The Battle for The Ashes

1) The Sporting Version

An event widely recognised as being pivotal in shaping Anglo-Australian relations occurred in 1882, when an Australian cricket team beat England on an English ground for the first time. The following day, on August 30, 1882, the Sporting Times carried a mock obituary to English cricket which concluded that: “The body will be cremated and the ashes taken to Australia”.

Hence: The Ashes.

(The first team to tour England, in 1868, was composed of Australian Aborigines, and coached by Tom Wills, who was instrumental in developing the game of Australian Rules football. Wills is honoured with a sculpture at the MCG by Louis Laumen, erected in 2002. The sculpture reads that Wills: “Did more than any other person – as footballer and umpire, co-writer of the rules and promoter of the game – to develop Australian Football during its first decade”; a contribution based — arguably — on his knowledge of and familiarity with the game of marngrook.)

2) The Nutzi Version

As noted several weeks ago, Perth nutzis have some ashes of their own: dead nutzi David Lane’s ashes. Upon announcing that the handful of dust would be scattered in Perth, on Stormfront Down Under, a Victorian Creator asked (February 11): “Sounds good. Who is hosting the event?” To which the ever-helpful Stormfront Down Under moderator Paul Innes (‘Steelcap Boot’) replied:

Mr David Lane.

I have just returned from witness to the package that contained the ashes.

All those White Nationalists who wish to attend and show their respects during this overdue service for David [L]ane here in Western Australia will need to contact [email protected]

Pretty fucking w e i r d — but this is a story that just keeps on giving:

Combat 18 Accused Of Purloining David Lane’s Ashes
Larry Keller
March 11, 2009

He’s been dead nearly two years, but there’s a fight brewing in the white nationalist movement over one of its heroes, David Lane.

Actually, the brouhaha is over only a part of Lane. About one-fourteenth of him. That portion of his ashes is reportedly in Perth, Western Australia, more than 9,000 miles from where he died in Indiana. The last time a dead man’s ashes traveled this far may be when the cremains of LSD devotee Timothy Leary and Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry were blasted into orbit in 1997.

How Lane’s ashes got all the way to Perth is a matter of controversy. Women for Aryan Unity activist Victoria “Vickie” Cahill is accusing members of the Australian division of the violent neo-Nazi skinhead group Combat 18 of misappropriating the ashes “through lies” and then “sending rape threats, threats of beatings” to Cahill and other WAU members when they protested.

“We want those ashes back,” Cahill posted to Stormfront and her MySpace page March 9.

Some background:

Lane died in March 2007 in a federal prison in Terre Haute at the age of 68. He was serving a 190-year sentence for racketeering, conspiracy and violating the civil rights of Denver radio talk show host Alan Berg, who was murdered in his driveway in 1984 by Lane and other members of the Bruders Schweigen, or Silent Brotherhood. The terrorist group was also known as The Order. Lane, a onetime member of the John Birch Society and the Ku Klux Klan, was a founding member of the group and served as the getaway driver in the Berg murder.

While in prison, Lane wrote screeds about race and became revered among white nationalists. He is perhaps best known for coining the “14 Words,” “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children.” He co-founded 14 Word Press in Idaho to publish his writings. After his death, neo-Nazi stage mom April Gaede announced that she “and the gals from WAU [Women for Aryan Unity]” had created a memorial fund to have Lane’s ashes stored in the capstone of a pyramid monument to be erected in a white homeland, per Lane’s wishes.

But the gals couldn’t raise enough money for a full-sized pyramid, Gaede later revealed, and so they decided to apportion Lane’s ashes among 14 miniature pyramids – one for each of the 14 Words. Each of the puny pyramids was to be enshrined in the homes of 14 white nationalist women, including Cahill.

It wasn’t long before Gaede and Cahill and other members of Women for Aryan Unity were feuding over Lane-related matters, with Gaede accusing the WAU coven of “showing off” Lane’s remains at white nationalist events.

Now Cahill is urging a boycott of a proposed “ash spreading memorial service” for Lane in Perth. An invitation to “pro-White concious [sic] people” to attend the big event was posted last month on Stormfront. “Date will be finalized when attending numbers have been estimated,” it read. “Civil and neat attire is expected for the proceedings.”

Cahill is vowing to reclaim the ashes before said proceedings can proceed. “If I have to make my way to Australia to get these ashes I will,” she wrote. Cahill then added, ominously, “I will be contacting the bruders about this.”

Hmmm. The bruders ~ versus ~ the Innes brothers. I’d pay to see that.


Jake is the man with the plan. And access to David Lane’s ashes. He’s also desperate for a drummer. His band, Indigenous Hate, will be playing a gig in Perth to celebrate the deaths of Australian soldiers in WWII. Scheduled to take place on ANZAC Day (April 25), it is being organised by Blood & Honour Australia and the Southern Cross Hammerskins, with Murray Holme’s band The Quick & the Dead and Melbourne band Ravenous. Jake (February 11, 2009):

Perth band Indigenous Hate are in desperate need of a new drummer. With weeks to go until some gigs, and half way through recording our album, our drummer has done the dodgy on us and left us in the dark. I am willing to pay for someone, anyone, across Australia, to come over to Perth and live for a couple of months so we can play the gigs and record the rest of the album. I can email a couple of songs that we have done in the studio to see what we sound like, but if you like hard, skinhead music, you wont be disap[p]ointed. Please contact me, Jake, A.S.A.P [at] [email protected].


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6 Responses to The Battle for The Ashes

  1. Run to Paradise says:

    Every time they get stupider I bow my head, pinch the spot between my eyes and exhale loudly out of my mouth.

  2. Jamie R says:

    Ashes aren’t until July. It’s okay, you are trying to forget it already.

    Eddie bought a new mansion in Toorak.

    This is like Shibuya Station. One of the busiest places in the world, I’m sure someone there cares about the Maggies @ndy! Like one person at the least.

  3. Paul Justo says:

    Have you told the full story of Vicki on this site?

    She’s the niece of Martin ‘The General’ Cahill a drug dealer in Ireland who was wiped out by the PIRA for selling drugs. Great story how they ambushed him!

    Her father Peter is a convicted Heroin dealer.

    And there is a connection between Vicki and the Irish band Primordial’s lead singer – more on that later.

  4. @ndy says:

    Nice find Paul: cheers.

    The General’s Niece

    It is disappointing to note the lack of gumption among Irish racists, with the disbandment of the Irish ‘branch’ of NSRUS (National Socialists R Us) due to the poor response to their activities. A lone Cork racist leaflet distributor was also recently hounded off the street and had his pamphlets nicked by local anti-fascists. However some bizarre exchanges are still taking place on Irish racist web discussion forums.

    American-based is a site dedicated to giving racist/white power/neo-Nazi types space on the Internet and has a section devoted to Irish users. The following exchange recently took place between two users, ‘Fionncool’ and ‘WarMaiden’:

    “Fionncool: Whilst keeping an eye on the reds and a**holes at AFA [Anti Fascist Action] I came across the most ludicrous of claims I’ve seen by them: That our fellow race patriot WarMaiden is The General’s Martin Cahill’s neice (sic). What will the lying morons come up with next?

    WarMaiden: Well I am his neice (sic) “sorry” to disappoint you. My name being Vicky Cahill, Oh the shame lol.

    Fionncool: Sorry about that. I thought it was all a wind-up. I should have checked it out first. No disrespect intended. Racial regards, Fionn.”

    In fact Vicky Cahill is Martin “The General’ Cahill’s niece, being the daughter of convicted heroin dealer, Peter Cahill, as reported in the Irish Sunday Mirror in June of last year. She spends most of her time in New York and is a member of the small Women for Aryan Unity race hate group, another of those that seem to exist almost solely on the Internet.

    The Phoenix – August 15th 2003

  5. @ndy says:

    The murder has also been blamed on the INLA.

    IRA crime godfathers are winning drugs war
    Jm Cusack
    June 25, 2006

    …What was not known, or reported at the time of Cahill’s death was that it was not, as claimed by the Provisional IRA, a murder carried out by them as some sort of rough “people’s justice” or because he was allegedly involved with loyalists in a plot to bomb Dublin. Cahill was taken out by a leading figure in another republican terror group, the Irish National Liberation Army (INLA), which was then in the pay of Gilligan’s gang – and remains linked, according to gardai.

    The murder of Martin Cahill showed, for the first time, that in the wake of the IRA’s terror campaign in the North, republican organisations were establishing firm roots in Dublin crime. After Cahill was murdered, the Dublin IRA – unbeknown to its northern leadership – issued a statement falsely claiming that it had murdered Cahill, diverting attention away from the real culprits. It was a neat exercise which suited both the republicans and the emerging power in drugs in Ireland.

    Gilligan effectively had the complicit support of the Dublin IRA and had members of the INLA in his pay. He was importing enough cannabis to make everybody rich. He was even importing small arms which he passed on to republicans as sweeteners.

    The murder of Veronica Guerin had a huge impact on “ordinary” organised crime but it did not stop the relationship between the former terrorists and the non-political criminals who emerged in the wake of the break-up of Gilligan’s gang. It is thatrelationship that has forged the shape of modern organised crime.

    In the two or three years after Veronica’s murder, drugs importation was disrupted and gangland killings almost became a thing of the past. The first of a new trend in murders in Dublin began sometime in the late Nineties when a new professionalism appeared. One of the first and most notorious criminals to die was Joseph Foran, a 38-year-old vicious criminal and drug dealer from Finglas. Foran was shot dead as he sat in his car outside his home. He was killed by the Dublin IRA.

    The IRA in Dublin had earlier killed a Sheriff Street man who was not involved in crime, Gerard Moran, 35, after he had a dispute with figures close to the IRA “officer commanding” in Dublin. Moran was killed with a shotgun fired by a motorcycle pillion passenger, a figure who was well-known to gardai and who was also a Sinn Fein election worker. A similar murder occurred in April 2000 when another north city man, Thomas Byrne, a petty criminal, was assassinated after he had a punch-up with IRA’s Dublin OC. In both cases the victims were only guilty of showing disrespect to IRA godfathers.

    Gardai detected the hand of IRA assassins in several murders in the later Nineties and opening years of the new Millennium. The IRA was in on Dublin crime and would have a profound effect on its resurgence after all the efforts put into tackling the issue in the wake of Veronica Guerin’s murder.

    The new organisational structure of Dublin crime became apparent to detectives investigating drug gangs in the south inner city. One gang with regular links to members of the local IRA was seen to be flourishing against what had previously been seen as daunting opposition from Martin Cahill’s tough former gang members. In Easter 2000 an attempt was made on the life of Seamus “Shavo” Hogan but gardai intercepted the assassins who crashed their motorcycle at the Walkinstown roundabout. Both were members of the IRA and Sinn Fein. The pillion passenger was seen to throw a handgun into the grass on the roundabout and although this was immediately recovered the two were released from custody after only a brief detention – the reasons for their release raising eyebrows among local detectives.

    Hogan was eventually assassinated by the IRA in July 2001 and his opponents have since had a free run in supplying the lucrative drug market in the south inner city, while their IRA protecters have also prospered.

    The Government, obsessed with the continuation of the ‘peace process’ in the North, was seemingly at pains not to have the boat rocked by embarrassing revelations of IRA involvement in criminality in the Republic. It has never been officially admitted that gardai were asked to hold back against the Provisional IRA but many gardai saw it that way.

    While the Dublin IRA was providing protection and the new base for the expansion in organised drug crime in the capital, other elements of the IRA were building up their own massive crime empires…

    While in a film review of The General for An Phoblacht, he is depicted as a vicious, anti-social thug:

    The General – a grotesque myth
    Art MacEoin
    Republican News / An Phoblacht
    May 28, 1998

    …Cahill’s gang became closely associated with the Portadown unit of the UVF led by Billy Wright, the infamous King Rat. Following a number of meetings Wright’s group undertook to offload the Beit paintings, a number of which later surfaced in Britain and Turkey and led to the arrest of a number of loyalists.

    King Rat and his Portadown UVF, one of the most active and brutal elements in the UVF structure, were well known to be heavily involved in drug dealing and criminality and to have widespread criminal contacts both North and South of the border. Such criminal contacts were used to finance their campaign of sectarian slaughter.

    At the time of Cahill’s death in August 1994 the Portadown UVF had been responsible for the murders of some 30 nationalist civilians. These included some of the most brutal sectarian outrages of the past 30 years. In the months prior to Cahill’s death King Rat’s gang carried out the slaying of 76-year-old Rose Ann Mallon, the murder of two nationalist youths in Armagh city in May, the slaughter of six people in a pub in Loughinisland as they watched the World Cup soccer match in June and the brutal shooting to death of pregnant mother of five Kathleen O’Hagan in Tyrone that August.

    Two months prior to the Cahill execution the UVF attempted to bomb the Widow Scallan’s pub in Dublin and shot dead IRA Volunteer Martin Doherty. It was widely speculated in media and other circles that the UVF attackers had received assistance from criminal elements in the city to carry out the attack. The manner in which the attack was carried out, the spot where the car used by the killers was abandoned, and other features, indicated a fairly high degree of local information.

    There were some sinister elements in the Dublin underworld who had deep contempt for the Republican Movement, in particular over Sinn Féin support for the anti-drugs movement and the refusal of Sinn Féin activists at a community level to be intimidated by criminal gangs who attempted to exert control in some of the more deprived working class areas.

    The IRA had for some time been concerned with evidence in their possession that loyalist groups were increasing their contacts with criminals in nationalist areas of the Six Counties and with a number of gangsters south of the border. Such increased co-operation was being fuelled by the huge profits to be made in the illegal drugs trade. As a result of this development it had been learned that information on republicans was getting into the hands of the loyalist death squads. The IRA had detailed information regarding Cahill’s involvement with the UVF who were escalating their campaign in the North and were now extending it to Dublin. They decided to act.

    At 3.15pm on Thursday, 18 August 1994 Martin Cahill, `The General’, slowed down at the junction of Charlestown Road and Oxford Road, close to his house in Swan Grove, Ranelagh on the southside of Dublin city. An armed IRA Volunteer, posing as a traffic planner, stepped from the pavement and shot Cahill at point blank range.

    In a statement claiming responsibility the IRA made clear that it was Cahill’s “involvement with and assistance to pro-British death squads which forced us to act”.

    Despite an appalling script The General has some very good acting from Glesson and Dunbar. Good preformances also by John Voight, Maria Doyle Kennedy, Angeline Ball, Eanna McLiam and Sean McGinley.

    There are two other films about Martin Cahill in the pipeline. Let’s hope they will do greater justice to the facts of his life and death than Boorman’s shoddy and irresponsible effort.

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