Bomb-making manual linked to white supremacist group

The ABC reports:

Bomb-making manual linked to white supremacist group

Anti-racism campaigners argue that a bomb-making manual, allegedly linked to a white supremacist website based in Adelaide, breaches anti-terror laws.

The manual contains instructions on how to make explosives and encourages violent attacks on ethnic minorities.

Mat Henderson-Hau from Fight Dem Back says the manual is connected to an Adelaide-based website under Australian Federal Police investigation.

He has reported the manual to the Federal Government’s anti-terror hotline.

“It contains information on how to acquire high power firearms and explosives, [and] essentially says that any and all criminal and violent activities on non-white individuals are fair game,” he said.

NB. Since this and other media attention, Colin Campbell of the White Crusaders of the RaHoWa has removed the ‘White Resistance Manual’ from public view. (Fortunately, copies have been saved.)

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