Red Watch NZ / Nic Miller vs. Google?

Poor little neo-Nazi Nic.

He claims that Google has frozen his Red Watch NZ account.

On his NEW! IMPROVED! blog — www . rwnz . blogspot . com — Miller writes (October 28):

Google has disabled the Red Watch NZ account but as we are very sly here at RWNZ, we have a new account; [t]he RWNZ account!

Although RWNZ cannnot add any new posts to our old site, Google will not be taking it down any time soon, unless the Jews over at FDB take them to court.

Stung into action, I’ve attached an urgent message to the skinny leg of Ziggy, the ZOG homing pigeon, and — with a quick kiss on her brave little head — sent her on her long journey to New York. All things being equal, in a few months I should receive a brown bag from a passing rabbi…

…and then we go to court!

Interestingly, Nic’s new blog, like his old one, has had the ability to ‘flag’ it for screamingly bad content removed. On his (new) blog, Nic has also published an open letter to media outlets, complaining about “bad publicity” and the “biased, ill-informed, unemployed morons at Fight Dem Back!“.

Strong words from the keyboard hero!

According to Nic, journalists will not understand the vital role of Red Watch NZ in defending New Zealand/Aotearoa from ‘Zionism’ and ‘Communism’ because “you are a Zionist mouthpiece, paid to write Jewish propaganda for papers owned and run by filthy kikes. You should be fucking ashamed of yoursel[ves]”.

I’m sure they are Nic, I’m sure they are.

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