The New Right in The Public Eye

For reasons best known to themselves, augmented by their relatively limited appeal, the fascist groupuscule New Right (Australia/New Zealand) — aka the ‘national anarchists’ — has been fairly quiet of late. Given that their principal activities revolve around chattering on teh Intertubes, and tailing — or attempting to tail — ‘left-wing’ rallies, this is perhaps not surprising. Still, they persist: albeit feebly.

Despised and ridiculed by anarchists, and regarded skeptically by their racist counterparts in the mainstream of the ‘white nationalist’ movement, they have nevertheless come to the attention of anti-fascist researchers in the US, including Spencer Sunshine, who writes on the subject of ‘Rebranding Fascism: National-Anarchists’ for the latest issue of Public Eye magazine (Vol.23, No.4, Winter 2008).

Desperate for attention, from any political quarter, the New Right in Australia (and er, New Zealand), will no doubt be flattered to be the subjects of another critical examination (of which, outside of Graham D. Macklin’s essay, I’m aware of the existence of very little). Whether or not anarchists pay any attention to it is another matter; they should, especially in Australia, as while the appearance of the fascists-in drag at the APEC summit took almost all of those present by surprise, the New Right had certainly declared their intention to attend months prior to this, and have repeatedly announced their attention to attend ‘leftist’ meetings, protests and rallies in the future.

    As an aside, four serious young fascist insects from the local national anarchist groupuscule attended a protest on Saturday, December 13, concerning the Government’s bogus new legislation censoring access to teh Intertubes. They stood around for a while before being informed that a fascist presence at such a rally was inappropriate, and were then instructed to leave — much to their obvious displeasure.

    The most vocal local fascist belonging to this tiny mob is is a teenage boy called Scott, who maintains a blog called ‘National Anarchist! ( (For a very short period prior to this, Scott had a blog called Like most of his racist comrades, Scott is a refugee from Stormfront Down Under, where he posted under the pseudonym ‘NoCrusties’ (joining in November 2006). There, Scott demonstrated that he has a terrific sense of humour:

    Re: New photos of Nazis having fun in the sun

    They are celebrating the girl’s graduation from Jewish strangulation school?

    Haha, jokes, haha!


After having briefly outlined some of the national anarchists’ recent activities, Spencer proceeds to suggest why, despite their numerical insignificance and quite nutty beliefs, the national anarchists may be worth paying attention to. Essentially, this may be summarised in terms of the opportunities recent movements in opposition to ‘globalisation’ have provided for a rapprochement between ‘left’ and ‘right’. In the context of anarchist activism, Spencer notes a recent debate in the pages of the Canadian anti-authoritarian journal Upping the Anti (see Rami El-Amine, ‘Islam and the Left: A Reply to Staudenmaier’ and threewayfight). Following this discussion, he locates the emergence of ‘national anarchism’ within the fascist milieu and in particular developments on the far right in the UK, (fascist) ‘Third Positionism’, the European ‘New Right’, and certain strands of thinking in ecological thought (cf. Richard Hunt and Green Anarchist).

Spencer’s conclusion:

Recently new groups of National-Anarchists, recruited through Southgate’s internet activism, have made the leap from contemplating their idiosyncratic ideas on the internet into making them the basis of really-existing politics, by joining demonstrations in Australia and San Francisco. Web pages and blogs continue to pop up in different countries and languages.

The danger National-Anarchists represent is not in their marginal political strength, but in their potential to show an innovative way that fascist groups can rebrand themselves and reset their project on a new footing. They have abandoned many traditional fascist practices—including the use of overt neo-Nazi references, and recruiting from the violent skinhead culture. In its place they offer a more toned down, sophisticated approach… Their cultural references are the neo-folk and gothic music scene, which puts on an air of sophistication, as opposed to the crude skinhead subculture. National Anarchists abandon any obvious references to the Hitler or Mussolini’s fascist regimes, often claiming not to be “fascist” at all.

Like the European New Right, the National-Anarchists adapt a sophisticated left-wing critique of problems with contemporary society, and draw their symbols and cultural orientation from the Left; then they offer racial separatism as the answer to these problems. They are attempting to use this new form to avoid the stigma of the old discredited fascism, and if they are successful like the National Bolsheviks have been in Russia, they will breathe new life into their movement. Even if the results are modest, this can disrupt left-wing social movements and their focus on social justice and egalitarianism; and instead spread elitist ideas based on racism, homophobia, antisemitism and anti-feminism amongst grassroots activists.

In Australia, the response of anarchists to the emergence of this new trend in fascist thinking was fairly immediate, the ‘New Right’ having been identified from moments of their arrival at APEC as another bunch of nutzis (the immediately-recognisable presence of Australian Protectionist Party NSW spokesman Darrin Hodges, and the lurking figure of Andrew Fraser, being two of the more amusing). A few weeks later, a small number of anarchist groups issued a statement denouncing these ‘fascists in anarchist drag’, and word soon spread regarding the fascists’ origins, composition and perspectives.

One of the less-positive, but perhaps predictable, consequences of opposing the New Right has been, on the one hand, attempted censorship, and (more comical) identification, on the other. Thus Scott has been entrusted with the vewy important mission of obtaining my photograph; in April of this year, — supposedly acting in collaboration with the New Right in Australia (or at least according to some of their online writings on Stormfront) — seeking a spurious legal injunction against my publishing this blog and to obtain my name and address. Neither attempt has been successful.

On the whole then, despite sometimes manic online boasting, the New Right / ‘national anarchist’ presence in Australia has been less-than-entirely successful or productive for those involved. A few fascist pipsqueaks does not constitute a movement, and the ideology is plainly incoherent. At the same time, like other fascist movements and projects, the ‘national anarchists’ do not aim for the head so much as they do the heart, and the younger and more naive, the better. There is, in fact, a large market for racist opinion — 10% of the Australian population, according to one recent study, holding views which might be described as ‘racially supremacist’ — and the ability of nationalistic and xenophobic sentiment to attract the young is evident in the appeal of the ‘Southern Cross Soldiers’ to perhaps as many as a few thousand white teenagers and twenty-somethings.


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    November 11, 2006
    Hello all,

    I am a fifteen year old from Australia. I am currently a student and a lover of history, which brought me to a love of European culture and a desire to protect it. I am pro-White but I am not a follower of any particular ideology, I am not a National Socialist or anything like that.

    The most simply [sic] expression of what I believe is following what comes Natural to Humans, I believe we should all follow our Natural instincts and preserve ourselves and our own kind. I believe any ideology that denies the Laws of Nature is obviously false. I am very anti-Communist, this ideology sickens me and anybody that follows it makes me ill, hence my name “NoCrusties.”

    I am just an average teenager, I spend a lot of my time on the streets with my friends, mostly Skinheads or Punks. I like mostly Oi!, Punk, Rockabilly and Old Rock music. My favourite bands are Cockney Rejects and Condemned 84.

    I hope to learn a lot more while I am here and talk with some educated people with similar beliefs and morals.

    November 13, 2006
    Ah, sorry if I have given anybody a suspicious vibe, I understand all of your points and will explain them all now.

    Firstly, as I said in another post, Crusties are the Communist Punks that get around mostly in AntiFa circles and what not, they usually wear black and camouflage and a lot of them have dreadlocks and are generally derelict looking, that is why they are called Crusties.

    My avatar is the Crass symbol crossed out. Crass is a Communist Hippie/Punk band, they were one of the first to be politically Communist in the Punk scene. I wasn’t aware that their symbol was also a National Socialist symbol. Crass is [to] Crusty as Skrewdriver is [to] Skinhead, if you catch my drift.

    I hope that explains everything.


    December 21, 2006
    [Re: Which Army would you have joined?]
    So, let me elaborate on the choices:

    1. The side that is against Marxism and Jewish control. The side that has the interests of White people before all. The side that is against decadence and usury. The side that didn’t lie to its people about the goings on of the state.


    2. The side that allied with the Marxists and [was] controlled by Jews. The side that has the best interests of the Jew at heart. The side that after the war, promoted decadence and multiculturalism and has enforced capitalist usury ever since. The side that lies daily and bans the people from saying what they believe on pain of humiliation in the media.

    Marxism is bad, mmmkay?

    March 28, 2007
    I have organised a small front of young nationalists (skinheads) to attend the meeting. There will be stricly NO violence from my group but if the commies decide to attack us, reasonable LEGAL self-defence will be taken.

    We will have placards and a digital camera for commie shooting. The more people we can get there the better, if anybody would like to meet myself and the small but growing nationalist force in Melbourne this is the place to do it.

    After looking at their website, I’ve found that Friday is only a 7pm speech by some international reds, Saturday and Sunday will be the best days to do it as most of the action will be on these days. The Saturday and Sunday meetings begin at about 10am and finish at about 8pm so I’ll be there most of the day.

    If anybody wishes to contact me about this, send me a PM and if you aren’t a troll I’ll give a contact number and an email.

    [A few days later…]

    Sadly, the whole event didn’t go to plan, because of the short notice, none of the people I invited were able to attend so we had no flags, no cameras, only a placard saying “Nationalists Against Marxism.”

    It wasn’t all bad news though, Motaboy11 and I met up, my first Stormfront meeting in person, we went and bought some lunch and then went to a local pub and talked a bit of politics. Now that like minded Melbournians have met, it is only a matter of time before the Melbourne scene grows.

    Motaboy11 and I spoke of organising Melbourne barbeques, I think this is a terrific idea. I’ll be speaking to Motaboy11 much more frequently and hopefully we can get some more support from fellow Melbournian SFers.

    Stoopid commies

    April 15, 2007
    Buddy, I am underage as well and the commies already have photos of me, not one of them has done a thing about it. The commies are all talk, lies and garbage – never action.

    If you are afraid of commies, I assure you they aren’t a thing to worry about. Perhaps a few crusties are violent and would do what they can to promote their anti-White Anarchist ideals but your average Socialist Alliance red is not going to do anything to you.

    Plus, if cops get your photo that won’t matter either, it’s not illegal to attend a meeting or gathering, just don’t break the racial villification laws and you are sweet.

    Chicks dig it!

    July 14, 2007
    Well, I’ve got all the evidence I need in a friend that was offered a sexual act in return for information regarding a story. I’m not attacking women, I’m attacking those women in the media that care more about getting their story, than investigating the truth.


    August 28, 2007
    …I couldn’t give a rats arse if the Muslims killed every Red on the planet, or every Black, Asian or Oak Tree on the planet… If the White race dies, nothing else will matter!

    There is not ONE good thing about the White race losing our ability to survive, NOT ONE GOOD THING!

    Pauline Hanson : Mother of the Nation

    October 10, 2007
    She is a smart woman, the problem is, she is a good person. She is too caring and understanding, any other politician would kick their grandmother on the street to avoid bad publicity.


    November 5, 2007
    Thanks mate.

    I’ll get around to converting it now. The Australian movement is working on getting an Australian Anti-Antifa action band going in the near future.



    November 26, 2007
    [Re: Older White women travel to Kenya for sex]
    Well, [let’s] hope they all die from AIDS!

    Justice for dogs

    November 30, 2007
    Just as White Nationalists want the best for our own race, the miscegenation of dog breeds is a tyranny against all dogs and irresponsible dog ownership is an injustice to man’s best friend.


Still no love for the boneheads / Holocaust no less / Racist mess on the floor / Grotesque…

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    Christ, Nazis are a bunch of morons.

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