Blood and Honour vs. Blood and Honour

From the Department of Silly-Old-Boneheads:

As noted previously (Blood & Honour / C18 in Australia, February 18, 2008), the international neo-Nazi network known as ‘Blood & Honour’ is split into two, often warring factions.

In Australia, the local franchise is allied with the Southern Cross Hammerskins. So too, the tiny B&H mob in Aotearoa/New Zealand. In Australia, B&H/SCHS organise an annual gig to commemorate Ian Stuart’s death. The nutty mob is also organising a gig to piss on the memory of the ANZACs this year in Perth. In Aotearoa/New Zealand, B&H/NZ Hammerskins organise a (semi-)annual gig to celebrate Hitler’s birthday.

Combat 18 (18 = AH = Adolf Hitler), on the other hand, is even more marginal, largely existing as a figment of Patrick O’Sullivan‘s fertile imagination. Recently, however, B&H/C18 has crawled out from under its rock, poaching one of the bands previously in the B&H/Hammerskins stable. Moaron that later, but first…


The overdue death in 1993 of B&H co-founder (along with similarly dead bonehead Nicky Crane) and Skrewydriver Ian Stuart resulted in a battle over his financial and political legacy. Initially, B&H came under the control of C18, a small mob of Nutzi headcases initially part of the BNP, but soon operating independently of it. C18 was established in the early ’90s, and led by a violent crank named Paul (‘Charlie’) Sargent. Charlie was a fascist, drug-dealing football hooligan, and good mates with Chris (‘Chubby’) Henderson, later lead shouter with Combat 84 (formerly available locally through Deadset Music; now available through PUG Music), as well as the former manager of the 4-Skins, Gary Hitchcock. All three were well-known faces in the Chelsea Headhunters, a fascist football firm.

In 1992, Neil Parish, the main bonehead behind B&H in the UK, was in all sorts of trouble — legal, drug, alcohol and familial. Good ol’ Charlie offered to take over operations while Neil did a spell, on the understanding that when he got out, things would revert to normal.


Instead, with Neil safely tucked away behind bars, Charlie quickly moved to consolidate control of the business. In addition to discrediting poor ol’ Neil (an alleged “low-life thief and Jew informer”), C18 made its first public appearance at a Skrewydriver Xmas show, where Ian Stuart quickly accepted their presence. C18 then proceeded to rapidly replace the [now defunct] British Movement (BM) as thugs-of-choice on the neo-Nazi muzak scene. The final nail in the coffin occurred when Ian skidded off a road and to his death, and with it Ian’s ability to hold competing factions together.

The BM had been in decline for many years, and it was a relatively simple matter for C18 to end its association with B&H, one maintained most closely by Paul Burnley, lead shouter with the band No Remorse. Burnley himself was attacked in the squabbling over Ian’s lucrative legacy. Charlie’s sidekick Will Browning played a crucial role in these shenanigans, and it was him what established ISD Records in January 1994. Gary Hitchcock, the man credited with coming up with the name Combat-18, wasn’t happy with this development, as he’d secretly been appointed British distributor of the German neo-Nazi label Rock-O-Rama — which has since been transformed into the Belgian label Pure Impact (available locally through PUG Music). Hitchcock eventually dropped out of the race for Nutzi $, and his place taken by Browning’s ISD Records…

Since then, there have been many ups and downs for the bloody, dishonourable criminals associated with B&H, C18 and ISD — notably, in 1998, Charlie Sargent’s conviction and sentencing to life imprisonment for murdering another Nutzi — but the schism between the ‘musical’ and the ‘political’ B&H remains. The ‘radicals’ have had a strong base in Scandinavia, as well as parts of Eastern Europe, while the ‘moderates’ have tended to dominate the English-speaking world; as with other movements, however, B&H as a whole is in a constant state of flux, and its activities shaped both by internal politicking and broader social forces. The ‘musical’ mob. Closely tied to the Hammerskins and — until recently — the only B&H group in both Australia and Aotearoa/New Zealand. Also Austria*, Belgium, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, England, Finland, France, Germany*, Greece, Holland, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain*, Switzerland, Ukraine, United States. * = Subject of a legal ban. The ‘political’ C18 mob. In Argentina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, Czech Republic, England, Holland, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Sweden, Ukraine and United States.
    Note that both tendencies appear to be present in the Czech Republic, England, Holland, Serbia and the United States.

Detour: Charlie Sargent

The gear is casual, but the faces are hard, sullen, full of mistrust. Angry-looking tattoos poke out from under smart shirt sleeves. Mobile phones lie in a neat row, next to bottles of Bud and pints of Guinness. The talk, in a melting pot of accents from across London’s council estates, is of football ‘firms’, lads and ‘jobs’ [robberies].

“We don’t want to live with Africans and Pakis, we want to live with our own people – don’t we?” quips a large, Humpty Dumpty figure with a receding hairline and a dull leer. Covered in a heavy lace of tattoos and carrying a bulky bag of CDs, Paul David ‘Charlie’ Sargent is a leader not so much by charisma as by force and fear. He has a habit of putting a rhetorical question at the end of his sentences. It leaves little room for discussion. His three companions drag on cigarettes and pull baseball caps down over their tight-cropped hair as they talk of revolution – White Revolution.

“Our kids are learning ‘their’ way of life before their own,” laments Scott, a gruff-faced former squaddie. A clamour of guttural “yeahs”, uttered into pints, supports him.

“They’re taking us over,” adds Charlie in his animated, nasal voice. “The whole of London is just becoming a cesspit.” The solution? “National Socialism.” Which is? “Racism,” he says, with a characteristically challenging look, “the easiest politics in the world.”

To Charlie and the others, ‘they’ – meaning either the state, which they call ZOG (Zionist Occupation Government), or the immigrant communities – are the Enemy. So now they want no part of the system. “I don’t vote. What’s the point? I’m not gonna play their fucking silly little games,” says Charlie.

These are members of a paramilitary struggle, based on punishment beatings, control and fear. “I know perfectly well we’re gonna win. I’m under no disillusions about it. Sooner or later we’re gonna win.” But win what? “The War.” What war? “The war against the government and the people invading this fucking land.”

~ Nick Ryan, ‘Memoirs of a Streetfighting Man’: “This story original appeared in The Independent on Sunday Review 1998; later versions in The South China Morning Post Magazine and other titles. It won a Special Commendation award from the International Federation of Journalists in 1999.”

On collaboration between neo-Nazis and Loyalists, see the wonderfully bizarre tale MacIntyre’s Underworld: Mad Dog and Nazi Nick:

According to the Sutton database of deaths at the University of Ulster’s CAIN project, the Ulster Defence Association/Ulster Freedom Fighters was responsible for 259 killings during the Troubles. 208 of its victims were civilians (predominantly Catholics), 37 were other loyalist paramilitaries (including 30 of its own members), three were members of the security forces and three were republican paramilitaries. The UDA/UFF partly functioned, as did other Loyalist associations, as an extra-judicial killing machine for the British state.

Blood and Honour vs. Blood and Honour

As noted, B&H Australia is organising a gig in Perth for ANZAC Day. Originally, three bands were scheduled to prance about on stage: Indigenous Hate, Quick & the Dead and Ravenous. Sadly, Indigenous Hate has cancelled their performance, and instead declared that they will be playing a gig for C18 in November in Queensland instead. This news was not received well by B&H, who announced that Indigenous Hate was “off the bill for being lying scum”.


As it happens, Indigenous Hate played a gig with fellow nutzis Southern Storm in Sydney in March. The gig was organised by C18 Australia. (Southern Storm were previously available for purchase via “truly D.I.Y Australian hardcore punk label” Snapshot Records — alongside of Skrewdriver, Blood Red Eagle, Bound For Glory (UK not US), Fortress, Legion of St. George and Retaliator.)

The defection of Indigenous Hate follows warm on the heels of the departure of Blood Red Eagle from the B&H stable, and the decision of Douglas Schott — its diminutive lead shouter — to jump into bed with New Reich fuehrer Welf Herfurth to form ‘Volksfront Australia’. B&H Victoria rep Justin comments: “…we’d have to get to know the guy pretty well before we considered him for anything like a State Rep position. Welf was given the nod before it was really understood (and through no fault of his own, he was just being himself) that he wasn’t suitable for that.”

Thus, despite being judged as being suitable for membership of the German NPD, the Australia First Party, Australian Democrats, One Nation Party, acting as MC for the Sydney Forum, and considering himself as being both an anarchist, a nationalist, and an intellectual, Welf was jackbooted out of B&H, and forced to look elsewhere for a social club. That club is ‘Volksfront Australia’.

Of course, an attempt to establish VF in Australia was originally made several years ago.

In 2004, a young racist named Stuart McBeth (1981–), then the leader of the now defunct ‘Patriotic Youth League’ (PYL) — a risible attempt by Dr James Saleam to extend Australia First Party membership to the under-40s — threw his tinfoil helmet into the ring as an Australian organiser for the United States People’s Front. McBeth resigned as PYL President shortly after being fired, in late January 2005, from his job as a case officer for the Salvation Army. McBeth was replaced by Lachlan Black, also a former ONP member and, like McBeth, a former ONP candidate.

Like the PYL, Volksfront Mk I collapsed in a heap.

As for Volksfront Mk II, according to ‘BlueEyedBlonde’, aka Nicole Hanley (via

Last year [Volksfront] started a probationary chapter here, which pissed the Hammerskins off big time. Not because they wouldn’t support Volksfront, but because of how it was done. Doug [Schott] from Blood Red Eagle was the first probationary member, and he was allowed [to] start the chapter without having actually met any of the VF guys in the USA. A lot of the HSN guys can’t stand him and think he is a moron, so they were unimpressed with VF bending the prospect rules and letting him prospect sight unseen. Justin (AustMade) was in the scene years ago (I knew him back then), he also left and then has recently come back. He started off prospecting with VF, but then realised he had backed the wrong horse as HSN hated them, so he left and joined B&H Vic. And that’s pretty much where we are… try getting that group of egos to work together!


Welf’s own circle is tiny, comprising himself and various refugees from Stormfront and other racist and fascist forums. In Victoria, Welf enjoys the support of a handful of fascist teenyboppers. The most active of these is a boy by the name of Scott. Funnily enough, Scott was also a member of the hacked B&H forum where, posting as ‘Tribalist’, he noted how much he enjoyed attending a neo-Nazi gig — apart from an unfortunate political disagreement which developed among the assembled drunken pea-brains.



The British far-right is an eclectic bunch, with organisations varying from those like the British National Party and Freedom Party, who hold elected office and have serious pretensions to wield power locally, to organisations like the November 9th Society that could best be described as containing one man and a German Shepherd dog. Developing an exhaustive list is far beyond our timescale (and sanity) but this is a pretty exhaustive guide to what is currently out there, and what to say (and what not to say) before you put the boot in.

Blood and Honour

Founded in 1987, as a vehicle for White-Power music and a cash cow for other fascist groups, by Ian Stuart Donaldson (of Skrewdriver & car crash fame), in response to the activities of Anti-Fascist Action. Rather like football hooliganism, Blood & Honour originated in England, but has gone on to bigger and better things elsewhere. An important player in the development of far-right ideas internationally, Blood & Honour has struggled to retain much of a profile in its homeland. Unable to advertise gigs openly in Britain they’ve recently become even more of a laughing stock after Antifa [twice] hacked their forum and posted the entire thing online. Plus, their music is shit. [Tee hee… tee hee hee! Hackers 1 Blood & Honour 0, August 30, 2008 | Blood & Honour hacked, March 25, 2009.]

Do say: “Ian Stuart’s name will certainly live on with you guys about.”
Don’t say: “Of course all the original Skinheads only listened to Jamaican music.”
Definitely don’t say: “Everyone knows that most skinheads these days are gay.”

Combat 18

Scary Nazi ‘terror machine’ and the pride of Stormfront but rarely sighted these days in England, and considered an endangered species, not seen in public since 2001. C18 now has sister groups in several European countries and the USA but its last national ‘activity’ in the UK seems to have been putting up a sticker or two in a few northern cities. Damaged by the revelation that his number two, Darren Wells, was an informer for Searchlight and the security services, C18 Fuhrer Wilf Browning has had an exceptionally low profile in recent years. Recent raids on C18 in Poland and northern Germany indicate that the authorities still regard C18 as a threat, even if no one else does. Still wheeled out occasionally in the media as a terrifying, psycho Nazi bogey man to scare the gullible.

Do say: “The Blood and Honour scene is much better organised under C18.”
Don’t say: “That’s just a wild stab in the dark Charlie.”

Racial Volunteer Force

Formed after the leadership of C18 had an emotional breakup, this group’s membership struggles to reach double figures. Never the group’s strong point, membership and recruitment was dealt a damaging blow in 2003 when several of them were arrested and imprisoned for inciting racial hatred. These Aryan warriors used to provide ‘security’ (behind the police of course) for the British People’s Party, but again a tiff between leaderships and the BPP informing on its friends for police protection has ended this alliance of the clueless. This group are serious contenders for the Who Can Make The Most Shit Up On Stormfront? Award, recently claiming to have stolen intelligence from “Antifa HQ”, when in reality they had picked up a publically distributed leaflet, available online. Other then these Bond-style intelligence missions, they restrict their activities to releasing poorly spelt statements detailing their feuds with other fascist groups. About as dangerous as a pond of ducks.

Do say: “The spirit of C18 and militant neo-Nazism lives on with the RVF!”
Don’t say: “Do you lot do anything except release statements?”

Added Bonus!

[img deleted]

“Hmmm… knickers!”

Veteran British neo-Nazi Colin Jordan (June, 1923–April 9, 2009) is dead.

Jordan established the ‘National Socialist Movement’ and ‘World Union of National Socialists’ in the UK in 1962. He struck gold in 1963 when he married wealthy heiress Françoise Dior. In addition to being a nutzi, Jordan will most likely be remembered for his rather spectacular fall from grace.

Jordan reorganized the National Socialist Movement itself in 1968 as the British Movement, but by 1974 he has been forced to step down in favor of Michael McLaughlin. The split was far less than amicable. It was Jordan, however, who provided McLaughlin with the sword with which to do in the movement’s founder, and Jordan further obliged his enemies by taking a running start and skewering himself in a manner guaranteed to bring maximum public humiliation. It seems that, for reasons best known only to him, Jordan was arrested on charges of simple shoplifting. Worse, Jordan’s booty was comprised of lingerie — to wit, pairs of women’s panties. Why the financially secure Jordan would resort to this method of shopping was a mystery to the British movement, but soon the internal correspondence of many of the faithful had brought to Jordan the nickname of “Knickers Stealer”, and the McLaughlin faction of the British Movement had a field day with the news. The label stuck, dogging Jordan’s ill-fated campaigns in the 1970s to seize back control of the British Movement and, indeed, to reenter the British National Socialist scene that had, in truth, long since left him behind.

~ Jeffrey Kaplan, Encyclopedia of white power: a sourcebook on the radical racist right, Rowman Altamira, 2000, p.147.

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