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Volksfront Australia, like most local neo-Nazi groups, is a foreign import. Established in 1994 in the United States, and named in honour of a racist Afrikaaner mob, the group has recently embraced a few converts Down Under: chief among them (according to rival sect Blood & Honour / Southern Cross Hammerskins) the former German NPD and Australian One Nation Party member Welf Herfurth.

Did I happen to mention that Welf also considers himself an “anarchist”?

This is not the first time Volksfront has had an Australian franchise. In 2004, a young racist named Stuart McBeth (1981–), then the leader of the now defunct ‘Patriotic Youth League’ (PYL) — a risible attempt by Dr James Saleam to extend Australia First Party membership to the under-40s — threw his tinfoil helmet into the ring as an Australian organiser for the United States People’s Front. (Oddly enough, like Welf, Stuart was also a former member of ONP.) McBeth resigned as PYL President shortly after being fired, in late January 2005, from his job as a case officer for the Salvation Army. McBeth was replaced by Lachlan Black, also a former ONP member and, like McBeth, a former ONP candidate.

Like the PYL, Volksfront Mk I collapsed in a heap.

Last year, however, some hardy souls decided to revive the Front — presumably in order to provide yoof a boneheaded alternative to B&H and the SCHS. In the US, where the franchise is based, relations between Volksfront, B&H, and the Hammerskins have been frosty. Well, kinda. Actually there are two, rival B&H networks: in the US, B&H ~ American Division, is allied with Volksfront, while outside of the US, relations between different groups in different countries are more fractured. (‘Blood & Honour USA’, allied to the Australian mob, appears to be defunct.)

In any event, the corpse of Volksfront Australia has shown some signs of life. It also appears that at least some local boneheads aren’t all that happy about it. Thus on Stormfront, a local bonehead, ‘Pitbull38’, recently yap-yapped the following:

Re: Hammerskin Nation and Blood & Honour

HSN & B & H have worked well together for 15 odd years in Oz.

We have been here from the start & built things from the ground up.

VF’s been in Oz for about [a] year and managed to disrespect & piss off the 2 oldest bonehead crews in Australia (to put it very mildly)… certainly not the best way to start things.

Of their leaders, one [Welf Herfurth] runs National Anarchists & New Right (he goes to Asian countries a lot to live with and help the slopes… strange for a supposed WN to travel to Asia so much & without his wife… sure no hanky panky going on there??? Yeah right). He has his fingers in many different pies and is certainly no skinhead & never has been. His stated love for Asian culture, trying to be a politician & trying to appear everything to everyone & his twisted written works are proof of this.

The other guy ([Douglas Schott] singer of Blood Red Eagle) used to be [an] anti-racist/SHARP with his own anti-racist band to boot. A little big-mouthed midget with the ego of Napoleon.

VF leadership have been made aware of these facts & none seem to care, so yeah… sounds like a great NS [National Socialist: ie, Nazi] bonehead crew to me… lol!

VF are outcasts (akin to C18) in Australia as far as SCHS & B & H are concerned. So if you don’t want to be outcasts yourselves, avoid them like the plague.

Unfortunately for Poodle38, Stormfront moderator Lycia had to yank on his chain. Thus the above post now reads simply:

HSN & B & H have worked well together for 15 odd years in Oz.

We have been here from the start & built things from the ground up.

Hammers don’t forgive, but whether or not Poodle38 responds positively to his obedience training remains to be seen.

Incidentally, the next gig organised by Benson & Hedges is scheduled for ANZAC Day in Perf, WA, where a small assortment of boneheads will pay tribute to the ANZACs by celebrating the Nazi war-machine that killed them in their thousands.

Yes: they’re a weird mob.

Volksfront (United States)

As for Volksfront, it, like other bonehead groups, has a violent history. A few highlights:

Jacob Laskey, formerly Volksfront’s Prisoner Affairs Coordinator in Eugene, was arrested in 2005, along with his brother, Gabriel Doyle Laskey, Jesse Lee Baker and Gerald Anthony Poundstone, for throwing rocks engraved with swastikas at a synagogue in Eugene, Oregon, during a religious service in October 2002. They were indicted for conspiracy to violate civil rights and other related charges. Jacob Laskey also faced charges of attempting to intimidate a witness in the case. Jacob and Gabriel Laskey both pleaded guilty in August 2006. Poundstone received 15 months in prison in September 2006 after pleading guilty. Jacob Laskey was sentenced to 11 years and 3 months in prison in April 2007. (Laskey had previously been charged with battery and commission of a hate crime for allegedly beating and threatening an African-American man in December 2000 in Jacksonville, Florida.) Gabriel Doyle Laskey was sentenced to five years probation, as well as six months at the Lane County work release program followed by six months of home detention.

Kurtis Monschke, 20, a probationary unit leader for Volksfront, was sentenced to life in prison on June 4, 2004, for his role in the March 23, 2003, murder of Randall Mark Townsend, 42, in Tacoma, Washington. Prosecutors indicated that Monschke, who has the Volksfront emblem tattooed on his chest adjacent to a swastika that is similar to the one depicted on the main racist skinhead character in the film American History X (1998), instigated the brutal attack in an effort to establish his fledgling crew among higher-ranking members of Volksfront. Emulating a brutal scene in the film, Monschke and his three followers placed Townsend’s open mouth on a railroad tie and stomped several times on the back of his head. Each blow was accompanied with shouts of “white power.” Scotty James Butters, 20, David Nikos Pillatos, 19, and Tristain Lynn Frye, 22, all pleaded guilty and testified against Monschke.

On January 25, 2003, five boneheads attacked a 17-year-old black youth in the parking lot of his residence in Vancouver, Washington. Matthew R. Schmoyer, Carl D. Wolff, Brandon Webb, Jeremy R. Whitten and one other bonehead who was later acquitted had been partying at Schmoyer’s apartment before heading to a Volksfront-sponsored concert near Hillsboro, Oregon, called “Rock Against Communism.” The group was holding the concert to raise legal funds for a Volksfront “comrade” whom they felt was “wrongfully charged with assault.” Whitten was sentenced for misdemeanor assault after striking a plea agreement. Wolff, Webb and Schmoyer were convicted of malicious harassment.

According to the ADL: “The rivalry between Volksfront/Hammerskin Nation and the Vinlanders remains high. An Internet exchange at the racist online forum Stormfront indicated that a prominent Vinlander even cut off the ear of a Volksfront member in St. Louis.” (On the Vinlanders Social Club, see Burnout: Vinlanders Social Club on the Decline, David Holthouse and Laurie Wood, Intelligence Report, Winter 2008.)

Volksfront was founded in prison by a bonehead called Randal Lee (‘Randy’) Krager. In 1989, when he was 15, Krager was arrested along with several other boneheads and charged with racial intimidation for allegedly assaulting three teenagers near a park in Portland, Oregon. During the attack, assailants pummeled a Hispanic girl in the face while shouting, “Why aren’t you white?” Krager was sent to a juvenile detention center.

The next year, he attended the civil trial of White Aryan Resistance leader Tom Metzger — who was being sued by the Southern Poverty Law Center for his role in encouraging the bonehead murder of a black man in Portland — and told a reporter that Metzger was a “cool guy … one of the nicest guys you’d ever meet.”

By the time Krager turned 18, police had encountered him 28 times.

That year, 1992, Krager was sentenced to 27 months in prison for putting an African-American man into a coma with a single punch. During sentencing proceedings, Krager reportedly shouted “Fucking Jew pig!” at court officials.

Krager’s white supremacist beliefs were reinforced in prison. While inside, he networked with boneheads outside, laying the groundwork for his Volksfront neo-Nazi gang. Krager assumed leadership of Volksfront immediately upon his release in October 1994…

There’s been a few ups and downs for Krager and his kkkrew since then, obviously — mostly revolving around violent crime and bad muzak — with a few lives ended and many more ruined, but what Volksfront Australia will achieve is likely to be a lot less. Much will depend on the ability of the German-born yuppie Welf to put a leash on the boneheads belonging to B&H/SCHS — a task which will probably prove to be a good deal more difficult than convincing a handful of teenagers that his peculiar brand of neo-fascism is actually a form of ‘anarchism’.

    Above : Fredrick Töben (Adelaide Institute) and Welf Herfurth (ex-One Nation, ex-Australia First Party[?], mathaba.net) annexe Sydney using the MaGiCaL pOwErS invested in Horst Mahler‘s flag and on behalf of the Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschlands, January 27, 2005. Unkle Fred was recently released from police custody in London; Herfurth, based in Sydney, has established a tiny fascist groupuscule called the ‘New Right’, consisting of various former members of Stormfront, and — following the lead of British and German fascists — espousing a doctrine he calls ‘national anarchism’. In the UK, the ‘New Right’, lead by Troy Southgate, specialises in Holocaust denial, various other forms of historical revisionism, and the promotion of racism and fascism.

    Above : Viking Power Rock &/Or Roll. Members of Blood Red Eagle — (L-R) Jeff, Doug, Kerry & James — on the piss.

About @ndy

I live in Melbourne, Australia. I like anarchy. I don't like nazis. I enjoy eating pizza and drinking beer. I barrack for the greatest football team on Earth: Collingwood Magpies. The 2024 premiership's a cakewalk for the good old Collingwood.
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  1. Creator skin says:

    pitfaggot 38 ain’t shit. C18 is the true B&H in Australia. RAHOWA.

  2. Laura says:

    Nobody cut anybody’s ear off. A tall fat Vinlander went to beat up a girl one night with three other dudes to help him. The fat guy beat up the girl and the girl’s tiny brother came to help her. The two dudes rolled around on the ground and at some point fat dude bit tiny dude in the ear. Simple as that.

  3. @ndy says:

    Um, thanks for that Creator skin. Aren’t there only like, three or four of you in Australia?

    Laura: OK. Fat dude v. tiny dude. I could’ve sworn I saw something like that on nothingtoxic…

  4. Rev.Patrick-TCM says:

    It’s rather sad how you have to invent posts (like what you did with ‘Creator skin’) and actually think that you somehow being clever and that you are fooling everyone. See how clever you are when you’re unearthed, Andy.

  5. @ndy says:

    Dear Reverend,

    I have not ‘invented’ one single comment — ever. I’ve got no idea who ‘Creator skin’ is, nor do I care.

    Go slap a sticker up somewhere.

  6. Rev.Patrick-TCM says:

    You know you posted it so drop the act.Good to see that the stickers are still annoying you all.Now that’s something,putting up stickers requires one to actually be away from behind a keyboard and do get out into the real world.Do ever do that Andy?Do you ever actually attend any of the demos,pickets etc that you urge others to participate in?

  7. @ndy says:

    Dear Reverend,

    Have a Cornetto. And harden the fuck up.

    Merry Crassmas, and a Happy New Year!

  8. Jamie R says:


    I get the feeling this is all a bad Monty Python skit involving Vikings and Krauts and their merry adventures in the land Down Under. About 10 centuries removed from their time of great impact. Well hey you can bring back the 80s can’t you?

  9. Jim QLD says:

    Looks like @ndy the double-agent is trying desperately to start a bit of trouble in Nationalist circles. Could this be an attempt to take the heat off himself? The real story is the fact that @ndy works with the Federal Police. And most probably will be called in to explain a few things in the very near future.

  10. @ndy says:

    And I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for you meddling Nazis!

  11. Jim QLD says:

    Doing a bit of racial stereotyping are we now @ndy? You would have to be the biggest hypocrite that ever slithered on this planet. You make my job so easy. Keep up the good work.

  12. @ndy says:

    But Jim! These are your comrades!

    NF marches are not exactly a vibrant affair these days. Back in the 70s and early 80s, a National Front march would stretch from Parliament square to Victoria station with up to 8,000 members and supporters accompanied by 3 or 4 drumming bands. The hundred or so Nazis that shuffled from Victoria to Embankment today [July 18, 2005] were barely noticeable aside from the 2-300 cops that accompanied them. Led by brain-dead ‘Activities Organiser’ Terry Blackham the master race were neither loud nor intimidating with Muslims on the route of the march laughing at their pitiful anti-Islam slogans and passing tourists stopping to take their photo in front of the march.

    One thing that is encouraging is the NF’s total failure to grow or make any capital out of the recent events in London whatsoever. This demo was no bigger than the last Remembrance Day embarrassment. There were no representatives of Britain’s other far right groups (they all hate each other, thank fuck!) nor was there any new faces. The demo was largely made up of the same 80 losers that restarted the marching strategy back in Dover in the late 90s. Most pathetic of all was the chanting; ‘Rule Britannia’ would reach its first chorus before petering out into the silence that dominated most of the demo. ‘No Surrender to the IRA’ was louder and aptly demonstrated their intelligence as the Provos have been on ceasefire for ages and have nothing in common with the suicide bombers at all. The master race must however be congratulated on what has to be the most lacklustre and tuneless rendition of ‘God Save the Queen’ that I have ever heard. Republicans everywhere should encourage this kind of patriotism as it can only further their cause.

    The best laugh of the day was however reserved for the beginning before they had even started. While assembling, the gathered Nazis had their spirits roused by a tooting horn from a passing car. Hurray! They all cheered only to turn round and see a black motorist extending his middle finger from a passing car. Even the cops laughed.

  13. Jim QLD says:

    Yes @ndy they are. I am proud of those guys who actually marched. Hell it’s not like you ever get out much now is it.

    @ndy your comrades get 15 year old kids shot. Your comrades are certainly not the Anarchists you are gathering information on.

    Funny how an Anarchist is having a go at me over a small turn out from the NF. Didn’t Castro and Che start off as a small group? @ndy you are a fraud and a traitor.

  14. Kadet says:

    you’re a dickhead Jim. at least @ndy gets hits on his blog. your blog’s as barren as maggie thatcher’s twat.

  15. @ndy says:

    I have a horrible suspicion that this conversation is going ’round in circles.

    Nevertheless, a few points:

    Neither Che nor Castro were anarchists. That you apparently believe that I utilise Castro or Guevara as ideological reference points merely demonstrates your own political illiteracy, which is — profound.

    I’m not “having a go at you” over the pathetic depths to which the NF has sunk, moaron; merely pointing out that the photo which you cited as evidence of “racial stereotyping” is in reality a snapshot of the Master Race as it existed in London in July 2005.

    You’re a nutzi and you’re stoopid.

    As a result, I am imposing a two-week suspension.

    Merry Crassmas.

  16. Troll says:

    nrshts sck ss. Fck Kdt.

  17. j girten says:

    Damn poeple call you a racist if you are proud to be WHITE . God bless you guys for wanting to save your , our children from all the frigging race riots and crap we have had to put up with . I you want something go out and burn a few cities and that will get their attention / I had not gave it much thought until I was 18 and in Nam . Nand didn’t beleive it when they told me ever knew about Gays until I was 18 ? ( SEVENTEEN FOREVER ) !!!!!

  18. @ndy says:

    God bless you guys for wanting to save your , our children I you want something SEVENTEEN FOREVER !!!!!


  19. cunt says:

    hail to the terror machine!

    Meine ehre heisst true, und die sieg werd unser sein!

  20. @ndy says:

    i think that’s ‘Meine ehre heisst treue, und die sieg wird unser sein!’

    hail to the correct spelling machine!

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  22. Real Skin says:

    Paddy is right, Creator skin is a figment of your imagination. C18 don’t exist beyond Paddy’s underpants. Get a fresh tampon Paddy and then try to take out CA. Oh you can’t. They eclipsed you years ago. Now give up on the C18 crap as well before the reds bitch slap you to hell. Rn bck t yr by bggrng byfrnd Dn nd shv tht N Nz Mvmnt f yrs s y cll yrslvs n th pb p yr frggng rs. Dn’t bthr t gt lf nd d slw y mggt.

  23. dean says:

    seems like a gay club…not for me soz

  24. chris hays says:

    What pisses me off is that fucking white people these days are a bunch of fucking soft cocks! our race use to dominate black cunts! but now white fellas are scared as fuck of black people! from australia to america to england they hop on the internet and talk there shit up but when it comes to the real deal there weak as piss! im sick off white people being scared of blacks and im sick of every skinhead fuck standing behind the fourth reich and hitler! those german fucks cant even speak english the only white english countrys in this world are england america australia new zealand ireland and scotland! i think everyone forgets that we went to war against the fucking germans they killed our fucking people! fuck the germans they may be white but they dont speak our fucking language even black cunts in our own country speak fucking english! have a fucking look people where you come from and who you really are!

  25. nonbeliever69 says:

    its not a race war its the believer vs the non believer war. Check out Wikislam

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