Kerry Bolton and the Power of !nataS

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Thesis on Neo-Nazism pulled by university
Nicola Brennan
Waikato Times
October 6, 2008

Waikato University has abruptly pulled a student’s thesis from its library after complaints from the subject of the research – a right-wing extremist.

The thesis, exploring satanic and neo-Nazi themes, had already been marked and published, earning its author top marks.

It is a highly unusual move to remove a student’s work after publication.

The thesis, published six months ago and titled ‘Dreamers of the Dark: Kerry Bolton and the Order of the Left Hand Path, a Case-study of a Satanic/Neo Nazi Synthesis’, was submitted as part of a Masters degree by philosophy and religious studies student Roel Van Leeuwen.

Mr Bolton is a well-known figure both in New Zealand and Australia in the far-right movement, and is a former National Front secretary.

The university’s student newspaper, Nexus, reported today the thesis was available to read at the university’s library and on-line publishing repository, as recently as two weeks ago.

Nexus reported neither Mr Van Leeuwen nor the thesis co-supervisor, Professor Dov Bing, were notified prior to its sudden removal.

The newspaper said it established that no legal threat had been received against either Mr Van Leeuwen or the University of Waikato. Rather, the thesis was the subject of a mere complaint from Kerry Bolton.

Professor Bing told Nexus the thesis was a first-class piece of work, and was externally moderated by other universities before being published.

The thesis was assessed by two senior academics from other New Zealand universities, Professor Bing said.

They both deemed it to be a first-class piece of research.

Mr Van Leeuwen told Nexus he was surprised that he had not been told that the thesis was being pulled.

Mr Bolton’s website shows numerous letters he has sent to the University’s Vice Chancellor, Roy Crawford, complaining about the thesis.

    Unkle Kerry’s diatribe is titled “Dreamers of the Dark — Exposed: Zionist Smear-Mongering Posing as ‘Scholarship’… Waikato University’s Sub-standards”: “This site is solely dedicated to exposing the bigotry, academic incompetence and personal political agendas that resulted in Waikato University, Hamilton, New Zealand, accepting and publishing as an “MA thesis”…”

Mr Bolton said the thesis “amounts to a poorly contrived smear-document against a private individual, namely myself”.

He said the thesis was “ineptly researched” and reading it made him feel literally and physically sick.

He pointed to what he said were numerous flaws in the thesis.

Mr Van Leeuwen said he stood by his work. The thesis had received full-class honours and it was accurate.

Mr Bolton has featured on the self-described Holocaust revisionist Adelaide Institute’s website, whose founder and director Fredrick Toben was arrested on October 1 at Heathrow Airport for holocaust denial.

In addition to sending letters complaining that the thesis was mistaken, Unkle Kerry made some:

Suggested Remedies

1. Immediate removal of the thesis from public access, including the internet.
2. Guarantee that the thesis will neither at any time nor in any form or medium be published or made publicly available.
3. That Leeuwen’s MA Degree is revoked.
4. That Dennis Green, Dov Bing and Marg Coldham-Fussell be answerable as to their involvement in encouraging Leeuwen in the direction he took.
5. An explanation as to why the thesis was passed by examiners as being of sufficient merit.
6. Financial compensation from Waikato University for the emotional and physical stress caused and the time and energy expended in dealing with this matter.

It now appears that University authorities have acquiesced to Unkle Kerry’s first request, which obviously begs the question as to whether or not they will follow his other suggestions…

Kerry Bolton (1956–): Another former NZ Nazi Party member, Bolton is a highly-entertaining fascist bozo, having been a member of numerous other political formations: the National Front (1978), Church of Odin (1980), New Force (1981), Nationalist Workers Party (1983), Fascist Union (1998), Workers’ Front (1999), and others. Bolton also helped form the New Zealand New Right (not to be confused with Welf Herfurth’s New Right Australia & New Zealand). Most recently, Unkle Kerry signed his name to ‘The ANZAC Declaration: Australia First Party And New Zealand Nationalist Alliance: Declaration Of Common Interests And Future Relations’ (April 25, 2008), joining fellow nutzis (‘For Australia’) Brendan Gidley, Jim Saleam, Neil Baird and (For New Zealand) Kyle Chapman and Anton Foljambe.

Dreamers of the Dark: Kerry Bolton and the Order of the Left Hand Path, a Case-study of a Satanic/Neo-Nazi Synthesis (2008)

* Van Leeuwen, Wilhelmus Roelof

In 1990 a small self-published journal/magazine called The Watcher was distributed among New Zealand’s occult underground. The Watcher described itself as ‘the New Zealand Voice of the Left Hand Path’, and was published as the journal of the Order of the Left Hand Path. The Watcher and the Order directed its attentions towards those occultists who identified themselves as Satanists and, as such, the journal articulated a distinctly Satanic philosophy and perspective. However, as the journal evolved and developed, renaming itself as The Heretic and The Nexus in later years, there arose alongside Satanic philosophy an increasing emphases on what could be called esoteric Nazism or esoteric Nationalism. Given that the editor of The Watcher was Kerry Bolton, a man who has been immersed in New Zealand’s Nationalist/neo-Nazi movement since the early 1970s, such an increasingly political orientation was perhaps unsurprising. This thesis examines the way in which the Order bought Satanic and neo-Nazi ideologies together and the resulting synthesis. It also looks at the transition from being a Satanic order led by a neo-Nazi to an openly neo-Nazi Order that uses Satanic philosophy to justify and popularise its conception of National Socialism.

Publication details
Publisher The University of Waikato. Philosophy and Religious Studies
Keywords Kerry Bolton, neo-Nazi, National Socialism, Paganism, Satanism, New Zealand, Nationalist, New Right, Order of the Left Hand Path, OLHP, Ordo Sinistra Viviendi, OSV, Order of the Deorc Fyre, ODF, The Black Order, TBO, anti-semitism, occult, Nazi
Language English

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3 Responses to Kerry Bolton and the Power of !nataS

  1. PF says:

    Wow, this is truly fucked. I cannot imagine the number of academic conventions and, in fact, regulations, that this violates. I have no doubt that these idiots at the uni will back down and thereby give the thesis even more recognition, which it probably deserves.

    Does anyone have a .pdf of the thesis? It sounds really good.

  2. @ndy says:

    Hey PF,

    Yeah, it’s an extraordinary case — I’ve not heard of anything even remotely similar happening. Either it really doesn’t pay to mess with !nataS, or the academic authorities at Waikato are incompetent. But yeah, it’s available online — both the original and expurgated version. The University’s actions have ensured it receives a much wider audience. See, for example, Martha Ann Overland, Neo-Nazi Gets University to Pull Master’s Thesis on His Views, The Chronicle of Higher Education, October 8, 2008:

    A former member of the New Zealand Nazi Party whose views on satanic worship were analyzed in a master’s thesis has persuaded the University of Waikato to remove the publication from its library and its online repository, The Dominion Post reported on Tuesday.

    “I couldn’t believe my eyes,” Mr Bolton told the Times. “He accuses me of being the biggest bastard in New Zealand. If I read that (about someone else) I would think that guy is `a right scum bag’.” Mr Bolton said he complained to the university in late August about “shoddy research and inept supervision and examination” of the thesis and pointed to several flaws. Waikato University director of communications Lisa Finucane said the thesis had been removed from the library and online repository while the university established a robust, fair process to deal with the complaint…


  3. PF says:

    while the university established a robust, fair process to deal with the complaint

    The number of hoops you have to jump through even to get the thing started is insane. If the subject is alive then the ethics committee and the lawyers in the research dept would have been well aware of the work (although I dunno how defamation law works with academic theses).

    The link you posted refers to an earlier incident where Bolton objected to the treatment of an MA thesis after its acceptance, which is also interesting. Canterbury Uni brought in Richard Evans to re-evaluate the thesis after they had it assessed by three people who did not specialise in the field. I presume you’ve read Evans’s work @ndy, but if not, look for his stuff on the net to do with the Lipstadt case. IMO he’s the most meticulous scholar of holocaust denial around.

    Anyway, thanks a lot for the link, and please let us know if you hear any more news re the censorship.



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