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Last week, Blood & Honour New Zealand and the New Zealand Hammerskins stuck Douglas ‘Small Man, Big Mouth’ Schott and his band Blood Red Eagle on a longboat to Wellington, whereupon the mighty warriors played a gig at the clubhouse of Satan’s Slaves: to a very small crowd of fellow boneheads, a handful of bikies, and somebody’s dog that happened to wander in off the street. In response to news of the gig, Race Relations Commissioner Joris de Bres said “Mercifully, there aren’t many people in New Zealand happy to celebrate Hitler’s birthday. I don’t think it’s going to be a very big party”. Wellington police said they were aware of the event, but were not expecting any trouble.

I wonder if Alfred Williams and Richard Arsenau were expecting trouble?

Hate group member named in killings
Michael A. Mohammed
St. Petersburg Times
April 27, 2007

TAMPA – A second man accused of beating two homeless Tampa men to death in 1998 as part of an initiation rite has entered a plea agreement with federal authorities.

Kenneth Hoover, 34 and formerly of Tampa, was arrested and pleaded guilty Jan. 31 to charges of second-degree murder and racketeering. Until Thursday his identity had not been disclosed because of an ongoing investigation, said Steve Cole, spokesman for the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Tampa.

Another man, Charles Marovskis, 29, of Pennsylvania, was arrested on identical charges Jan. 31. His name was released soon after the arrest.

According to a Justice Department report, Hoover and Marovskis belonged to Tampa Blood and Honour, a [bonehead] hate group “whose members espoused the belief that white persons of Aryan descent were the superior race.”

Group members agree to participate in a “race war,” own guns and train in infantry tactics, and to “demonstrate their loyalty and dedication … by engaging in acts of violence,” the report said.

Authorities say Hoover and Marovskis were among a group of Tampa Blood and Honour members who beat Alfred Williams to death with a tire iron on Sept. 31, 1998.

Then, authorities said, the group used an ax to murder Richard Arsenau in a wooded lot at 320 E Fletcher Ave.

The killers considered Arsenau and Williams inferior because they were homeless, according to prosecutors.

According to his plea agreement, Hoover “agrees to cooperate fully with the United States in the investigation and prosecution of other persons” who helped kill the men.

In exchange, the State Attorney’s Office will recommend a reduction in Hoover’s sentence. Both Hoover and Marovskis face death or life in prison and [a] $250,000 fine.

“We will not be seeking the death penalty for Hoover because of his cooperation,” Cole said. “As far as the other defendant, that’s still up in the air.”

However his sentencing judge can reject the recommendation. If this occurs, Hoover cannot change his plea to not guilty.

Cole said prosecutors plan to bring charges against others involved in the killings.

“This investigation’s still open,” he said. “We continue to identify other individuals responsible.”

Pride. Strength. Honour. It’s a way of life.

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  1. We Speak The Truth says:

    From the Vault

    Name: Andrew Moran AKA “@ndy”
    Location: Victoria, Torquay area
    Occupation: University Student
    Works at Barricade Bookshop — 5 Pitt Street, Brunswick, Melbourne []
    Old blog: Slack Bastard []
    New blog: Slackbastard [You’re reading it]
    Moderator of the Australian Anarchy Bulletin Board []

    Andrew Moran is your run of the mill loud mouthed anarchist. It is no surprise that he is associated with all round sexual deviant and self proclamed ilicit drug user Campbell Smith AKA “Dr Cam Sexenheimer” as they both have similar personalities, that is being of left wing extremists (don’t take our word for it, check his writings).

    Andrew Moran loves to proudly tell everybody who will listen to his preaching exactly what he thinks about, well, anything but on the other hand is so much of a hypocrite he wants to keep his identity secret — sound familiar anyone? That’s right, this fellow actually sound like your run of the mill big brave self proclaimed ‘anti-fascist’. Much like other marxist moaners online, Andrew Moran commonly takes random postings by people on the internet and puts them in the mouthes [sic] of whatever “fascist” he finds most convenient, knowing this, it is hard to take much of what he says as credible.

    This fellow is the moderator of the Australian Anarchy Bulletin Board which boasts a whopping 42 members with only around five actually active. His past-times include reading Marx and spouting his leftist diatribe to any who will listen. (Note: People like Andy label anyone who doesn’t tend to agree with him as being a “fascist”.) Andrew Moran has really only come to the forefront of acting like an “anti-fash” hero since late 2005, online anyhow. He has since stepped up in the world and now maintains a blog which is listed above if you would like to experience his ramblings. If you would like to learn more about this fellow, check his candid posts on the Australian Anarchy Bulletin Board where a handful of extreme leftists on the lunar fringe congregate to talk about their anarcho-communist fantasies.

    Hail Blood & Honour.

  2. @ndy says:

    Dear Boofhead,

    Congratulations: you’ve mastered the deadly art of cut ‘n’ paste.

    Just so you know, the text you’ve cut from Jim Perren and Pete Campbell’s (Whitelaw Towers) blog was originally written by war widows’ retirement village vandal and ex-ANM member Ben Weerheym. For the latest on Ben, please see:

    White supremacist Wallys: Weerheym in The West Australian


    The Mini Psychology of Fascism

    It’s quite dated, in other words, having been written well over a year ago, and something to which I’ve already responded:

    Anarchist Agitator Andy!


    Bitter sweet musings on Leftywatch

    Antifa hugs ‘n’ ksses,


    PS. Get back to me when you’ve mastered the science of eating with your mouth closed.

  3. rshole says:

    ha! you gotta love those boneheads

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