Kiwi boneheads are kkkrazy!

    Kitto… where have I heard that name before?

The face of race hate
Bonehead who attacked Asians proud of act
Jonathan Marshall
Sunday News
June 22, 2008

THE white supremacist who told a judge he had turned his back on racism before being jailed over the bashing of Asian students has done an about-turn after being released from prison. Nelson labourer Daniel Kitto, 21, was sentenced to eight months last year after he and his then 28-year-old mate Harry McCormack attacked three Korean students from Nelson College outside a dairy…

McCormack, who was sentenced to 12 months, kicked one of the schoolboys in the head and punched another. Kitto punched the third. Kitto wrote to Nelson District Court judge David McKegg before the sentencing. He said: “I am writing this letter to tell you how sorry I am for what I have done. I feel sick. They were only kids. I thought they were my age. I have realised there is no future in being a racist skinhead and if I was to carry on that way I would spend a lot of time in prison.”

But on Thursday, Kitto told Sunday News he wanted all non-Europeans to “go home”. He said he was proud of his actions. “I’m just sick of seeing all the Asians come to Nelson,” he said. “They are taking our jobs and buying all of our land. I am just frustrated by them being here. (Asians) are bludging health care and schooling resources.” Kitto, who served four months in prison, claimed a number of people have since praised him for his actions. “A few have patted me on the back and said, `Well done’. Some people have even bought me a beer,” he said. Kitto said his regret for the race attack, in March last year, was that his victims were so young. “The one Harry kicked was 14, mine was 17,” he said…

Mother of bonehead son worried
June 16, 2008

The mother of a bonehead shot in Wanganui fears there will be more violence unless police arrest the gunman responsible. William Mosen suffered serious shotgun wounds in the attack, but has discharged himself from hospital intent on revenge. Sandra Walford says she wishes she could walk away from the problems facing her family. Her son, 26-year-old William Mosen, was shot at close range by someone armed with a shotgun last week. And she fears it’s not over…

    Earlier this month, Kiwi bonehead Lloyd James Bowling was sentenced to two years jail after being convicted of threatening a juror in a kidnapping case (one also involving boneheads). One of his fellow boneheads, Benjamin Peter McPadden, having initially received a non-custodial sentence for his role in the kidnapping, has also recently been jailed:

Kidnapper loses chance to avoid jail
The Dominion Post
June 7, 2008

A young kidnapper has thrown away his last chance of avoiding prison for his part in the assault and robbery of a Canadian tourist. In the High Court at Wellington yesterday, Benjamin Peter McPadden was told he had ignored a remarkable opportunity as he was jailed for 10 months. McPadden, 20, said that when he turned up for his original sentence of community work another worker had told him the bonehead group he had been linked to considered him a “nark” and he would be killed. He stopped turning up and completed only 35 hours of the 250-hour sentence…

    More recently:

Arrests over race-hate attacks on Asians
Kiran Chug
The Nelson Mail
June 9, 2008

Nelson police say two “boneheads” have been arrested following two unprovoked racist attacks in the central city, which left the victims terrified and shaken on Sunday…

    Meanwhile, in the United States:

Arizona Racist Skinheads Sentenced for Attempted Murder
June 13, 2008

A Maricopa County, Arizona, judge has sentenced the last of four racist skinhead defendants for their role in the attempted murder of one of their own gang members in 2006. Kelly Ann Harkins, 29, received an 18-year sentence on June 3, 2008, after pleading guilty to attempted first-degree murder.

In January 2006, four members of the Arizona Northern American Skinheads/SS Guardians, a loosely organized racist skinhead group, took Amanda Crow, a 19-year-old recent recruit of the group, into the desert outside Phoenix. The assailants beat her, slit her throat and severed her spinal cord, and left her for dead. Crow was later found by a group of recreational ATV riders who obtained aid for her. She ultimately survived the attack, but remains a quadriplegic, paralyzed from the neck down…

    Locally, boneheads have a number of upcoming gigs. In Adelaide on July 18(?), Blood & Honour and the Southern Cross Hammerskins are organising a second annual Mid-Winter Fest. In Melbourne on September 13, the same mobs are organising the umpteenth annual Ian Stuart is Dead celebration, *ing Blood Red Eagle, Ravenous and some foreigners. Also in Melbourne, on July 19, a Jimmy Pursey-less Sham 69 is playing at the East Brunswick Hotel, with support from Sydney bands T.H.U.G. and Sin City (or possibly Toe to Toe) and local band Bastard Squad.

    T.H.U.G. is an interesting band, featuring as it does Chumley and Simon, two members of one of Australia’s pioneering neo-Nazi bands of the ’80s, White Lightning. While White Lightning has long since gone (‘though its recordings are still available on numerous neo-Nazi mail orders), T.H.U.G. continues to celebrate the language of violence in such songs as ‘We Rule’, originally released as a track on White Lightning’s one LP (of the same title). Besides which, it’s not obvious much has changed for the boys in the band. In 2000, Simon was interviewed by a Dutch neo-Nazi zine Out of Order. Simon says:

    “All my mates were into oi! and white pride as well. I did not know any skinheads that were into oi! and were not white and proud of it. Lefty skinheads would never dare to show their face on the street for fear of getting severely beaten. And that’s the way it should always be.”

    “Best memory was playing a gig in Melbourne, in some pub, can’t remember which, full swing into it and about 30 Maoris drinking in the front bar… I’m sure you can picture what happened. Bedlam. We managed to protect all our gear however. Mic stands make magnificent clubs.”

    “Old time skinheads rule!”

    Let’s hope no Maoris happen to stray into the East Brunswick on the 71st anniversary of the Spanish Revolution eh?

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4 Responses to Kiwi boneheads are kkkrazy!

  1. Dean T says:

    Interesting post, I would have previously liked to see Sham 69, but without Jimmy P it’s just a swindle I reckon… never heard of THUG, are they open ‘bones’ or what? If so, surprising that Sham are playing with them… even without J.P, playing with bones would be detrimental to their precious image, surely? As for B-Squad… dunno what to make of them now… my former drummer is now playing for them, and he wasn’t political at all while I knew him (10 or so years), but then again he didn’t actually understand a hell of a lot about the importance of class awareness and such stuff… they used to just take the piss out of me for being a ‘drug-fucked commie’… I’ve seen Jason on old Death Sentence footage (Pete was a mate) punching on with boneheads, but then again I’ve also heard that he was friendly with them during the first era (pre-lockup) of B Squad… I hope that the rabid left aren’t just poking fingers at imaginary threats… it’s happened to me and my mates in the past. Fucking scene queens! They needed to have their dreadlocks tied around their hypocritical necks…

  2. shane .s says:

    yeah i also knew pete growing up in the punk scene and i met jase etc a few times at shows when i was a kid. i also grew up in an extremely rough area of melbourne and was at least partially aware of skinheads, gang-bangers and the like..

    but i think having a nod to the fact sham had no pursey on vox, or the fact squad have had purported ties to nazi/skinhead music/scene is really irrelevant..

    it’s true those guys know skins, punx, metalheads, skaters all sorts.. but at end of the day all us tape traders, long time punters, and music loving folks do..

    we either embrace their bullshit or we ignore it..

    aside from that unless you want to get beat up or beat someone up there isn’t much that can be done about the situation..

    some of these racial guys have been bred that way.. they simply do not know any better..

    generations of hate is an impossible thing to overcome with words alone..

    my humble advice as read in deans post “scene queens etc”..

    totally the kids should all just learn to keep their shit to themselves in the wrong pub and vice versa.. go out get loaded have fun see bands and if trouble come’s your way think and think quick.. cos if u choose to stand your ground you best be ready to fight like devils!

    me and my pals have been attacked and punched on over 400 odd times growing up in the melb metal, punk scene and i am seriously one of the lucky ones..

    i can fight and i have been wise enough and brave enough to walk away from it..

    i have recently copped a great deal of shit for other people’s stupidity within the movement myself simply for trying to help old dogs learn new tricks and helping mates get a gig..

    no more or less..

    so believe me guys i know first hand how fucked up and petty this scene can be..


  3. Bernando says:

    This is bullshit. Neither Bulldog spirit or THUG are facists. Whats up with the witchhunt.

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