Perth nutzis vs. the RSL

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An ANZAC Day gig (see below) is being organised by two neo-Nazi associations: Blood & Honour Australia and the Southern Cross Hammerskins. Hammerskins in the US (where the franchise was born) will be throwing a party on April 20 to celebrate Adolf Hitler’s birthday; in 2007, Blood & Honour New Zealand and the New Zealand Hammerskins celebrated Der Fuehrer‘s birthday by arranging for Newcastle band Blood Red Eagle to play a gig at Satan’s Slaves MC HQ in Wellington.

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Perth neo-Nazis target Anzac Day
Chris Thomson
WA Today
April 6, 2009

Neo-Nazi plans to defile Anzac Day by throwing a punk [sic] music fundraiser at pubs across Perth have been dubbed “offensive” and “upsetting” by the RSL.

The pictured flyer for a string of so-called Western Assault gigs appears on the website of international neo-Nazi group Blood & Honour.

When walked RSLWA president Bill Gaynor through the skinhead [sic] site, he couldn’t believe his eyes.

“It does seem unusual they are targeting Anzac Day which is a day that is sacred to all Australians,” Mr Gaynor said.

“They appear to me to be promoting something that’s not consistent with the Australian way of life.”

The Blood & Honour website says the group is an international community of “White Racialists” which promotes the cause of “White Resistance” through the “powerful medium of music”.

“We believe there is a need to provide White youth with an alternative to the ‘hip-hop’ culture so eagerly promoted by the Zionist controlled media,” the website says.

“We hold regular gigs around Australia for all those interested to attend and subsequently help a strong resistance grow.

“We believe it is important for all racially concious (sic) people to become active participants in pro-White movements such as Blood & Honour.”

Mr Gaynor railed against a photograph, published on the website, of a Nazi flag unfurled beside the stage at a recent Blood & Honour gig held interstate.

“That there would be in itself offensive to all veterans, but especially those who fought in the European theatre of war,” Mr Gaynor fired.

“The RSL could not support such a group.

“I personally find it upsetting.”

Mr Gaynor supported the democratic values in defence of which his members had fought Hitler during World War II, but said that the free speech line had to be drawn somewhere.

“Perhaps they may be described as a misguided group,” he said of Blood & Honour.

“The RSL holds the values of society, and intrusions on those values by groups like these is unwelcome.

“As an organisation, the RSL takes in everyone’s point of view, but that point of view has to be tempered with broadly held societal values.”

Mr Gaynor implored everybody, not just those with extreme beliefs, to put their soapbox away for the day.

“Certainly Anzac Day is not a day for anyone to be pushing or promoting a political point,” he explained.

“It is a day to remember those who gave their life to promote a democratic society.”

Various gigs have been planned for the neo-Nazi sound assault. is chasing down a list of venues.

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