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Sado-workism: the new culture of work in Australia [Boris Frankel]

Gillard snubs UN on single parent welfare, The Australian (AAP), March 4, 2013 | PM’s pay to crack $500k as part of MP salary rise, Stephanie Peatling, The Sydney Morning Herald, June 13, 2013. Former prime minister Julia Gillard defended … Continue reading

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Julia Gillard ~versus~ Preston KFC

I’ve been mucking about on Twitter today, trying to track down a story about a poster. It seems that once upon a time, a few months ago, a poster appeared in the window of the Preston KFC (128 Bell Street). … Continue reading

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Margaret Thatcher ~versus~ Julia Gillard

“You do not change your circumstance as an asylum seeker or a refugee with an adverse security assessment through hunger striking.” ~ Julia Gillard, April 15, 2013 “We are not prepared to consider special category status for certain groups of … Continue reading

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ASIO ~versus~ WikiLeaks : The WikiLeaks Amendment

Introduction On November 28, 2010 WikiLeaks—in conjunction with other major media organisations—began publishing classified United States diplomatic cables, detailing correspondence between the US State Department and its diplomatic missions around the world. The publication of these cables has had an … Continue reading

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nazis on the gold coast, neo-cons in canberra…

…stone the bloody crows. See also : Charity is Big Business : Toby Hall and responsibilities that need to be taken seriously (September 23, 2010) | Dole bludgers, tax payers and the new right: constructing discourses of welfare in 1970s … Continue reading

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“I absolutely condemn the placement of this information on the WikiLeaks website – it’s a grossly irresponsible thing to do and an illegal thing to do.”

Update : D’oh! PM tanks at home, Shaun Carney, The Age, December 11, 2010. Assange arrested by UK police. What’s worse, this information is being mirrored on over 9,000 sites! Not. Happy. Julian.

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Fortress Australia : Stop the Boats!

“And so with the facts on the table and these uniting principles as our guide we move forward. We move forward to an effective, sustainable, long-term solution: To stop the boats not at our shoreline but before they even leave … Continue reading

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It’s like 1977 again, apparently

‘Anarchy is a la mode. It’s like 1977 again’ write Mark Davis and Jacqueline Maley in The Sydney Moaning Herald (July 23, 2010), all ’cause one of them stylish Anarchist crashes PM’s policy party (AAP, July 23, 2010). “His youthful … Continue reading

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Yeah. Having consulted their horoscope — and having accomplished his allotted role of providing the electorate with a bland alt.HoWARd — the Labor Right has made a tactical decision to get rid of the multi-millionaire’s husband ahead of the next … Continue reading

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Building workers or terrorists? We report. You decide.

zero one Chase ‘put road users in danger’ Ben Schneiders The Age September 9, 2009 A 45-MINUTE car chase across Melbourne during the heated West Gate industrial dispute would have left those being pursued feeling fearful for their safety, having … Continue reading

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