Nicole Hanley : For Blood & Honour

    Update : Oh noes! I went looking for Nicole’s Europe Tour Diary and:

    “Object not found!

    The requested URL was not found on this server. The link on the referring page seems to be wrong or outdated. Please inform the author of that page about the error.”

    Damn. I only hope someone saved a copy!

    Oh wait. Someone did.

    Below are two photos Nicole took of the Ian Stuart Donaldson memorial gig in Redhill, UK (the Australian flag was her special contribution) and her thoughts on visiting her spiritual homeland.

    “The purchase of the picture [“of a beautiful young man in his German uniform from the Drittes Reich” (Third Reich)] was all too much for my cousin[‘]s partner M and we finally had the “blowout” that had been simmering under the surface the whole time I had been over there. “I don’t understand” she said. “You are such a nice person, and I like you, but how can you believe in and glorify such evil?” “You actually have no idea what it is that [I] believe in” I replied, “What you have been told it stands for bears no resemblance to what it actually is, and for what I believe in”.

    “You are in denial” she said to me, “I have spoken to people who were victims of the Nazis. Why don’t you go to a concentration camp and see what they really did, I’ve already made some phone calls, I could arrange it for you”. I bet you have you bitch I thought, I wonder what else you said to them. “Why would I want to waste my time looking at that stupid propaganda” I replied, “I have heaps better things to do and it won’t make a single difference to my beliefs”.

    The discussion became more and more heated, with her starting to go down the Hol[o]hoax line. “How can you deny that ever happened, there is so much evidence for it”. “Oh really” I said. “Well show me a single photograph of dead bodies lying in a gas chamber if there is so much evidence and I then I might start to think differently, but I have never seen one. Just show me one… ONE!!! There are NO photographs of this because it never happened, so much for it being the most documented event in history”.

    “I am not discussing it with you any more, the conversation is finished” she said. Of course it is I thought, that’s the standard answer for you people when confronted with a fact you don’t have an answer for, you shut the discussion down completely because you simply don’t want to comprehend any other reality, regardless of all the facts put in front of you.

    We walked on in complete silence and I knew that a barrier had come between us that would never come down – we would certainly never be friends. She was the most perfect stereotypical example of the brainwashed and dangerous self loathing Germans and Austrians that so many years of allied and jewish propaganda have produced. I nearly pitied her, except for the way people like her stop at nothing to exterminate any form of Nationalism, a common sense “realist” look at history or any National Socialist beliefs. We managed to be civil with each other for the [two] days I had left there, but that was the end of it. I have not heard from them since returning home to Australia, my “thank you for the hospitality” e-mail to them has gone unanswered. It is a shame as I really enjoyed Wolfgang[‘]s company, but she is [too] much of a domineering influence in his life and I’m sure will stop any further contact. Oh well, C’est la vie…”

    “And so ended my time in Osterreich. There were many more things that I could have seen, and I wish I had been a bit better prepared with my “NS sightseeing checklist”, but that was not possible under the circumstances, and I know that I will be back. My next stop was Nuremberg, Germany, where I was to meet an amazing NS Comrade – the absolute die hard “real thing” and who took me sightseeing. I also spent a lot of money there on some Drittes Reich treasures which I could ill afford… but just HAD to have… to be continued…”

Once Upon a Time in a Land Far, Far Away

After 12 years — and with a scheduled 988 to go — the Nazi regime collapsed in 1945, one of its final acts consisting of its leader blowing his brains out while hiding in a bunker. The number of casualties in the Second World War is estimated at being over 50 million.

Over 60 years later, there are still some who pledge allegiance to Adolf Hitler and his pathetic vision. Among the contemporary adherents to neo-Nazi ideology is the international network Blood & Honour. B&H was formed in 1987 by dead bonehead Ian Stuart (and his equally dead sidekick Nicky Crane); it took its name from the slogan — ‘Blut und Ehre’ — employed by the Hitler Youth. The Australian franchise of B&H was established by Scott McGuinness, and was the first to be organised outside of the UK.

Late last month, a B&H site — — was hacked and some of the contents of the site uploaded to Wikileaks. As a result of this leak, one of the principal antagonists of B&H Australia has been revealed as 40-something Canberra resident Nicole Hanley. Hanley is employed by TNC Thales. Thales is a major ‘defence’ contractor to the Australian Government. Both Thales and the Department of Defence deny having any knowledge that a senior neo-Nazi is being employed in Homeland Security.

B&H is organising a gig in Perth on ANZAC Day to celebrate the deaths of Allied soldiers.

Defence contractor suspended over neo-Nazi link
Asher Moses
The Age
April 6, 2009

One of Australia’s largest Defence Department-linked companies has suspended a contractor over her alleged links to an international neo-Nazi group.

Nicole Hanley, a bid support manager for Thales – which has hundreds of millions of dollars in Department of Defence contracts – is alleged to have been involved as an administrator of the neo-Nazi web forum Blood & Honour.

The claims have been made by whistleblower site Wikileaks, which has published a hacked database containing private messages between the group’s members.

According to the Wikileaks private message trail it is claimed that Hanley has published a detailed online diary of her travels to Europe last year, which included attending several neo-Nazi skinhead gatherings, visiting Adolf Hitler’s birthplace, placing flowers on his parents’ grave and collecting Nazi memorabilia.
    Europe 2008

    Well I have just come back from an amazing and I can honestly say life changing five weeks in Europe. I live across the other side of the world, but the spirit of National Socialism spreads everywhere. In the five weeks that I was in Europe, I was heartily welcomed by so many people that I had only ever known through the internet it was truly humbling. In that five week period people went out of their way to pick me up, drop me off, welcomed me into their homes, took time off work to show me around, took me out for drinks and dinner… the list goes on and on. I only paid for accommodation for 3 nights the entire time I was over there, and that was by choice as part of a special part of my trip.

    I travelled to England, Wales, Italy, Austria, Germany, Belgium and Holland. I went to 3 [Ian Stuart Donaldson memorial gigs], various places of [National Socialist] significance (namely Linz, Nuremberg and Wewelsberg), the Opera, a Flemish Seperatist [sic] party political congress, Externsteine and a concentration camp to name just a few.

    So, if you [are] interested in reading about my trip, please click on the relevant link and read on… I’ll be adding bits over the next couple of weeks.

“Hearing/joining in with so many hundreds of people chanting Sieg Heil together is something that will stay with me forever,” she allegedly wrote.

The online messages allegedly reveal that Hanley has also hosted international Blood & Honour activists at her house in Canberra and dated several neo-Nazi skinheads.

Blood & Honour, which promotes neo-Nazi music and events, was founded in Britain in 1987 and has been outlawed in Germany and Spain. Its Australian chapter is organising a pro-Hitler gig in Perth for Anzac Day.

In one of her online messages, Hanley is reported as saying that she would like to become “more active in supporting B&H Australia”.

“I think that with my skills and background I would have a lot to offer,” she wrote.

“Nothing would make me happier than to see B&H Australia become stronger and larger. I would also love to see the skinhead scene in Australia return back to the size and strength of the glory days.”

Even though the Department of Defence conducted background checks on all Thales contractors, claims about Hanley’s links with neo-Nazi skinhead groups were unknown to Thales or the department until provided copies of the private messages.

Thales immediately began an investigation and suspended Hanley, who is in her 40s, saying it took security “extremely seriously”.

It said the matter had been referred to “appropriate authorities for further investigation”.

“The person in question was a contractor engaged through an employment agency,” a Thales spokeswoman said.

“The contract has been suspended and all access to Thales IT and equipment removed.”

The Department of Defence said it could not comment on security allegations relating to specific people, but would have concerns about employees known to have links with nationalist extremist or racial organisations. It would not comment on Hanley’s security clearance level.

In another message attributed to her she discussed how she listened to a white supremacist online radio show.

Reached at her home on Friday and this morning, Hanley refused to comment on the allegations and threatened legal action over any future reports based on the material published by Wikileaks.

“I’m under legal advice not to speak to you,” she said, before hanging up.

Thales, which refused to give any further details about the investigations or about Hanley, generates about $1 billion in revenues annually and specialises in high technology defence products such as electronic warfare, munitions and protected mobility vehicles.

Mat Henderson, a volunteer with Australian anti-racism group Fight dem back, said bad economic times were always a fertile recruitment ground for racist groups.

Note that ‘BlueEyedBlonde’ was also a member of the world’s most popular white supremacist forum Stormfront, whose current moderator is Perth resident Paul Innes (‘Steelcap Boot’). A sample of BlueEyedBlonde’s prose:

On why Allied soldiers fought on the wrong side:

American GI’s attitudes towards [G]erman veterans
12-15-2006, 02:23 AM

With the wisdom of hindsight, many Allied ex-service men actually admit/believe that they (with all of the best intent, especially based on the information they were “fed”) fought against the wrong enemy.

They should have supported Hitler, the principles of National Socialism that he implemented (and which, if you actually study them will probably stun you with how many you might agree with), and fought against the white race’s enemy of Jewish Bolshevism and not against fellow white Nationalists.

As much as it goes against everything you have previously been told, we are not total wackos, and if you are prepared to look at the world with an honest, open and fresh air of eyes (and there are numerous resources on Stormfront you can follow), you can then become as enlightened and depressed as the rest of us!

On the Black problem:

Tamworth council rejects Sudanese refugee plan
12-13-2006, 05:55 PM

I lived in Tamworth for a couple of years.

Believe me, they have their own abo problems, they certainly won’t be keen to import any overseas blacks!

On the Holohoax:

Files likely to spur Holocaust research
11-20-2006, 06:34 PM

Yay, Yippee!!!!!!!

Does this mean that I might finally get to see ONE photo, just ONE photo of “gassed” bodies in a gas chamber? Somehow I won’t hold my breath…

How convenient. This means that they can just pluck any number they like out of thin air, without any burden of proof to back it up.

What a load of complete rubbish. How anyone can believe these ridiculous stories is completely beyond me…

On burning the Israeli flag at Oktoberfest:

Canberra Meet-Up
10-22-2006, 05:23 PM

Hi everyone,

Yes, it was a great night. Certainly the highlight of the evening for me was Hammerskin38 “liberating” the Israeli flag from the food hall, dancing back to us with it, and then holding the flag up high and ceremoniously setting it on fire in the middle of the beer hall.

Hail the crazy Brisbane Hammerskin!!!!!!

On history:

where are all the die hard “aussie boot girls gone?
08-20-2006, 11:49 AM

Well, one of them has just recently joined the forum, although admittedly you would have to build a time machine and travel back nearly 20 years to meet her :-).

I have put a few photos from that time on a web page article I did for the “history” section of a San Diego Punk site.

Before anyone launches into a “photo” debate, I would like to say the following:

1. I’m not the least bit worried about publicly posting photos of what I looked like nearly 20 years ago. I don’t look like that now, you will usually find me wearing a business suit and pearls. However I am still proud of those times, they helped shape me into the person I am now.

2. I know from experience that if “they” want to find you, they will. I was once paid a very surprise visit (during my active skinhead days) by ASIO to ask questions about some threats/attacks on a synagogue (I honestly didn’t know a thing about it). This was during the time when the ANM and NA were actively supported by a lot of the skinheads around then. As I said in my introduction, I do not hold such extreme views about the world anymore, but I am interested in educating myself about what is happening now.

Anyway, here is the link:

You pick on the weak
You’re only strong in groups
Can’t do shit on your own
You pick on those who are few
Right winged scum
You have no place in our scene
Right winged scum
We’ll teach you what skinhead really means

You’re the sickness of our generation
You’ve infested almost every nation
You’re the plague of our society
You’re our most hated enemy

Listen what we have to say: Good night white pride
Only what we have to say: Good night white pride

Good night, good night, good night, good night white pride
Good night, good night, good night, good night white pride

See also : Why “boneheads”? (April 1, 2009) | Chocks away! (March 29, 2009) | The Battle for The Ashes (March 14, 2009) | Neo-Nazism in Germany: Music & Politics (March 5, 2009) | 10,000 Jackboots Makin’ Whoopee in Dresden (February 20, 2009) | Police monitor supremacist group in Perth Hills (February 8, 2009) | Volksfront Australia (December 21, 2009) | Niggers Jews and Communists look out scum we’re on YouTube! (October 13, 2008) | Keep racism out of music (September 27, 2008) | Blood & Honour 2008 ISD gig : Redhill, Somerset (September 24, 2008) | Boneheads in Beautiful Beaconsfield // 2008 ISD Memorial (September 13, 2008) | Blood & Honour / Hammerskins ISD Gig : Melbourne, Saturday, September 13, 2008 (September 8, 2008) | Tee hee… tee hee hee! Hackers 1 Blood & Honour 0 (August 30, 2008) | Neo-Nazi Muzak : Denmark, Germany… and Australia (August 29, 2008)

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28 Responses to Nicole Hanley : For Blood & Honour

  1. Bron says:

    Sounds like a lovely lady.

  2. @ndy says:


    A proud Aryan.

    Also loves fox hunting and side saddle.*/

  3. Bron says:

    Just saw the SMH website — her story is currently the big story. Big picture and everything.


  4. Darrin Hodges says:

    Hmmm, I bet you’d all be gnashing your teeth if the person was sacked for being a Muslim.

  5. Lee-Anne says:

    I had a look at her website, how disgusting. Fascinating that she calls Jews “fucking cowards” because they have police protection when worshiping in the synagogues in Austria while she alters pictures to remove herself from them, seems like she’s the “fucking coward” to me. Glad to see she is getting what she deserves, I guess she probably doesn’t believe in Karma.

  6. Run to Paradise says:

    How nice would it be if she put a gun in her mouth over this… actually the idea that she could get a gun is pretty worrying so toaster and bathtub luv, toaster and bathtub.

  7. Bron says:

    “My heritage is Austrian and I felt so completely at home listening to Bavarian songs singing the praises of the potato.”


  8. @ndy says:


    As far as I’m aware, Nicole has been suspended pending an investigation:

    …claims about Hanley’s links with neo-Nazi skinhead groups were unknown to Thales or the department until provided copies of the private messages.

    Thales immediately began an investigation and suspended Hanley, who is in her 40s, saying it took security “extremely seriously”.

    It said the matter had been referred to “appropriate authorities for further investigation”.

    “The person in question was a contractor engaged through an employment agency,” a Thales spokeswoman said.

    “The contract has been suspended and all access to Thales IT and equipment removed.”

    The distinction between being a Muslim and the moderator of a forum used by (and an active militant and organiser of) an international neo-Nazi network obviously escapes you.

  9. Darrin Hodges says:

    Internet forum. Right. Persecution of somebody because of their beliefs. Funny how you had a different ‘take’ on Haneef and Scott Parkin…

  10. DSD-op says:

    You would be surprised how many Nationalists there are working in high powered jobs in Aus Government.

    Seriously, some of you people need to grow up and stop screaming “nazi” like it pertains to “fire”.

    You are all so caught up in being PC that you forget natural laws.

    Lions don[‘]t mate with Tigers to preserve their culture, so why should people be any different?

    Personally, I believe that Thales has broken the contract and this lady will be reimbursed. She doesn’t belong to an outlawed group, she has not been charged with making threats, or causing damage or inciting violence, therefore she is a citizen in a free society making whatever claims she likes.

    Grow up and go on with your own lives.

  11. Run to Paradise says:

    @ndy should I explain to DSD that he/she missed the part where this has nothing to do with natural laws (and the part where he/she is a fucking idiot) or do you have some witty and factual two paragraph followed by youtube link rebuttal? I am here for the news but I stay for the swearing at dickheads.

  12. ant says:

    LOL @ Lions don[’]t mate with Tigers to preserve their culture

    what a crackup

  13. @ndy says:


    Sure Mr. Smarty Pants. So why should people mate with Tigers? Huh?

    Run to Paradise,

    Alack! Alas! Natural laws dictate I simply post a Killdozer vid!

  14. AnarchyFag says:

    To DSD-op, if u knew anything about natural law u would know that it strengthens genes to ‘mate’ with people outside ones own race. If this is news to u, maybe u should put down the nazi literature, get off the nazi forum and read something from someone who’s actually educated, then reply.

    FUCK-Nationalism, Racism, Fascism.

  15. Lumpen says:

    Re: Lions and Tigers. There’s a footy joke in there somewhere.
    Also, this:
    And this:

  16. @ndy says:

    “Internet forum. Right. Persecution of somebody because of their beliefs. Funny how you had a different ‘take’ on Haneef and Scott Parkin…”

    On Mohamed Haneef:

    In July 2007, Gold Coast doctor Mohamed Haneef was charged with providing support to a terrorist organisation (contrary to Section 102.7(2) of the Criminal Code Act 1995). The charge arose following failed bombings in the UK in late June; it carries a maximum penalty of 15 years’ jail.

    Haneef was released on bail, and then had his visa cancelled under orders of Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews on the basis that in Andrews’ opinion Haneef was not of good character (powers available to the Minister under the Migration Act). July 28, 2007:

    “Mohamed Haneef is at Brisbane International Airport ready to fly back home to India tonight, after the Immigration Department returned his passport. Dr Haneef was freed yesterday after almost four weeks in custody on a terrorism-related charge that was dropped yesterday. The doctor, who was working at the Gold Coast Hospital before his arrest, says he is homesick and anxious to be reunited with his family. Dr Haneef is scheduled to fly out just after midnight via Bangkok, accompanied by a relative and his lawyer, Peter Russo…”

    Haneef was not ‘persecuted’ because of his ‘beliefs’: he was arrested, charged, released, detained and eventually fled the country. The decision to prosecute him was ‘political’ in the sense that, despite a dearth of evidence, Government authorities insisted that the AFP proceed with charges.

    Andrews’ decision to cancel Haneef’s visa was overturned by the Federal Court on August 21, 2007; this decision was supported by the full bench of the court on December 21, 2007, and Haneef had his Australian visa returned.

    In summary, despite a dramatic arrest and a wave of corporate media-generated hysteria, Haneef was eventually cleared of any wrong-doing, and both the AFP and the Government ended up with egg on their faces.

    On Scott Parkin:

    In September 2005, Scott Parkin was detained (in Melbourne) by Australian authorities and removed from the country after the domestic spy agency, ASIO, declared him a “direct or indirect risk” to national security. Parkin’s “crime” was to be an outspoken critic of US foreign policy, especially via his involvement in a campaign to highlight the enormous war-profiteering of Halliburton.

    Almost three years later:

    Federal Court upholds peace activist’s right to ASIO files

    Melbourne, 18 July, 2008: Deported US peace activist Scott Parkin has welcomed a Federal Court judgement upholding his right to access a list of documents showing why Australia’s domestic spy agency regards him as a threat to Australia’s national security.

    The full court judgement opens the way for Mr Parkin’s lawyers to apply for access to his adverse security assessment and other ASIO documents relating to the case, including a secret 1990 “determination” showing the criteria ASIO used to deem him a security threat.

    Mr Parkin launched legal action against ASIO chief Paul O’Sullivan after an adverse security assessment triggered his detention and removal from Australia in 2005.

    Mr O’Sullivan appealed to the Full Court after Justice Ross Sundberg ordered the release of a list of documents relevant to the case.

    In their written reasons for the judgement handed down today, Justices Jessup, North and Ryan rejected Mr O’Sullivan’s argument that Justice Sundberg had misunderstood his argument that non-citizens should never be able to access adverse security assessments made about them.

    “We consider that the appellant’s submissions in these respects seek to have too fine, and too pedantic, a distinction in the way [Justice Sundberg] espressed himself”, their Honours said.

    Mr Parkin welcomed the court’s decision as a victory for political freedom, but expressed concerns that legislation introduced by the Howard Government could still prevent him from getting a fair hearing.

    “Under laws introduced by the Howard Government, the Attorney General Robert McClelland has the power to intervene in court proceedings to stop me finding out what I am accused of,” Mr Parkin said.

    “I am calling on Mr McClelland to respect the right to a fair hearing and allow my case to proceed in an open court.”

    *I hope the Australian people will remind Mr McClelland that ASIO is accountable to him, not the other way around.”

    Finally, Nicole Hanley:

    “I am female, now 37, educated, professional, with a very successful career in upper management, and dress conservatively in suits and pearls. In fact I am probably a perfect “poster” girl to attract “normal” people to the WN/WP movement.” ~ Stormfront, September 13, 2006

    Hanley has been charged with no criminal offence, has not been arrested, interrogated, jailed, denied bail, or deported (to Austria, presumably). The only “persecution” she has faced has been as a result of her neo-Nazi political activism being publicly exposed. As a result, her employer Thales, which is a massive TNC with hundreds of millions of dollars in Department of Defence contracts:

    …immediately began an investigation and suspended Hanley, who is in her 40s, saying it took security “extremely seriously”.

    It said the matter had been referred to “appropriate authorities for further investigation”.

    “The person in question was a contractor engaged through an employment agency,” a Thales spokeswoman said.

    “The contract has been suspended and all access to Thales IT and equipment removed.”

    The Department of Defence said it could not comment on security allegations relating to specific people, but would have concerns about employees known to have links with nationalist extremist or racial organisations. It would not comment on Hanley’s security clearance level.

    The issue for Thales and Defence is whether or not an active neo-Nazi — especially one who worships Hitler, denies the Holocaust, moderates an international neo-Nazi forum, has travelled to meet with European neo-Nazis and hosted foreign neo-Nazis in her home, collects Nazi memorabilia, argues that Allied soldiers should have fought for and not against Nazi Germany, and so on — poses a ‘security risk’.

    At present, DoD has issued a motherhood statement, and Thales has suspended her from her job pending an ‘investigation’. It remains possible that she will be re-instated — time will tell.

    Here’s how Ben the Hammerskin (whom Nicole thanked for burning an Israeli flag at an Oktoberfest event in Canberra) and Nicole’s ex-boyfriend described her:

    I wouldn’t bother trying to talk any sense to ‘beb’, she is a stuck up rich [feminist] snob and is hated by all in the scene that has met her in here (Hammerskins, B & H etc) Most here have only met her at that one ISD she went to, and took an instant disliking too, I was thinking with my wrong head… (as sometimes us silly men do)… and it obviously clouded my judgement, but it didn’t take long to see her true colours.

    She apparently was a skinhead as a teenager 17-22… after that she left the scene/cause etc… joined the hunt club rich snobby crowd, was secretary of the Canberra hunt club for 20 years, dated a rich upper class MARRIED man for years, hung out with [millionaires] and all [the] snobby crap that goes along with it, ended up getting married to some wanker in the end etc.

    She hadn’t … seen or talked to any skin/WP/NS people in 20 years till she started talking to me on the dumbass site [Stormfront]. She was a full lemming, knew nothing about jews/Z.O.G. or NS or race issues. She always posted pics of herself when she was a sexy thin 18yo, not the fat slob she has become now. Long story short, she came to a ISD memorial gig (only one she[‘]s ever been [to]) and we hooked up and started going out together.

    I lived with her & her daughter for a while in Canberra on her $800,000 property with her 3 horses (which she sometimes wouldn’t feed for days, hell 1 was left out in the cold with no shelter… poor thing died in the end… inhumane bitch) her 4WD & her $130,000 BMW sports car. She took me out to ritzy expensive lunches and dinners and to all these richy poserish type places that as a WP skin of 20 years [I] had obviously never been to.

    In the end (after 10 months or so) I dumped her like a bad habit as she was a rich, full of herself snob, very bitchy, big time feminist, aggressive abusive drunk, hygiene like a nigger and just a real nasty piece of work. (She also insulted & offended my mother, my family and friends. [N]ot [surprising] they all hated her.) We fought often as she many times said to me and I quote — “the British are SCUM, they have no honour!!!” (She even said this & worse in front of my mother, and comrades. They can attest to her foul behaviour.) I am 3/4 British and 1/4 German so I took great offence, it is one of the reasons I left her as she bagged out the English any chance she got, and I told her that she better stop bagging the British as that is my heritage and I’m very proud of it. Not to mention telling her that ISD was English and skins started there etc. She always told me she could never understand the English working class mentality… no wonder since she[‘]s a rich snooty corporate bitch from hell. (BTW she is 3/4 Austrian & 1/4 RUSSIAN!!!) No wonder she[‘]s such a psycho.

    After leaving her, she didn’t go to last year[‘]s ISD gig and no one … here talks to her at all. She even told me she always thought (even when she was a supposed skinhead) that the I.R.A were Nationalist freedom fighters, and couldn’t believe me when I told her they were Marxist terrorist scum.

    She is in admin in some [gov] wig job (earning around $170,000 a year) and sees skinheads as her playtime hobby. She likes to think of herself as the queen internet bee, with the skinhead worker drones doing stuff for her like pawns on a chess board. She is active only on the internet, & with people from overseas as they haven’t met [her] to find out what a loser she is. This bitch has NOTHING to do with B & H Australia (the OZ B & H reps even pm’d admins on this site and complained about her being admin being she is not a skin, [hasn’t] been one for 20 years and has nothing to do with us. They were messaged back with a brush off ‘leave her alone she[‘]s doing a lot for us…’ kind of shit etc.) Well we in Australia are very pissed off about all this and this will not be the end of it… Racial regards, Ben Southern Cross Hammerskins HFFH

  17. Bron says:

    Lulz. So Ben doesn’t like rich people very much?

  18. @ndy says:

    Unless they’re white. And submissive, if female, or commanding, if male.

  19. Bron says:

    So she failed — because she’s a rich white, but not submissive?

  20. zedocaixao says:

    There are few dozen of this type in the whole white nationalist “movement”: late-30s to 40s, single mother, imagine themselves the doyennes of their respective national scenes, etc.

  21. Rudolph Hess says:

    Not a bad analysis for someone with no life, talent or decency, Andy. Clearly you gather all your information via Google and, as usual, you have a few of the key facts quite wrong. But you’re trying the best you can and that’s what counts.

  22. @ndy says:

    I thought you were dead?

    Thanks for the compliment from beyond the grave, and best of luck with the ANZAC Day knees-up.

  23. delissiousdave says:

    first off u guys are pickin on a girl u guys need to buy some new pornos or what ever u fags get up to wake up if u guys wanna pick on someone who can do damage come try me i am untouchable and on the street where it all matters i will beat every 1 of u dirty commie scum faggots try your words on me if thats all u got i will cut out your tongues out and run to paradise u better keep runnin

  24. @ndy says:

    g’day delissiousdave,

    how r u m8?

    1st, nicole is a grown woman, not a girl.

    2nd, her involvement in benson & hedges was exposed by whoever hacked the b&h forum, & when it comes to hacking i’m not even a script kiddie.

    3rd, blogging about nicole hanley is not an alternative to the consumption of pornography (and i worry that you’re not paying attention).

    4th, i’m convinced that you are very tough.

    finally, have you ever considered meditation? it soothes the savage melanin-deficient beast.

  25. Trish says:

    if the nazis were so great and so powerful then why did they start a war and then lose it? if people want to side with a bunch of losers then obviously they are in the same boat.

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