Creative (and c r e e p y) Australians

Creative Australians

Several years ago, a former moderator of Stormfront Downunder, David Innes, arranged to have his personal website hosted by a racist crank from South Australia called Colin Campbell III, aka “Reverend Col Campbell 3rd, Komandant WCOTR”. Col’n was at that time (mid-2006) the Australian representative of the White Crusaders Of The RaHoWa!™ — one of the many splinters from Matt Hale’s Church of the Creator.

“Not White? Not Welcome!” boasted NetworkWhite.Net.

Since then, despite starring in a feature in Zoo magazine on ‘The Most Dangerous Men In Australia’, David has been denounced as a Race Traitor™, given the boot from Stormfront Downunder by his Yanqui masters, and the position of Fat Controller has been taken up by his brother and fellow Nutzi, Paul Innes, under whose expert guidance the forum has rapidly declined in popularity.

The idea that Paul Innes is also a ZOG™ agent is of course completely preposterous.

As for Col’n, he and his fellow Creators — one in Victoria and one in Queensland — are engaged in a ding-dong battle with the other Creator in Australia, the Reverend Patrick O’Sullivan, for legitimate title to the reins of the Church Down Under. While Col’n and the other pair maintain a number of Creator sites — not without a few hiccups along the way — Patrick has denounced the other mob as being agents of ZOG JOG™. Rather than maintaining a web presence, Patrick spends his valuable time putting stickers up around town and treating fellow Stormfront members to brief, angry missives. Patrick’s own mob is now known as ‘The Creativity Movement’ (TCM), and he is listed by the US-based cult as the main (and only) contact for Australia (PO Box 1622, Collingwood, 3066, Victoria, [email protected]). According to Col’n:

For those that are not in the know, TCM is an abbreviation that refers to a group who call themselves “The Creativity Movement”. Prior to TCM’s formation in 2003, any reference to “the Creativity Movement” was in relation to all Creators, no matter what their status was within The Church. Since that date, things have changed. The name is now more or less owned by the group calling themselves “The Creativity Movement”, and can no longer be used as a blanket reference to all Creators. In Australia, the name “Creativity Movement” is a registered trademark (sealing date, October 8 of 2008) purchased by TCM’s local representative in Melbourne, Patrick O’Sullivan.

On April 6, 2005, ‘Pontifex Maximus’ Matt Hale was sentenced to a 40-year prison term for his attempt to solicit the murder of Judge Joan Lefkow, who had ruled against Hale’s Church in a patent case. Lefkow was vilified as a “probable Jew,” “criminal judge” and “kike- and nigger-loving” traitor. Hale’s projected release date is December 6, 2037.

Since his incarceration, Hale has become something of a martyr for Creators, as well as other Nutzis. Recently, William ‘Bill’ White, Pontifex Maximus of the “American National Socialist Workers Party” (ANSWP), has been arrested and jailed for allegedly using his website to solicit another person to injure a juror in Hale’s case on account of their role as the foreperson of the jury that convicted him.


Creepy Australians

Closer to home, fellow Stormfront member Dr James Saleam recently made a trip to Wellington to address several score boneheads belonging to the New Zealand National Front as they gathered outside the Parliament building. While there, ‘Jim’ took the opportunity to have himself photographed fondling a book which once belonged to Ash, one of the individuals involved in FightDemBack! in New Zealand.

Exactly why the Jew-hating Jim agreed to have his photo taken — and why he gave permission to Queensland-based neo-Nazi Jim Perren to publish it on his blog, ‘Whitelaw Towers’ — is unexplained. (The caption which accompanies the photo reads “Australia First spokesperson Jim Saleam checks out Asher Goldman’s favorite [childhood] book… hopefully to get some insight into the twisted mind of a Zionist. The inscription reads ‘To our darling Asher on your third birthday love mummy and daddy’.”) After all, it was only a few months ago, in September, that Dr. Jim registered his disapproval of a political prank directed at his party during local council elections: “There are a number of standard lines people tend to trot out when they want to oppose us,” he said. “This Nazi rubbish is one of them”. Being pictured holding a childhood book which once belonged to a young Jewish man — a number of whose relatives perished in the Holocaust — is just… well… c r e e p y.

And just the kind of thing you’d expect from a Nutzi.

Speaking of anti-Semtiic creeps, and returning to the earlier theme of creativity…

Tales from the Creeps: A White Nationalist Horror Story

[Via Unity News]

“Happy Halloween.

In honor of the holiday, the Hatewatch staff dug deep into our photo archives to unearth the creepiest image to crawl out of the white supremacist movement in quite some time. Here you go:

Though it resembles a promotional still from the 1960 horror flick The Brides of Dracula, starring Peter Cushing, the photo (which apparently circulated among white supremacists on the Internet) actually shows Women for Aryan Unity activist Victoria “Vickie” Cahill standing over the embalmed (we hope!) corpse of David Lane, one of the inner-circle members of the Bruders Schweigen, or Silent Brotherhood, a white nationalist terrorist organization also known as The Order…

…Cahill has raised the ire of another prominent female in the white nationalist movement — Abby Chelf, the wife of Randal Krager, leader of the racist skinhead gang Volksfront — by distributing an essay that was harshly critical of Christian Identity, a bizarre racist interpretation of the Bible that is practiced by as many as 50,000 white nationalists, including Chelf.

Cahill subscribes to Wotanism, the racist neo-pagan religion promulgated by Lane.

Titled “Christian Identity, The Synagogue of Satan,” the essay called Christian Identity practitioners “direct enemies of our folk and our Heathen roots” and “a weed that needs to be viciously ripped out.”

Judging by the blistering responses on Volksfront’s website, it’s safe to say Chelf and her fellow Volksfront skins are looking to smash Cahill’s pumpkin.”

    Creativity Alliance :
    Creativity Queensland (Rockhampton) :
    Creativity South Australia :
    Creativity Victoria :

    ~ versus ~

    The Creativity Movement (“Mobilizing Nature’s Finest Since 1973”) :

    ~ versus ~

    ‘Christian Identity, The Synagogue of Satan’ :


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19 Responses to Creative (and c r e e p y) Australians

  1. Asher says:

    Please, Asher, not Ash. Only people that’ve called me that since I was 12 are my sister and my best friend 😛

  2. Peter says:

    [Fly Away Peter.]

  3. Rev.Patrick.-TCM says:

    You have not the faintest idea,do you Andy?Therefore just shut it.

  4. @ndy says:

    Sorry Asher.

    Dear Patrick,

    Feel free to suggest corrections.

  5. Sorin says:

    Wow you ARA scumbags are unbelievably annoying but even more DUMB. You are attacking a group of people that is on your side, since you morons are mostly ‘White’; well at least racially since mentally you are far from White.

    You vile ARA/Anti-Fa so called “anti-fascist” bastards are like Jews who WOULD HAVE protested against, and even physically attacked those Jews who hated “teh Nazis” and only wanted what was good for their race, their vile Jewish Race.

    You say you are “anti-fascist” yet White People can NOT have ONE White Pride March without you vile anti-white, self-hating, suicidal scumbags disrupting it and physically attacking those Whites for being White, and not ashamed to be White nor feel any kind of guilt over shit that happened centuries ago or whatever.

    If we put a stop to a ‘gay pride parade’ and or even physically attacked the fags there; all you little shitheads would call us ‘homophobes’ and ‘bigots’ and YES YOU GUESSED IT, ‘FASCISTS’. Well, what the F do you think YOU ARE when you physically attack White people for being White, for having different views than yours, for not believing what YOU believe?

    YOU ARE FASCISTS; Ironic I know.

    Despite you vile anti-White RACISTS mocking us, attacking us, and even killing us; the White Race will prevail. For the sake of our children’s future, we will prevail. For the 14 Words, we will prevail! And once we have accomplished our task, we’ll leave you vile traitors and rats to the filth you have created, SEPARATED FROM US, amongst your niggers, jews, and other muds in your multi-culti cesspool of a “nation”.


  6. @ndy says:

    “…you ARA scumbags…”


    There is no ARA in Australia. However, please feel free to direct your comments to ARA in the US; I’m sure that they’ll be thrilled to hear from you. Alternatively, you can piss off back to the Creativity forum from whence you came.

  7. lumpnboy says:

    Hey, speaking of Nazis and fascists and such, does anyone have any idea whatever happened to David Greason? I was wondering just the other day what kind of things he might be up to… where does one go after all that?

  8. @ndy says:

    AFAIK, he became a journo, writing for var. papers. I think he may now be in England… but I dunno f’sure — I’ve not read anything by him in the last few yrs — in 2005, it was revealed that he had cancer, so…

  9. Sorin says:

    The following was posted on a forum by someone else, but I thought it was worth mentioning here. A journey into the vile anti-White mind of the so-called “anti-racist”:

    [If you’re incapable of constructive commentary, and would instead prefer to waste my time with apocryphal (look it up) stories about US ‘liberals’, go away.]

  10. Sorin says:

    I am capable of anything I want you schmuck. Quit making excuses about why you didn’t approve my previous post when the fact of the matter is you just couldn’t handle it.

    I don’t give a shit if there are no ARA douches in Australia, as long as anti-white faggots like you exist, it’s the same god damn thing.

    As for these ARA faggots since they like attacking people for their religion, they should pick up a copy of the Jew’s Talmud and start attacking them as well. But they won’t do that because these fucking morons have been indoctrinated by the Jews; that’s why they hate their own race.

    They lack critical thinking, like you.

    “The Code of the Jew” From the Talmud :

  11. @ndy says:

    G’day Sorin,

    I enjoy pondering logical conundrums and reading thoughtful responses to my writing as much as the next annoying, DUMB, moronic, vile, bastardly, anti-white, self-hating, suicidal, shithead, FASCIST, traitorous, rat-like, filthy ARA scumbag, but I would also like my White brother to offer me some assistance in this regard.

    Thus, if it is actually the case that you are “capable of anything [you] want”, then it would seem to me to be a relatively straightforward matter for you to arrange it such that whatever you want to see published on my blog is indeed published. Having accomplished this task, you may then proceed to save the White Race from the combined forces of ARA, antifa, faggots, Jews, niggers and other muds.

    After all, that’s what you want, right?


  12. AusCreator says:

    No AFA in Australia? Why was there a giant AFA flag out the front of the Petersham R.S.L Club a few weeks ago at the Sydney Forum?

  13. @ndy says:

    I wrote “There is no ARA in Australia.”

    You wrote “No AFA in Australia?”

    Both ARA and AFA are acronyms.

    ARA = ‘Anti Racist Action’.

    AFA = ‘Anti Fascist Action’.

    ARA was established in the US in the late ’80s. It evolved out of a skinhead crew called ‘The Baldies’ in Minneapolis. It is now a network of groups across North America.

    AFA was established in the UK in 1985 and dissolved in 2001 (tho’ it had been in relative decline for several years): its nearest equivalent now is ‘Antifa England’.

    “Why was there a giant AFA flag out the front of the Petersham R.S.L Club a few weeks ago at the Sydney Forum?”

    Because someone made it and took it along to the protest?

    Twenty years after their heyday, the anti-racist Baldies recount the rise and fall of a notorious Twin Cities scene

    Skinheads at Forty
    Matt Snyders
    City Pages
    February 20, 2008

    Dusk was descending as a dozen skinheads eyed their counterparts across Lagoon Avenue. The ragtag crew stood their ground, the rubber soles of their Doc Martens defiantly gripping asphalt.

    Across the street stood a mirror image. They too had close-cropped hair, ample tattoos, and punk-rock piercings. But as they stood facing each other that day, a chasm much wider than a busy Uptown thoroughfare separated the crews.

    The Baldies were “traditional skins,” which is to say leftist, anti-racist militants. They devoted their days to stomping out fascism, often quite literally. Any neo-Nazi spotted on their turf in Uptown was promptly treated to a “boot party”—three or more skins kicking the offending party mercilessly with steel-toed Docs.

    Their boot-wearing rivals across the way represented a totally different breed of skinhead, a subculture much more familiar to the general public: nationalistic, far-right neo-Nazis.

    The Baldies marched toward their rivals. Just as they were about to clash, a girl’s voice rang out.

    “He’s got a gun!”

    Pandemonium ensued. Gator—the boisterous young co-founder of the anti-racist skins—dove behind a car and braced himself for gunshots. None came. Instead, an adjoining parking lot became the scene of vicious hand-to-hand combat. The skinheads swung Louisville sluggers and ax handles recklessly into faces and bodies. Teeth fell to the asphalt like pearls from torn necklaces. Blood splattered the collars of flight jackets.

    The riot had lasted more than two minutes when the neo-Nazis relented. “Let’s go!” one yelled, and they all jumped into a white pickup belonging to the guitarist of local white power band Mass Corruption.

    As the racist crew sped down Lagoon, the Baldies pelted the pickup with rocks, sticks, and beer bottles, shattering a side window. The neo-Nazis covered their heads from the raining debris.

    Gator searched the ground for a projectile and came across a cobblestone lying alongside the curb. When the vehicle was close enough for Gator to get a clean shot at it, he jumped into the middle of the road and hurled the brick through the front windshield. The pickup swerved, regained control, and sped off…

  14. @ndy says:

    Oh yeah…

    Adjudication No. 1445 (adjudicated October 2009)

    The Press Council has dismissed a complaint from Cailen Cambeul, of the self-styled Church of Creativity, South Australia, that the News Limited website, The Punch, misrepresented adherents of the church as uneducated, illiterate and prone to committing violence.

    Mr Cambeul, who runs the church, complained that The Punch columnist, Tory Shepherd, insinuated that he had a criminal history, and had nullified his church’s right to be accepted as a legitimate religious body.

    Ms Shepherd’s column, which appeared on July 30, 2009, was written after she explored an array of unusual religious and political websites, including the Church of Creativity. She wrote that Cambeul had “a bit of a chequered history” and that the church’s members were just “a few loners looking for something to do with all their hate”.

    In a brief reply to Mr Cambeul’s complaint, The Punch said that Mr Cambeul was a self-confessed racist and that the Church of Creativity was a white supremacist organisation, not a recognised religion.

    Mr Cambeul, who describes himself on his website as, “The racist formerly known as Colin Campbell”, argued that he is a white separatist, not a supremacist. However his advice to The Punch that “We do accept that White people are intellectually superior to the other races” fits most definitions of a supremacist belief.

    The Council finds that the majority of The Punch’s column to which Mr Cambeul objected in fact referred to organisations other than his own. It is difficult to see how the column could void his church’s claim to religious legitimacy, nor does the description of Mr Cambeul’s career as “chequered” necessarily imply criminality.

    The Council accepts that bylined columnists are free to express controversial opinions provided – as in this instance – the opinions are derived from fact.

  15. Sorin says:

    “I wrote “There is no ARA in Australia.”

    You wrote “No AFA in Australia?”

    Both ARA and AFA are acronyms.

    ARA = ‘Anti Racist Action’.

    AFA = ‘Anti Fascist Action’.”

    ARA, AFA, same thing.

  16. @ndy says:


    I’m more than happy for fascists such as yourself to have NFI.

  17. fredd bloggs III says:

    no ARA in australia? bullshit… but who asked me anyway? right.

  18. @ndy says:

    Right. There is no ARA in Australia.

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