Seig Heil! Boneheads, NPD, APP, Darrin Hodges…

What a dummkopf.

Bonehead admits threats
The Dominion Post
August 23, 2008

A neo-Nazi skinhead who was shot three times has admitted breaching a protection order against the alleged gunman’s wife. William Mosen was shot in Wanganui on June 10 and taken to hospital. He later discharged himself from hospital and vowed revenge. On June 12, a temporary protection order was sought by Belinda Harvey and issued against Mosen. Her husband has been charged with attempted murder. Mosen, a self-proclaimed Nazi skinhead, pleaded guilty to threatening behaviour, wilful damage and two charges of breaching a protection order when he appeared in Wanganui District Court yesterday. He has tattooed most of his body and inked the words Nazi and Seig Heil – despite the correct spelling being Sieg Heil – on to his face. Police said Mosen was walking down a street on June 29 and saw Mrs Harvey. He insisted he accompany her back to his address. She did, but he became aggressive and demanded $5000 or he said he would tell police it was her husband who had shot him. She refused and he took her cellphone and threw it into the fire. Mosen told her he needed more drugs and she agreed to arrange it, seeing it as a way to leave and get help. She called police from a friend’s house. Judge John Clapham convicted Mosen and remanded him in custody till sentencing next month. Mosen’s mother, Sandra Hindrup, said yesterday that she believed her son and Mrs Harvey had a relationship lasting several years. She was happy her son had pleaded guilty and hoped he would take steps to lead a “straight life” when freed from prison. Off drugs her son was a completely different person, she said.


Meanwhile, in Berlin, members of the neo-Nazi NPD have gotten their neo-Nazi knickers in a twist over the proposed construction of a Hindu temple (or two). On August 23, 150 of the Übermenschen goose-stepped around Neukölln in Berlin in protest; accompanied, as usual, with an armed guard, in this case consisting of 800 or so German police. Somewhere around 5-600 protested against the fascist wankers and according to one source a car which had a far right sticker on the bumper was set alight. NPD fuehrer Udo Voigt — denied entry to Australia several years ago following an invitation by veteran fascist activists Dr James Saleam (Australia First Party) and Welf Herfurth (New Right) to address the Sydney Forum — reckons that ‘two temples is too many’.


Voigt’s concern is mirrored in some time ‘national anarchist’ Darrin Hodge’s campaign to rid Australia of the people he refers to as Hindu Muslim scum, and in particular to stymie their attempts to establish community centres in Sydney. Currently — and rather oddly, for an ‘anarchist’ — Hodges is campaigning for a seat on Sutherland Shire on behalf of the Australian Protectionist Party, in which guise he was featured in a lengthy article in The Canberra Times in early August. Presumably as part of this campaign — and in keeping with his track record — Hodges has wisely decided to close his former blog ‘The Voice of the Shire’, which is now open only to those he nominates. Which action would also, presumably, eliminate pesky journalists interested in investigating further the rampant — and occasionally genuinely hysterical — bigotry formerly on display on his blog. As it stands, with the tacit support of local racist Tories, and following Bruce Preece’s success on behalf of Australia First in Adelaide, there’s at least some, albeit rather tiny, possibility of Hodges succeeding in his heroic quest.

Time will tell.

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