Frank Cassar : Australia’s Best Landlord?

Landlords are Good, and voluntary real estate industry standards, rigorous government scrutiny, and a large and well-organised public and social housing sector ensure that the accommodation they provide is reasonably priced and of excellent quality. This is why renters–a group which in Victoria constitutes approximately one-quarter of all households–are in general extremely appreciative of landlords, while on the other hand regard squatters as being the degenerate scum they undoubtedly are.

Despite this, some people think that landlords are Bad. One in particular, Frank Cassar, is alleged to be Melbourne’s worst. Contrary perhaps to expectations, I’m happy to argue that he is in fact Australia’s best.

How is this possible?

To begin with, Frank Cassar is a very hard worker. After all, how else could he afford to obtain such a large number of rental properties? Given that work, like landlords, is Good, and someone who works harder than others deserves to be rewarded more than most, Frank obviously deserves everything he has acquired. Secondly, that his many years of back-breaking toil has resulted in his now being in a position to generously offer housing to those in need, and that this should have generated vitriolic atacks against him, is appalling.

Why aren’t those granted the privilege of temporarily occupying Frank’s numerous properties grateful?

A scurrilous campaign is currently being conducted against Cassar’s good name. Possibly the worst aspect of this campaign is that it allows Cassar’s many critics to alert potential tenants to the fact that Frank has faced persecution by the state (or what law-talking guys and hostile forces at Fairfax have declared to be legitimate court cases resulting in thousands of dollars in fines being imposed upon the little Aussie battler); worse, it allows those who care to monitor Frank’s financial manoeuvrings to do so by way of various social networking sites and sites such as Gumtree.

I say: leave Frank alone!

See also : City Is Ours (Melbourne).

Bonus Blather!

Wednesday, 6, May 2009 COUNCIL 2227
Rooming houses: registration
Raised with: Housing
Raised by: Ms Lovell
Raised on: 31 March 2009

The Government is committed to improving protections for rooming house residents. The Government is taking action [on] a number of fronts to pursue these improvements.

As you have noted, the Government amended the Health (Prescribed Accommodation) Regulations 2001 last year to increase the scope of the regulations.

Prior to these changes, stakeholders, including the TUV and local government, expressed confusion with which rooming houses were required to register with local government and which weren’t. The Government has responded to this request by amending the regulations and extending the protections of the regulations to smaller rooming houses. This will see provisions such as minimum room sizes, prevention of overcrowding, cleanliness, sanitation and other health standards now apply to these rooming houses. The changes were enthusiastically supported by a range of stakeholders. I am sure the House will agree that affording residents of smaller rooming houses the benefits of these additional provisions has been a beneficial change.

The responsibility to enforce the regulations rests with local government. Other protections for rooming house residents are contained in the Residential Tenancies Act 1997 and Building Code of Australia. Consumer Affairs Victoria has been working with local government to improve inspection and enforcement practices. In July 2008 enforcement activities resulted in the successful prosecution of Mr Frank Cassar for multiple offences under the Residential Tenancies Act 1997 relating to rooming houses. Mr Cassar was fined $16,000 for these offences…

The Moar You Know…

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17 Responses to Frank Cassar : Australia’s Best Landlord?

  1. inglourious_basterd says:

    On the Underbelly Colourfulness Scale old Frank hasn’t come near these two famous landlords as yet.

  2. Oskar says:

    You have obviously done absolutely no research into the damage Frank Cassar has caused people. I was a short term tenant, before he stole my money and it seems I got off light compared to others.

    “Landlords are good..”, “…some people think that landlords are bad” – Seriously are you 12 years old? No one thinks like that. You are not saying anything. A quick google search produced forums, stories, news articles and videos explaining the situation.

    “Mr Cassar has been ordered to repay or compensate tenants $32,879 in 34 tribunal findings against him where bonds were withheld from tenants. He has ignored the orders and nobody forces him to comply.” – Straight from an article in The Age.

    Usually, I would not bother responding at all to something like this, but I’m angered that I can’t unread it and you are most likely Frank himself or one of his lackeys.

  3. Luke says:

    Sarcasm doesn’t always carry through the internet, does it? Poor old Oskar.

  4. @ndy says:

    Frank Cassar for PM!

  5. Piltdown says:


    I thought Andy was 5!

  6. Oskar says:

    Hahahaha. Owned. Amazing.

  7. Dr. Cam says:

    According to Councillor/Comrade Jolly:

    “This morning Yarra Council staff towed away 3 tow trucks and 2 unregistered sedans relating to the Fitzroy-based business owned by Frank Cassar. Further, papers were lodged in VCAT with the assistance of Council lawyers.

    These actions were obviously a direct result of community pressure – well done to all concerned.”

  8. @ndy says:

    Translated from RUSSIAN into ENGLISH: an honest, hardworking businessman is being subjected to POLITICAL PERSECUTION by a Communist-infested local council. A more HONEST version would read:

    “This morning workers belonging to the Yarra Soviet stole 3 trucks and 2 cars from the bourgeois Frank Cassar. Further, with the assistance of Soviet commissars, communiques officially declaring Cassar ‘An Enemy of the People’ were sent to the Ministry of Love. These actions were obviously a direct result of a Communist conspiracy to destroy Western Civilization – long live Lenin!”

    I will be immediately alerting PRODOS and the Liberal Democratic Party to the above and if there is a bloody counter-revolution Jolly and his ilk will only have themselves to blame!

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  10. jason says:

    hey frank y flthy grsy fckn wg its jason walker hws yr tw pftr sns gng r thy stll sckn cck bt thy gt tht frm y hahahaha gt yr cnt f fmly nd fck ff bck t mlt y grsy fckn wgs has any more cars fallen off your hoists lately hahahaha yr sns r dt mpty hd fggts frank and pauline number 1 police informers

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  12. jacobs says:

    frank cassar died on the 14-10-2011

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  14. john smith says:

    …what did he die from having too much money lol…

  15. Danial swift says:

    Are you kidding me have you seen the damages tenants do to rental homes and don’t have to pay back a cent you can always find a landlord but can never find a tenant. Tenants are such low life people who simply do not have a care in the world for the house they are living in as its not there’s.

    I have been renting homes out to tenants for over 6 years now and can certainly come to terms with why Frank was the way he was. We need more landlords like this man around so that way most tenants won’t take advantage of the system, like they do. Think about its called the TENANTS union for a reason, tenants they are almost as bad as dole bludgers.

    And yet what i also can not come to terms with is the fact that i believe tenants get to view or do a walk though of the property and yet still CHOOSE to move into it after what they have seen it only becomes a hole after they have stayed there. Dont like the look of it at inspection SIMPLE do not move in i am sure Frank Cassar didnt change them over night.

    Clearly oskar and “Piltdown” are clearly tenants by saying that the damage Frank Cassar has done like tenants are the best thing in the world and do nothing to landlords what so ever. Why dont they ever show the damages tenants do to the landlords property.

    As for Jason that has written a comment i have no idea as to what he is trying to say he cant even spell so doubt he can speak English.

    This man couldnt have been to much of a loser or anything of the “names” that people have been calling with the amount of houses this mans portfolio holds. Good on him i say. Should be more landlords like this man about time someone stood up to the tenants and tenants union and shown them its not a one way street.

    [Corrected for spelling.]

  16. @ndy says:


    “Danial swift”.

    Tenant = Bad; Landlord = Good; Frank Cassar = Great Landlord.

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