Frank Cassar : Australia’s Best Landlord & Subject of Communist Persecution!

Frank Cassar of Inner City Towing & Smash Repairs (64 Kerr St, Fitzroy | (03) 9419 6118) is widely regarded as being Australia’s best. landlord. ever. For literally decades Frank has been helping Melbourne’s growing population of poor and vulnerable to escape homelessness. His kind-hearted efforts to alleviate the precarious housing situation of international students, single mothers, travellers and low income earners has naturally made him the target of vicious rumour and innuendo by envious layabouts and professional troublemakers.

On Saturday, a handful of these malcontents formed a rent-a-mob outside of Frank’s lawful place of business to demand he cave in to legal and political persecution, and stop putting a roof over the heads of Melbourne’s neediest. Subsequently, the local Council–which has previously been subject to Communist infiltration–ordered its workers to steal his cars “parked in breach of [Inner City Towing & Smash Repairs’] planning permit”.

Cars seized from dodgy landlord
Ben Butler
The Age
March 9, 2011

…The action followed a protest on Saturday by about 40 angry tenants and friends that temporarily blocked access to Mr Cassar’s business.

Tenants accuse Mr Cassar, who has been convicted of breaching the Residential Tenancies Act, of harassing them and providing shoddy accommodation.

City of Yarra Socialist Party councillor Steve Jolly said the city had been ”feeling a lot of heat from the community” for not taking action against Mr Cassar. ”He uses the streets of Fitzroy as his own personal car park and dumping ground,” Mr Jolly said. ”Physically losing five vehicles will really wreck his day.”

On the bright side, Frank still has a modest house in Kew to go home to and a car to drive him to Melbourne Magistrates Court on April 12 when the Little Aussie Battler will be appealing against the Government red tape that threatens to strangle the life out of small business in this country.

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  1. Eric says:

    Finally, something positive in the news…

    ‘Worst landlord’ evicted from own property.

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