Men in !cinataS Viking Hats

Despite an announcement by the Hammerskins to the contrary, Nic Miller’s Beard reports that the Blood Red Eagle gig went ahead at the Satan’s Slaves clubhaus in Luxford Street, Berhampore (a suburb of Wellington) on the weekend, although to a fairly small crowd (approximately 40–50). This, it should be noted, is in contrast to the last such gig jointly organised by the Hammerskins, Satan’s Slaves and Blood & Honour New Zealand in Wellington in 2005, which also featured bad metal — in the shape of Melbourne-based Death’s Head — but which apparently attracted quite a few more losers. (And speaking of losers, Death’s Head’s former, US-based label Panzerfaust Records collapsed the same year they toured Wellington when one of its founders, Anthony Pierpont, was busted for drugs, and subsequently revealed as having a non-white, Mexican parent.) Oddly enough, while congratulating the Hammers for inviting Douglas Schott‘s band to perform in Wellington, in reference to the Slaves, a punter on Stormfront asks “What are the Hammers doing associating with that bunch of drug-dealing rapist nigger bikers? Sort of goes against the Hammer Code as far as I can see.”

Which isn’t very nice.

Neither is telling lies, which is what Gospel of the Horns appear to have been doing regarding their history and politics — which duplicity makes sense, given their recent (April 4) album launch @ The Tote.


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  1. dbg says:

    apparently the album Eve of the Conquerer contains photos of gospel of the knobs playing at a blood and honour event. nevertheless, when i want listen to the original and jaw-dropping sounds of gospel, i usually flick through my metal records until i get to sodom. well, i don’t see the point in buying the same record twice. concerning their beliefs, such as zog conspiracy theories and aussie nationalism, on sadspace, they’re “friends” with katon, the singer for hirax, who is an afro-american. it’s confusing, but i guess it’s on par with fiona dead shit moron and doug bullshit spineless being sadspace friends with bail up!


    ‘mullets, not modal verbs.’

    ‘hell bent, hell bent for leather.’ –judas priest

  2. @ndy says:

    yo dbg,

    when i want TO listen to the original and jaw-dropping sounds of gospel, i usually play some aretha.

    that said, Gothpel of the Knobs DO feature in my latest blog entry:

    they’re evil Coz they tell fibs.

    (but not all of us are clueless cunts.)

  3. too drunk to write (well) says:

    g\’day sb,
    just read your latest entry. unleash the poodles! lol bloody classic.

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