The Stormfront Down Under Circus : 2004–2008

It’s been a while since I cast a weary eye over Stormfront Down Under, so recently I thought I’d take a peek to see how things are faring for our racist friends, especially since former Yanqui Co-Moderator jack_boot let go of Paul Innes’ hand, and let him have the Forum to himself. For the benefit of those of you arriving late, here, briefly(?), is a little recent history:


Above : Dr James ‘Jim’ Saleam

Insofar as anti-racist activity is concerned, the story of Stormfront Down Under really only begins in August 2004 (Stormfront as a whole was established by former KKK Wizard and international terrorist Don Black in 1995). In that year, the now-defunct Patriotic Youth League — an organisation for young friends of the white supremacist Australia First Party under Dr James Saleam — came to some small degree of public prominence (it was formed towards the end of 2002). In 2004, it had begun a campaign of placing racist posters and stickers on University campuses, which appeared in both NSW (University of Newcastle, Macquarie University) and Victoria (LaTrobe University, RMIT and the University of Melbourne). At around the same time, a number of African and Asian students at the University of Newcastle were verbally abused and physically assaulted (Campus racism rises, Sarah Price, Sun-Herald, August 29, 2004). These events took place against a background of heightened xenophobia; fuelled by the public hysteria over the 9/11 attacks on New York and Washington, the bombings in Bali in 2002, and further reinforced by the then HoWARd Government’s highly repressive policies on refugees (cf. the Tampa crisis).

The League’s principal spokesman was Stuart McBeth, a then-23-year-old Novocastrian and Salvation Army employee. McBeth and his group were linked to a range of far right organisations, including the US-based Volksfront (with which the group shared a PO Box), Blood & Honour, and, of course, Stormfront, on which a number of its members happily paraded their racist hatred and ignorance (Neo-Nazi link to campus anti-foreigner campaign, Matthew Thompson, The Sydney Morning Herald, August 31, 2004). For example, McBeth joined the Forum in September 2003 as ‘Eureka Spirit’, while Luke Connors posted as ‘young soldier’, joining in November 2004. During this period, Andrew Wilson functioned as the PYL’s representative in Sydney, while Connors did the same for Victoria.

The PYL was largely an Internet phantasy for those involved, but it did make some attempts to hold public rallies. In January 2005, for example, the PYL decided it would be a good idea to protest outside the HQ of a Sydney trade union. Upon being confronted by 50–60 counter-protesters, however, including a large number of unionists, the massed ranks of the PYL — all four of them, including Andrew Wilson — fled (Nazi Encounter, Port of call [Maritime Union of Australia: Workers Journal], March/April 2005). One person who didn’t attend the abortive Sydney rally — aside, of course, from its leader, Stuart McBeth — was Andrew Fraser. Fraser was shortly to come to notoriety for his concerns regarding the alleged criminality and low intelligence of blacks, but at the time he, along with Saleam, were on the ‘National Executive’ of the PYL. Or at least, that’s what the meat-headed Luke Connors claimed in an interview with a local “documentary filmmaker”.

Of course, the PYL weren’t the only members of Stormfront Down Under in its heyday. Others included Carl D. Thompson (posting as ‘Wodensvolk’). Thompson subsequently lost his job as editor of the One Nation Party publication The Nation after making some rather dubious assertions regarding his and Stormfront’s Public Enemy #1: The Jew. Also to feature on the site were Sue Bateman, posting as ‘Suebdoo2’, One Nation’s east metropolitan regional president in Perth and 2005 State election candidate (see Storm for One Nation poster girl, Gary Adshead, The West Australian, September 22, 2005), Sydney residents Peter Campbell (‘Kromlek of Asgard’/’ZyklonB’) and Darrin Hodges (‘Proud to be an Infidel’), and rural Queensland-based Jim Perren (‘Stug111’/’303SMLE’).

During 2005, SFDU was the subject of a few articles — Joe Hildebrand’s ‘Life as an uber fraud – the one race I won’ (The Daily Telegraph, October 29, 2005) being one of the more amusing — and also an equally amusing expose by FightDemBack! of a botched attempt by locals in Melbourne to hold a ‘Strictly Members Only’ BBQ. Needless to add, there have been very few such gatherings since. What really gave local white supremacists a shot in the arm, however, was the Cronulla pogrom in December 2005.

This episode was greeted with unabashed joy by the upright citizens on SFDU, and touted as heralding a new era for their scattered and tiny movement. Darrin Hodges (then a member of Saleam’s AF), AF and the PYL as a whole, for example, proudly trumpeted the affair as a ‘civil uprising’ against the multicultural tide. Luke Connors complained in the wake of the pogrom, “Mate, I’m going to get brain cancer from having the mobile phone pressed to me ear all day and all night. Answering membership and media inquiries.” Another member, James Newman (‘JN’), produced a video of the ‘uprising’, coupling captured images of the events with a soundtrack by neo-Nazi band Skrewdriver. It was also at this time that Darrin Hodges was first publicly exposed as being the SF user ‘Proud to be an Infidel’:

One active local member, who goes by the moniker “Proud to be an Infidel”, has been a regular contributor to international white supremacist organisation Stormfront.

Via a series of electronic footprints, anti-Nazi campaigner Mat Henderson-Hau has linked “Infidel” to Engadine local Darrin Hodges.

Hodges, who runs a website for a sex toy distributor, yesterday admitted to being a member of the racist Australia First Party but denied being a member of any white nationalist groups or a contributor to Stormfront.

His alleged alter ego is not so shy.

“Friends, today was an historic day, the day Australians stood up against state-imposed multiculturalism,” he wrote on the night of the Cronulla riots.

Accompanying his posting is a series of photographs he took at Cronulla that day, including one of a T-shirt emblazoned with the words “wog free zone” and another of a sign offering free sausages to the crowd, with “no tabouli”.

Infidel also speaks of footage he filmed on the day which Henderson-Hau believes was used in a video released over the weekend that glorifies a mob of rioters bashing various non-whites at Cronulla…

~ Joe Hildebrand, White supremacists casting a black cloud, The Daily Telegraph, December 20, 2005

The events and attempts to politically capitalise on them by white supremacists triggered a predictable reaction on the part of the NSW Government: White supremacist crackdown call (The Sydney Morning Herald (AAP), December 20, 2005). Also implicated at this time in racist fun and games were Andrew Sanders (‘blue8eyed8devil’ on SF) — who authored a website, Fightback [now belonging to others], dedicated to encouraging locals to take action against the Lebanese hordes — and his comrade-in-arms and fellow ‘Tunnel Rat’, Andrew Roach (Friend of accused’s vile words of hatred, Joe Hildebrand, The Daily Telegraph, December 22, 2005). The author of one of the Cronulla videos, James Newman, was also exposed at this time (Video man is security guard in city, Joe Hildebrand, The Daily Telegraph, December 22, 2005).


Above : Darrin Hodges

The year 2006 naturally began with high hopes for the racists, fascists and bizarros on SFDU. After all, hadn’t the Australian masses just engaged in a civil uprising — “revolution” even — against ZOG and the symptoms of its multicultural machinations (see Nadav Shlezinger, “Victory in Cronulla”: What the neo-Nazis are saying, AIJAC Review, January 2006)? Unfortunately, it was at this point that the ethnic origins of one of the leaders of the forthcoming White Revolution was again exposed as being… well… not exactly ‘white’. And while Darrin Hodges first left and then later re-joined SF, another SF veteran, Peter Campbell, also chose this moment to retire from online battle. Further, just three months earlier (October 2005), the internet forum he helped to establish via the White Pride Coalition of Australia also collapsed.

In March 2006, Saleam’s party was subjected to no small degree of public ridicule by Dan Box, writing in The Australian (White supremacy in our backyard, March 4, 2006). As a result of the ensuing kerfuffle, Luke Connors, the meat-headed spokesman for the Melbourne branch of the PYL, resigned from what remained of the organisation. His main complaint, at the time, was the involvement of AF member Welf Herfurth in helping to organise the local, Australian franchise of the international neo-Nazi network Blood & Honour. (Replacing Connors — who had in turn replaced Stuart McBeth — as spokesman for the dwindling ranks of young patriots, was Lachlan Black of Canberra, a former ONP member. Note further that Connors and Herfurth have since kissed and made-up, the two of them declaring themselves to be ‘national anarchists’.)

In Brisbane, meanwhile, having failed to learn the lesson of their white brothers in Melbourne, a number of odds and sods on SFDU attempted to organise their very own BBQ. These were less than completely successful. (See also : Scumfront Brisbane : Comedy Central, September 7, 2006.) Racist dingbats in Adelaide, however, struck back on behalf of their Brisbane brothers, and distributed some SF posters and stickers in the City of Churches. Unfortunately, “A lot of them were taken down by the public”, said a local MP (aka ZOG stooge).

Otherwise, 2006 was a fairly quiet year for SFDU members. The much-anticipated one-year anniversary of the Cronulla pogrom turned out to be a bit of a fizzer — ‘Cronulla all quiet one year on’ read one headline (, December 10, 2006) — and was possibly even less exciting than the celebrations AF organised for Australia Day way back in January (and less than two months after the ‘uprising’ itself).


Above : Rhys McLean

2007 was a truly bewildering year for SFDU. In January, a racist storm in the Tamworth teapot got the tosspots talking. A few months later, in March, SFDU habitué David Innes (‘Baron von Hund’) decided to hang up his tinfoil helmet — another victim of ‘white nationalist’ intrigue. Innes and his partner Lilith — appointed SFDU Moderator in December 2005, the first Aussie to be granted the privilege by the SF Yanqui overlords — had for several years played a key role in popularising (destroying according to their critics) Stormfront in the land Down Under, even hosting monthly BBQs at their home for a handful of locals, similarly dedicated to getting pissed and dementedly discussing destroying ZOG’s nefarious hold over White Australia.

The person deemed chiefly responsible for David’s temporary demise? Doctor James Saleam, of course, whom David had denounced on SFDU on account of his Middle Eastern ancestry.

Naturally, like a dog after a bone, Innes was back only a few months later. That is, before once again leaving, this time (June) taking the missus with him. (Those left behind subsequently accused David and Lilith of being FDB! stooges.) Not surprisingly, there was stiff competition among the manly Aryan hordes for the vacant Crown, and eventually — for reasons best known to themselves — the Yanquis picked one ’AustralianEuro’, a teenaged Novocastrian named Rhys McLean. In a show of gratitude for their two years of hard work, David and Lilith went Down the Memory Hole.

Rhys’s reign as King of SFDU was, sadly, to be a short one. An organiser for AF, Rhys made the horrible mistake of being photographed wearing a swastika armband and giving the fascist salute. What’s worse, these photographs mysteriously made their way into the hands of local ZOG agents FightDemBack!. Bad, yes, but worse was yet to come when in January 2008 Rhys starred in an article in The Daily Telegraph concerning plans hatched on SFDU to have a neo-Nazi knees-up on Australia Day (RSL slams Australia Day hijack, Joe Hildebrand, January 10, 2008). Within the space of a few days of its publication, Rhys too, was gone.


Above : Sue Bateman and Paul Innes

Having lost first Lilith (Emma) and then Rhys (dummkopf), the American management team at SF was again forced to find a willing volunteer among the proud Aussies deemed worthy of the job. In an online poll, the two favourites nominated by locals were Carl D. Thompson — an unashamed neo-Nazi — and David Innes’ brother, Paul (‘Steelcap Boot’). And while the faces may have been changing, the sounds coming from SFDU remained very much the same. For a sample, see Australia, IMPORTED FKN SIMIAN PIECE OF NEGRESS CRAP, and lets get the ovens raised in melbourne.

On a lighter, non-genocidal note, the departure of John Drew from SFDU was probably one of the queerest moments in the Forum’s brief history. Queerer still, that at the time of his departure, Drew was the sole remaining member of the PYL. At well over 50-years-old, quite an achievement! (The PYL has since quietly folded, while Drew functions as AF in Queensland.)

Having been appointed Moderator, Paul Innes has overseen the rather precipitous decline in popularity of SFDU. The reasons for this are not, like those who post there, all that complicated. To begin with, its recent history is of one PR disaster after another. Secondly, those who post there are dimly aware — to the extent that they’re aware of anything much outside of their rank prejudices — that the Forum is crammed full of all kinds of fruits and nuts, traumatised teenagers, and creepy old neo-Nazis. As such, there’s always the risk that a fellow crank, angry at some slight, will let the cat out of the bag. This happened most recently in March, to Newcastle real estate agent and determined bigot Nathan Clarke (‘Nafe’ — also associated with AF in Newcastle).

Above : Nathan Clarke

A few final points.

SF is trying to clean up its act. For this reason, Mister Black has announced a new ‘no Nazi swastikas’ policy. Not unexpectedly, this hasn’t gone down too well with the locals who, like everyone else who examines the Forum, frankly don’t see the point. Consequently, a number of members have either left or been banned for protesting too loudly. (Carl D. Thompson is one example, but there are others.)

Secondly, Doctor James Saleam (‘radnat’) has made a heartfelt (or batshit crazy, depending on your perspective) appeal for information regarding the identities of some old Sydney-based boneheads in order to help him overturn his 1991 conviction for ordering a shotgun attack upon the then-ANC representative to Australia. What’s odd about the appeal is both its nature — why on Earth would anyone on SF have any knowledge of these individuals? And why couldn’t Herr Doktor simply alert his contacts in the English fascist movement instead? — but also its timing. Saleam is, apparently, intending to contest upcoming council elections in NSW on behalf of AF.

Best of luck.

Despite the removal of Nazi imagery on SF, the enimy remains — in keeping with the bizarro phantasies of chief ideologue David Duke — the Eternal Jew. How much longer SFDU will continue fumbling its way along is anyone’s guess, but it’s likely that as long as the cash keeps flowing, so will Mister Black and Mister Duke reserve a spot for the boys and girls Down Under to continue to spread their online filth.

Bonus! Jamie Kelso Loses His Mind!

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  1. Denise says:

    Good morning, @ndy.

    A very nice, well put together piece. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

  2. Just Curious says:

    @ndy, why is it that there are so many hot guys in white nationalism?

  3. @ndy says:

    Denise: Cheers!

    Just Curious: It’s all in the genes I expect.

  4. Bob Saggy Sagat says:

    What about Nikki Webster?

  5. @ndy says:

    Ask your doctor.

  6. Bob Saggy Sagat says:

    BTW that last clip of Jamie Kelso is a hatchet job, he thanked Paul Fromm for his show which ends right before Jamie’s begins, then Jamie went on a rant about Michael Medved who said some negative comments toward Ron Paul.

    Some anti-racist listening recorded it and edited it to make it look like he was talking about Paul Fromm.

    Just thought I’d let you know. For the purpose of being correct politically.

    Not that I care, I just purchased the 4th season of Full House on DVD and a jar of Vaseline.

  7. @ndy says:

    Still choice. (Kelso’s rant; not Full House.)

  8. @ndy says:

    More fiery hot white guys (and gal):

  9. Bob Saggy Sagat says:

  10. @ndy says:

    Extremist Media
    Racist Radio Show is Finally Flushed

    Intelligence Report
    Summer 2008

    White nationalist James Edwards has ended his hate radio show, “The Political Cesspool,” after more than three years on the air.

    “It’s been the thrill of a lifetime,” he gushed in the E-mail to supporters titled “All Good Things Come to an End….”

    Edwards cited his father’s ill health and strain on his marriage as the main reasons for the abrupt shutdown on Feb. 15. His announcement came just two weeks after he proudly announced the syndication of his show through Dixie Broadcasting, an Internet radio outfit run by the chairman of the Georgia chapter of the League of the South, a neo-Confederate, white supremacist group. The show was broadcast on the Internet and by WLRM-AM for two hours every weeknight from a studio near Memphis, Tenn., where Edwards grew up and still lives.

    Articulate and charming, Edwards had become a golden boy among white nationalists since founding “The Political Cesspool” in 2005. His show served as the primary radio nexus of hate in America. Its sponsors included the white supremacist Council of Conservative Citizens (CCC) and the Institute for Historical Review (IHR), a leading Holocaust denial organization. Its guest roster for 2007 reads like a “Who’s Who” of the radical racist right: CCC leader Gordon Lee Baum; Holocaust denier and IHR chief Mark Weber; neo-Nazi activist April Gaede; and anti-Semitic professor Kevin MacDonald. The show’s most frequent celebrity racist guest is former Klan leader and neo-Nazi David Duke, who has logged three appearances.

    Though he won’t be on the radio anymore, Edwards promised listeners he would continue to serve on the CCC’s board and was contemplating an eventual run for public office. He also thanked many of the extremists who had been on his show as well as several hate groups that sponsored it. “In no way, shape or form have you heard the last from James Edwards as a European American activist,” he assured listeners. “Similar to the Great White, I’d die if I were not contributing to the survival of our race.”

  11. Bob Saggy Sagat says:

    From James Edward’s blog:

    “This is hilarious! Talk about perfect timing! The brand spankin’ new Summer 2008 issue of the SPLC Intelligence Report just came out, and boy is it a doozy. Check it out:

    Boy, they’re really on top of things down there in Montgomery! I see now why Morris makes the big bucks. Talk about blowing it big time! They’re advising police departments, and the media takes their word as gospel, and they can’t even get basic facts straight. Like that “articulate and charming” crap. Man, is that way off. Try “handsome, articulate, and charming” next time, Dees!

    See what I mean? Man…

    And, let’s see, we’ve only been announcing our return to the airwaves for several weeks now.

    I’ve only been blogging darn near every day for a just about a month straight now.

    And several friends of The Political Cesspool have been trumpeting our return to the airwaves all over the internet this whole time, too.

    And after all this, the just released edition of the SPLC Intelligence Report announces that we’re finished for good.

    Well, to quote Mark Twain, the rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated.

    And so have the rumors about the “intelligence” at the SPLC!”



    Graeme Campbell and others paid a big price to establish the “Australia First Party”, and the “Eight Core Policies” are an important expression of the aspirations and values of the Australian people and our culture.

    We believe “Australia First” is needed to keep current issues in the Media, and to provide information to educate the people. Our Party is needed to give an alternative for those who care about the future and are concerned about giving into the Globalists who are intent on destroying our Australian culture and way of life.

    We do not need to be a registered political party to be effective. In fact, we do not need to be in Parliament to have an influence. Members acting within their own communities can make an enormous contribution to the knowledge and motivation of people on important issues. Organisations are still needed to inform and unite genuine Australians. This will be particularly important for people to be able to communicate their concerns when the push for a republic is re-ignited and with so many other issues that worry us such as –

    Water – Its shortage and availability to grow clean and green Australian food, and the future cost of our water and food to us as consumers. Fluoridation of our water – There are risks to our medium and long-term health. G.M.O.’s – Genetically modified organisms. Health – Codex and availability of vitamins. Foreign doctors’ standards – Access to Hospital beds. Immigration – 457 Visas – Sharia Law – Housing affordability. Free Trade Agreements – Unlimited business immigration – Fire Blight – the list goes on…

    Our recent and ongoing battle with the terminated members of “Australia First” is an attempt by them to undermine our credibility by sending out literature pretending to represent our Party. They have organised their own membership forms and kept the money and donations, which have been misdirected away from us under false pretences. This unfortunately has resulted in the depletion of our financial base, which has temporarily affected services to you, our members, but we continue to be active on a local level.

    This infiltration of our Party was slow and methodical and while we were cautious, after having been alerted to their background, we thought we had all bases covered. We didn’t count on them totally ignoring all the rules and the Constitution of our Party, and bulldozing members with lies, false membership forms, and the misappropriation of membership money and donations.

    It has been very disturbing to receive documents sent to our genuine members of Australia First by people who have had their memberships cancelled by the National Council – under the false pretence that they represent our Party. Using the name “Australia First” shows the level of deceit they have used to discredit the genuine Australia First Party. When we refused to cooperate with their push to register with the A.E.C. using “five dollar feral members” and to hand over the database, members of the National Council were threatened.

    By using and discrediting our name, they attempt to make it difficult for us to be affective and retain credibility.

    Interestingly their methods are similar to those used by the famous “Abbott and Costello’s father-in-law” – “Campaign for Honest Politicians”. It is probably being directed and financed from the same high places. We may never establish where the initiative is coming from, as these people do not have the ability, support, or money, to have orchestrated this on their own. They now have two separate groups. Some are committed Republicans and some are passionate about the historical significance of the name “Australia First”. It seems this commitment to control the name was the original aim of this political group.

    Not being great in number, it has been said that “they could have a full meeting in a telephone box”. These people prefer to attack on the colour of an immigrant’s skin rather than the Government policy that allows the excessive and inappropriate immigration opposed by “Australia First” policy. The important issue of preserving our Constitution, our unique culture, and the support and protection of our families, businesses and farmers is ignored. Race-based issues dominate their agenda and they continue to run inflammatory campaigns that are at odds with the law. Interestingly they appear to be a protected species and have not been prosecuted.

    Despite the fact that we objected to the N.S.W. Electoral Commission, and also the fact our name “Australia First Party” was registered with ASIC, it became obvious that these two Statutory Government Bodies offer no security to genuine political parties. These people were able to register “Australia First (Council Party) NSW”, deceiving our members in NSW by giving the impression that they were operating under the authority of the National Council. In fact, their cunning, and the cooperation of the NSW Electoral Commission, who even helped by backdating their approval – saw them override the Australia First Party Constitution and rules after we discovered and objected to their plan to register in N.S.W. without the authority of the National Council.

    It is our understanding that they are currently attempting to deceive enough people to join their pseudo “Australia First Party” to enable them to register the party name Federally with the Australian Electoral Commission.

    If we allow schemers like these to destroy the name of “Australia First” and the credibility we have all helped to develop, their warped ideology will go down in Australian history as a representation of our Party. We are concerned that we have wasted a lot of valuable time and resources to establish what was happening behind the scenes and have not been able to continue to build on the credible work that we have all done in the past.

    It is not the Australian way to sit back and allow people like this to destroy our Party that has been built to support and protect our unique culture and save Australia from Globalism and a Multicultural takeover.


    “Of late, Australian nationalists have reinvigorated the Australia First Party. This party grows stronger, ideologically, politically and organizationally. After failed attempts by reactionary elements to deflect the party towards pseudo mainstream (sic) politics and the continuing crisis of the patriotic forces generally, this party advances a programme, a strategy and viable tactics for success.”


  13. pavan says:

    what ever you do……..u skinhead whites are a__h__es……..not fit to be aryans……..learn from us……..REAL ARYANS=INDIAN HINDUS

  14. @ndy says:

    pavan: not all white skinheads are arseholes. racist ‘skinheads’ are called boneheads.

    Roddy Moreno (Wales) talks about SHARP Skinheads:

    real skinhead:

  15. James Hudson says:

    Any thinking Caucasion [sic] must ask themselves why is it that every racial,ethnic,and religious group can be proud of themselves, form [sic] all manner of civic and politcal [sic] organisations, etc. except individuals of European Ancestry …

    [Blah blah blah. Go back to Stormfront James.]

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