Police monitor supremacist group in Perth Hills

    Update : Christ. Dickhead changed his tiny mind. Again…

    Apparently, there is such a thing as bad publicity. The appearance of ‘Steelcap Boot’ (Paul Innes) in the media, and his campaign to create a Whites-only enclave in the Perth foothills, naturally drew the attention of fellow anti-Semites on Stormfront Down Under. ‘RoadTrain’ comments:

    “It’s old Rupert and his crew of vipers again, remember the shadowy White Supremacist/Neo Nazi organisation that was hinted at in the Herald Sun at the time of the Tyler Cassidy shooting [a reference to the Southern Cross Soldiers]? Good on you SCB, there’s no such thing as bad publicity, now when curious people take a look at SF and see the forums on music, homemaking and theology sitting alongside serious and rational debate on all the current affairs issues of the day they might decide that White Nationalism is for them.”

    No longer, unfortunately, as Paul has decided to delete this thread:


    As for Paul himself:

    “This is not the first time they have done a write up. Though at least it has some good quotes taken from my writings. What do you think everyone? As [for] the police… have they actually stopped monitoring me? Waste of resources in my opinion… Though I guess the state has to go after anyone who does not digest the force fed multiracial policies set by a [sic] what I feel is a now [sic] corrupted government that I did not want to govern over me.

    Thought crime!…Thought crime!”

Ner-ner ner-ner!

Police monitor supremacist group in Perth Hills
Nick Taylor
February 7, 2009

SUPREMACISTS have re-ignited a campaign to set up a whites-only enclave in the Perth foothills.

They are urging other racists to join the Pioneer Little Europe project.

Police have been monitoring postings on the controversial Stormfront website, a white-supremacist forum that features a coat of arms with a Celtic cross, surrounded by the motto “White Pride World Wide”‘.

The idea for the project was started several years ago and promoted in Perth by a website contributor calling himself Steelcap Boot [Paul Innes].

Paul and Sue Bateman (One Nation Party, WA), pictured at a Stormfront BBQ in Perth. Paul is the moderator of the Stormfront Down Under forum, of which Sue was also once a member. He is wearing a t-shirt which features a Celtic cross, surrounded by the motto “White Pride World Wide”.

But just a week ago he wrote: “There has been a bit of international interest again over this last week from a couple of places…”

In earlier posts he wrote: “Stormfronts of the Street (aka PLEs) are urgently needed now. Seize a targeted PLE area for white people today!”

He claimed “white nationalists and national socialists” were becoming increasingly active in the foothills, especially in uniting WA boneheads.

He said Pioneer Little Europe first surfaced in 2001 to develop racially conscious white communities within existing and “culturally ineffective” white communities.

“A PLE occupies a targeted living area for white nationalists with different pro-white ideologies,” he wrote.

“It is suggested that any demand for proof about the existence of any given PLE project should be ignored … our opponents have actually made no provision whatsoever to account for something as unusual as the PLE strategy.”

Steelcap Boot, who said he is a white nationalist but had never been a bonehead, claims to have started increasing levels of pro-white legal “activism”, distributing literature and organising pro-white activities.

In one post he claimed there had been “a bbq, a couple of meetings and some international comings and going”. In another he said: “Numerous leafleting runs were completed … everything else is pumping along nicely.”

    NB. Paul’s efforts were preceeded by those of his brother David, and David’s former partner Lilith. In addition to promoting Stormfront, Paul also promotes the activities of the openly neo-Nazi Blood & Honour Australia and the Southern Cross Hammerskins, two bonehead gangs. Their next gig, to celebrate the deaths of the Australian and New Zealand soldiers who fought Nazism in WWII, is scheduled to take place in Perth on ANZAC Day.

Other contributors to the forum use names such as Aussieknight, who claims to be a bonehead already living in the “PLE Area”, anglodane, whitenproud82, ozwarrior and Knightspirit.

Sen-Sgt Ray Butler of the State Security Investigation Group said: “Police have concerns for anyone espousing white supremacist views or views that are designed to drive a wedge through the community. We do not take groups such as this lightly. Community safety and security is of paramount importance.”

The Ethnic Communities Council of WA is aware of the website, but its executive officer Suresh Rajan said: “These people are not a group worthy of comment. However, our position is consistent in that we opposed the proposed Muslim enclave in Rivervale only three weeks ago and we would oppose the Little Europe concept as it does not promote integration.”

Opposition police spokeswoman Margaret Quirk said: “These things have the capacity and danger to extend from cyberspace into the community. We’ve said in the past that community safety can be under threat from these extremists. They present particular challenges to police who should be given the resources to deal with it.”

    In New Zealand/Aotearoa, a similar project is being spearheaded by Kyle Chapman, who posts on SF using the pseudonym ‘NZ Trooper’.

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15 Responses to Police monitor supremacist group in Perth Hills

  1. Run to Paradise says:

    Pretty amusing considering the diversity of people in that area.

  2. PF says:

    Holy fucking shit, @ndy, who is that Aryan Goddess in the clip? Now THERE is an example of the inherent superiority of white people over the ‘inferior’ ones. You got noodz? Myspace? contact details? does she put out? My intelligent, compassionate and well-groomed girlfriend has REAL problems if this other vixen is unattached and available.

  3. @ndy says:

    Run to Paradise:

    “Pretty amusing considering the diversity of people in that area.”

    Perhaps. But maybe not so amusing for the neighbours they declare to be non-White.


    I believe she’s one of Java Jack’s followers. A fascinating rivalry developed between Jack and Dr James Saleam. Herr Doktor appears to have won, however, as Jack has gone into retirement, and spends more of his time painting than he does planning to start a race war…

    Jack’s biggest nemesis throughout the eighties, and the ANM continues [sic] to bait him today, is James Saleam, former leader and founder of National Action. For constantly and casually reminding everyone of Van Tongeren’s Asian heritage, Saleam is labelled a “Sand Nigger” by the ANM, due to his own, some-say Turkish, some-say Lebanese, background. Certainly the two could not stand further apart in the political wilderness. While Van Tongeren saw a future for Australian neo-Nazism in building a broad-base with the Conservative right, Saleam has continued to waste his political life dreaming of Eureka style insurrection, inspired by Maoist and other obscure revolutionary thinkers. What the two do share, other than their long list of criminal convictions, is an empty and dying grip on the minds of what is left of the traditional Australian fascist movement…

    ~ ‘The Tale of Jack and Jim’: Infamous Aussie racists back in business, Matthew Collins, The Review, November 2002.

    Incidentally, for some bizarre reason, Saleam is convinced that the former neo-Nazi Collins is in reality the former neo-Nazi David Greason (author of I was a teenage fascist — a classic, and frequently amusing, read). Jim’s grip has further slipped following the emergence of the APP, and his apparently considered belief that rocking up to the coroner’s inquest into Tyler Cassidy’s death is, like, a rooly good idea. That, and the fact that AF in QLD has seemingly been reduced to the openly neo-Nazi Jim Perren and the not-quite-so-openly queer John Drew, suggests that it’s hard times ahead for this particular wanna-be fuehrer.

  4. Lumpen says:

    More like Pioneer Little Disneyland.

    It’s hilarious that they’ve degenerated to the point of dropping out of society and building a commune. Good luck with that, lads. There are many successful examples of white supremacists building insular groups based on a total fantasy and in no way do you need to worry about charismatic leaders fucking underage girls and everyone else turning on each other. Nope. That will never happen. Nope. Build away my racially superior brethren! May you succeed based on your sheer-and-amply-demonstrated willpower.

  5. @ndy says:

    If the Little Fuehrer has to wear Mickey Mouse ears, it gets my vote.

  6. vents says:

    Seriously how is this a bad thing? If they all move far away:
    1. Maybe they will not have the Internet there. Maybe they will take Jim too.
    2. Their odor is further away.
    3. I can be reassured I will never run into that Exorcist demon bitch off the video in the street.

  7. @ndy says:

    Jim Saleam can’t go ’cause he’s a Leb, and if the SCS spy him on the streets, they’ll bash ‘im.

    Jim Perren can but.

    As for Exorcist demon bitch… whatever you do vents… don’t… fall… asleep!

  8. Lumpen says:

    Rumour has it that the citizens of PLE are constructing a house made entirely of gingerbread for Sue Bateman.

  9. Kadet says:

    It’s just like that Iron Maiden song: Run to the Hills!

  10. Zionist Trotskyite says:

    I wonder how they’ll accommodate John Drew?

  11. @ndy says:

    If Jim Perren can find a place in his heart for Jörg Haider, I’m sure he can find a place for John Drew.

  12. dj says:

    I hear ZOG the Gingerbread Monster is licking it’s lips at the thought of a nice Gingerbread house to eat.

  13. Lumpen says:

    The transmissions from the ZOG satellite inform me that John Drew will be living in a hut made of his own excrement which he insists on building by hand. The traffic access is supposed to be excellent. It’s going to be placed just past the Cubby of Glory and overlooking the Racialist Boudoir. Not to be confused with the prototypes The Grand Architect Paul has been making with the couch cushions. These will be twice as awesome.

  14. Mr Walker says:

    Any information re: location of said peanut zone in foot hills would be much salivated over, love to eat ginger bread after it has gone soft in the sun :p No please do tell, will save many hours scouting…

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