improvement upon his previous effort: standing for the same seat in 2008, he received just 333 votes (2%). Further, as in 2008, in 2010 Hodges was unable to capitalise upon having the name of his party on the ballot.

(Oh, and the actual winner was some other bloke.)

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5 Responses to Australia First ~versus~ Australian Protectionist Parties: Sutherland Shire

  1. Big (A)//Little (a) says:

    Are they at each others’ throats again? Ha!

    Get the popcorn out and let’s watch them eat each other…

  2. inglourious_basterd says:

    No doubt their supporters got the names mixed up. Somehow.

  3. Big (A)//Little (a) says:

    What do you expect from people whose family trees probably look like a tree stump…?

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