“Wellington nazis. I hate Wellington nazis.”

The New Zealand National Front (NZNF) held a rally in Wellington on Saturday, October 25. This follows former NF secretary Kerry Bolton‘s successful campaign to have a thesis examining the links between neo-Nazi and Satanic beliefs in New Zealand removed from Waikato University. According to Radio New Zealand, 120 people in total attended the NF’s celebrations of National Flag Day outside Parliament, and 30 police kept the peace. (TV3 reckons 150 people attended.) Other sources suggest that the 120 or 150 people present were fairly evenly divided between decent, flag-saluting, law-abiding white folk, on the one hand, and indecent, law-breaking, flag-burning criminals, on the other.

Aotearoa Indymedia reports:

Anti-fascist activists gathered at the Cenotaph in Wellington this morning in opposition to the Nationalist Alliance, a coalition comprising white-supremacist groups the National Front, New Right and the National Democrats.

A banner was hung from the Cenotaph (“No racism – Anti-Fascist Action”) as around 65 anti-fascists danced and held the Cenotaph as a fascist free space, removing a fascist photographer from the New Right from the area.

The fascists were expected at 11am, however they must have missed their train and finally showed up at 11.30am. Instead of approaching the Cenotaph, they were escorted by police up Molesworth Street to Parliament grounds. There were around 40 fascists present, many of them waving New Zealand flags.

The anti-fascists claimed victory for holding the Cenotaph and charged up the bank to Parliament grounds where a line of police and a metal fence protected the fascists. “More hair than brains”, “No room for racism” and “Hey hey, ho ho, your racism has got to go” were chanted, drowning out all the speeches by the fascists. Jim Saleam, who served time in jail for firebombing a Brisbane bookshop and organising a shotgun attack against a representative of the African National Congress, Steve Larsen from the New Right and Kyle Chapman all attempted to give speeches – without success.

The fascists retreated after about 30 mins and were chased to the train station by anti-fascist activists. Bagels were thrown at them while they were protected by a police line. Two antifa were arrested by police at that point. Following a scuffle, some anti-fascists went to the train station, just in time for 3 fascists to emerge. They were chased across Bunny Street and again had bagels thrown at them. They were protected by a lone cop who tried (and failed) to arrest an antifa, while frantically calling for back-up. All the anti-fascists managed to get away safely and went to the police station, waiting for their comrades to be released.

Once again, the day was a victory for the anti-fascists!

No room for racism!

VC reports:

So here’s how it went down:

The anti-fascist rally at the Cenotaph was already cranking by the time that I got there, 30 or so people at 10 o’clock. We aimed to be there an hour before the boneheads did just to be sure. There was a sound system playing truly cheesy disco hits and about 30 people in black-bloc-meets-circus costumes. There were a few cops around but it wasn’t too heavy.

The train from the Hutt carrying the boneheads was due around 11. They turned up with their customary police escort. The bypassed the Cenotaph entirely and headed to the Parliament lawn around the monument of King Dick Seddon. Ironically, there were quite a few 5′-5’2″ (fully-grown) warriors amongst them.

There was a bit of chanting and general yelling back and forth. As noted, they had their kids out the front in case we threw something. The chants petered out (“more hair than brains” was still the best to date). Individual remarks were exchanged, some wittier than others. Most memorable was “this National Front demonstration was brought to you by the methadone clinic”. Angry Guy was my fave, he was this 5′-nothing pot-bellied aging bulldog of a dude with bodgy tatts and decked out in classic bonehead garb. He kept yelling and giving us the finger, which was very mediapathic for his whole crew.

[img deleted]

The assorted boneheads milled around about 10m behind a metal barricade, flanked by Parliamentary Security on one side and cops on the other. When our mob got up the hill and partway up parliamentary lawns, the cops formed a line stopping us another 10m or so short of the barricade. The short, stocky fellow with the Totenkopf on his shirt and the Confederate buckle asked us why we supported paedophiles.

Kyle and Jim made speeches, but the police presence deterred any kind of public attendance other than a few bemused tourists. They snapped a whole bunch of pictures and filmed us for their current Redwatch effort. Some yelled at us to remove our masks, even though there was at least one masked bonehead amongst them.

After a rather brief stay, they made their way back to the train station via the underground tunnel. We got as far as the tunnel entrance, when I had my back turned there was a scuffle and a couple of people got arrested. The cops seemed unnecessarily rough and there was a lot of screaming.

Some people split off and moved down to the main entrance, where we’d spotted three boneheads with a lone cop. We followed them for a bit, bagels or miscellaneous other items were thrown. There was another scuffle, but no arrests. The cop got some back-up there eventually (see the TVNZ footage of the cops running off).

That was pretty much the day, they got the train back out to the Hutt and we went back to whatever we were doing.

As noted, among those in attendance at the rally was Dr James Saleam, Führer of the Australia First Party (NSW Inc.). The ‘Mad Arab’ — as he was once dubbed by his political rivals on the far right — has cobbled together an ‘Alliance’ between his party and various denizens of the far right in New Zealand; principally the National Front, but including the National Democrats and the New Right.


In his usual manner, Herr Doktor opined NZ Flag Day Was A Great Success For The Nationalists: ANZAC Ties Strengthened Between NZ And Australian Nationalists! “…Just under 70 nationalists were confronted by 34 or so anarchists! It is no accident that the rebirth of the two countries as independent realities based upon their Euro culture but with new identities born of history, is opposed here by the same negative forces as would oppose us in Australia. These dross will serve only to delay your victory but not frustrate it. Inside the parliament sit men in suits who would sell out their country, to globalise it. Here protesting are those unclean drugged out ones who would do the exact same thing. How ironic, and yet these out here say they are opposed to those in there. It’s almost scum above and scum below… I reiterated my words [on TV] and said that the NZ movement was professionalising itself as were we in Australia!”

One of Dr Saleam’s former allies is Mark Wilson, who has since jumped ship and joined Saleam’s arch-enimy the Australian Protectionist Party. In this capacity, Mark addressed the BNP’s Red White & Blue festival this year. In 2005, however, Mark was still on good terms with Herr Doktor, and echoed his thoughts on the rabble of rowdy rebels who apparently threatened to close the 2005 Sydney Forum. “Last but not least, there was the threat of “mass demonstrations”. It was said “two thousand screaming leftists”, anti-white racists in fact, were to “shut down” the Forum. Or so said a pro status-quo group of Israel supporters called ‘Fight Dem Back’. A grand total of thirteen (13) sad, brainwashed, pro-system haters eventually turned up to stop us from having our lawful free-speech gathering.”


More ominously, Mark noted that “[o]ne important event was the Patriotic Youth League (PYL) national meeting which was held at a very friendly Sydney watering-hole. New young people stepped forward to staff existing branches and start a new one.”

Like the Sydney Forum, the Patriotik Yoof League has gone from strength-to-strength.

White men! White women! The flag is calling you. The sacred and ancient symbol of your race, since the beginning of time. The Jew is using The Black as muscle against you. And you are left there helpless. Well, what are you going to do about it, Whitey? Just sit there? Of course not! You are going to join with us. The members of the Trans-Tasman, National Socialist, White Peoples’ Party. An organisation of decent, law abiding white folk. Just like you!

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  1. Kadet says:

    Geez Nazism attracts some ugly fuckers.
    Love the Blues Brothers clip, absolute classic!

  2. @ndy says:

    Pretty cool eh?

  3. PF says:

    Hey @ndy, how are ya?

    >the Patriotic Youth League (PYL) national meeting which was held at a very friendly Sydney watering-hole

    Any idea where this was?

  4. @ndy says:

    Hey PF,

    No. It was three years ago and I live in Melbourne, not Sydney. But I might be able to find out if you’re interested…

  5. wellsy says:

    I think you fail to understand that Europeans in NZ are becoming a minority.


  6. PF says:

    No. It was three years ago

    Ah, sorry dude, didn’t read it closely (though it is a bit ambiguous). However if there are *currently* any Sydney pubs that tolerate boneheads or Nazis I’d be interested to know.

  7. Aaron says:

    I reckon they should hook up with some Maoris and knock some fucking heads. Ask the majority of Maoris what their opinion is of non-white immigration, poofters and the like.

  8. @ndy says:

    The Battle of Waterloo, September 12th, 1992:

    …Four stations had now been shut down in the area due to “rioting”, including Charing Cross, making it difficult for anyone to reach Waterloo, although a large mob of bones arrived on foot via the footbridge across the Thames. They soon wished they hadn’t as they immediately came under attack. A number of football supporters from various clubs, including Arsenal, QPR, Millwall and Chelsea also found their way to the area and joined one side or the other according to their political beliefs.

    The football supporters mostly arrived at Waterloo in ones or twos, or in small groups. Some were attempting to make their way home after the match, while others were attracted to the area by radio reports of the rioting. Millwall and Chelsea arrived mob-handed. Chelsea, as expected, were pretty much on the side of [B&H]. The situation with Millwall was less clear-cut. Everyone expected them to be 100 per cent behind the fash but when one of Millwall’s main men was approached by Nicky Cooper of the NF pleading for help on [B&H]’s behalf, he got more than he bargained for. He was apparently sent sprawling by a vicious punch and told, “We’ve come to kick their heads in, not go to their fucking stupid gig”. However, another well-known face at Millwall, “Tags” or “Taggart”, collapsed with a heart attack in the middle of the fascist ranks after coming under an anti-fascist bombardment of bricks and paving slabs…

  9. cued speech user says:

    the guy pulling the finger is now the rec[r]uit guy for rwrnz known as clem

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