Blood & Honour 2008 ISD gig : Redhill, Somerset

    Update :

    Neo-Nazi invasion terrifies villagers, Bristol Evening Post, September 25, 2008: A pub near Bristol International Airport is at the centre of a police investigation after 800 people attended an apparently neo-Nazi rally… The weekend event was booked as a ‘scooter rally’ and was fully licensed by North Somerset Council. But what took place was a raucous event to mark the 15th anniversary of the death of Ian Stuart Donaldson, the former frontman of British neo-Nazi skinhead band Skrewdriver… Stephen Makin, a council spokesman, said: “Anne Carter at the pub was the applicant. She applied on September 2 for the event to take place on September 20 from 4pm to midnight. It was issued as we received no objections. We are now investigating after we received five complaints from residents.” The booking was made by record company ISD, which asked to use the field for a scooter and music festival… Pub manager Ian Saunders said: “I had no idea what it was going to turn into when the man rang to book it. We’ve provided a function room for him a couple of times in the past and everything has been fine until now. If I knew that this would happen I would never have allowed it and anything the police want to do we’ll support them in any way we can.” Brewer Wadworth, which owns the pub, said: “The brewery is not aware of any similar problems that have occurred at this site and will be taking action, where appropriate, to ensure that it does not happen again.”

    Village invaded by 800 Nazi thugs, The Sun, John Coles, September 25, 2008: “A VILLAGE expecting a scooter festival found itself invaded by more than 800 Nazi yobs instead. Racist skinheads from across Britain, Germany and Eastern Europe arrived draped in swastika flags. Wearing leather jackets and army boots, they stomped through the streets chanting: “Sieg Heil, Sieg Heil.”

    STAGE BOTTLESDead But Not Forgiven

    Ian couldn’t drive a car
    As we all know
    He trusted too much in all his gods
    And though he was a human being
    We don’t feel any sorrow for him

    Now we got rid of one of those cunts
    He’s been one of our most important enemies
    So we forget our respect for life
    Cause all he did was senseless shit


    Now we’re here and having our fun
    Having our fun and thinking about him
    He’s been the one who misused the word Skinhead
    He himself was never one – he was a fucking Bonehead

Following the 2008 Ian Stuart Donaldson memorial gig in Beaconsfield (Victoria, Australia) on September 13 comes news of bonehead celebrations in England: The Bungalow Inn, Redhill, to be precise, on September 20. And once again, management — in this case, Anne Carter — has pleaded ignorance regarding the nature of the event. Apparently, nobody saw any swastikas, and everybody thought ‘Seig Heil!’ was German for ‘More Beer!’. Curiously, The Bungalow Inn has been described as a ‘traditional English pub’; presumably, Hitler-worship is a traditional English pastime. Bands scheduled to perform at the miniature Nuremberg rally were Avalon, Blackout, Bulldog Breed, Brutal Attack, Last Chance, Legion of St George, Unit 28, Whitelaw and Woden. And who knows? Maybe even Kill Baby Kill…

Police investigate ‘racist rally’
September 23, 2008

Allegations of the chanting of racist slogans at a “scooter rally” in North Somerset are to be investigated by Avon and Somerset Police.

A video of the event at the Bungalow Inn, Redhill, on Saturday night shows some people wearing Nazi regalia.

Chants including “seig heil, seig heil” can also be heard later on the tape.

Both the licensee and manager deny seeing any Nazi regalia or hearing racist chanting. Both deny supporting Nazi politics.

‘Good faith’

The police spokesman said that they take any reported hate crime very seriously and would be working with the local authority licensing department about the approval of the event.

The pub said the booking was made in good faith for what they believed to be a scooter rally for 500 people.

It is estimated that more than 800 turned up on Saturday night.

It is believed many people at the event had travelled from Europe. Some had Nazi flags draped over their shoulders and were seen in the video laughing and joking.

A family that lived nearby were so frightened they left their home.

Sarah Gooding said: “My daughter was petrified. We ran into the house and I burst into tears.

“I told my husband ‘I don’t feel safe we’ve got to go’. Our daughters were really really frightened.

Licensee Anne Carter said: “It was something we were totally unaware of and not happy to think it was happening on any part of our premises.

“Anything the police want to do we’ll support them in anyway we can.”

BBC Video

The Bungalow Inn
Winford Lane
Bristol, BS40 5TP
01275 474085 // 01275 472386

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78 Responses to Blood & Honour 2008 ISD gig : Redhill, Somerset

  1. renny says:


    you sound really stupid. do you go to the pub with your bnp/anarchist/anti-fascist friends and all sit round singing songs? do you really have a scooter? do you have a brain?

    i’ve had my fair share of kickings as well as giving some. introduce me to your bnp friends and maybe i’ll get my chance again…twat

  2. rob says:


    see you in brid in a few weeks, you should be able to spot any bnp.
    you say i sound stupid, yet you’re the one thinking that the bnp/b&h walk around with swastikas and giving nazi salutes, that may be true at their own events but not in every day life.
    again i ask the question ‘how do you tell the difference’.
    i stumbled on this site looking for scooterist’s reactions to the ‘nazi scooter run’ news articles. i find people wanting to ‘smash boneheads’. i just want to find out if you will ‘do’ people matching that description.
    i drink with whichever scooterists are at the rally, fortunately, personal politics don’t come into the rally scene too much. i cannot tell what politics these people are into unless it happens to come up in conversation, which it does now and then but we don’t start singing songs.
    yes i have a brain, otherwise i wouldn’t be able to ride my scooter, would I.
    as a matter of interest, where are you from, the ‘dumb fuck’ suggests you’re american, although the ‘twat’ says british.


    it could be worse. i could ride around on a harley, or even a japanese power ranger bike.

  3. Dud says:

    If you do have any intelligence on these boneheads let AntiFa know by visiting the site.

    Let’s give the boneheads uneasy sleep… Help us quicken their path to hell and meet Ian Stuart.

    I always sleep easy.

    I didnt dissapear, unlike some I work 2 jobs to provide a decent lifestyle for my family.

    Renny – intelligence doesn’t really add up. But please keep a look out in Bristol town centre any saturday night, it’ll nice to meet up and exchange ideas 😛

    Sounds to me like you couldn’t quicken anything, but heyho you can dream.

    Anyway off to a sound nights sleep, ready to start that dirty 4 letter word that the antis, commies and anarchists seem so scared of, again tomorrow. Tell me Renny, do you travel anywhere inbetween giros or should I make sure my sat nights out coincide with your giro week?

  4. renny says:


    Make sure your wear your badges and stuff so you can be recognised – but I bet you won’t unless there are 50 of your friends with you. Boneheads are always cowards otherwise why did you not announce your Fuehrerfest in Somerset in advance?

    Unlike cowardly boneheads – AntiFa always announces it’s get-togethers in public. You and everybody else know why boneheads don’t because you would get smashed like at Hyde Park 1989 or Waterloo 1992.

    Remember that we gave your fat and rotting in his grave Skrewydriver friend, Ian Stuart, so many beatings, he ran away and moved out of London! Actually, does anybody know where he’s buried? It would be good to take my dog to shit on his grave.

    Don’t worry about Bristol on a Saturday – you keep doing your stuff and I’m sure we’ll meet.

  5. Farmer Ted says:


    I notice you toned down your comments for the Bristol Evening Post article. No calls for all boneheads to be smashed there or insults to scooter riders. What is a bonehead anyway please someone? Is that someone with completely no hair? Renny – who named you after an antacid tablet – is that what has made you so angry?

  6. Dud says:

    Looking forward to it. Waterloo a victory for you? Hyde Park also a victory for you? Awww what rose tinted glasses you see the world through. How can you recall those meetings, after all I’m positive you can’t be any older than 16, such flawed logic and unsound [political persuasion] as yours is normally the product of a confused teenager with nothing better to do all day than mast[u]rbate in public toilets, spray graffiti and spend[s] the rest of their time asking strangers to nip into the shop and by them some smokes.

    Bet you’re a busker too.

  7. Dud says:

    FiendishFish ring any bells for you?

  8. renny says:


    Tell the readers here how many fascists have been done as paedophiles? Remember Webster and his liking for little boys?

    I bet you’re on the sex offenders register and I hope social services are keeping a tag on you because I dare not think what you might be doing to your kids.

    As for you Farmer Ted or should I say IS – we’re onto you.

  9. renny says:

    Cable Street (1936) on – the boneheads have always been smashed off the streets. Why? Because everyone knows they are a curse on humanity. Does anybody seriously think nazis would last a day if the state did not protect them? Dud is now claiming Hyde Park and Waterloo was a victory for them. Next he will be telling us that the Holocaust didn’t really happen.

    Aren’t their lies so predictably boring? Their ideology, repressed and warped sexuality, organisation, dress, music and anything else you care to think of – all of it is just so damn boring. We could laugh and ignore it all if it didn’t threaten the gas chambers.

    Dud, why don’t you go back to sniffing Ian Stuart’s rotting underpants. Follow your leader and go for a skrewy drive. Hell awaits.

  10. Dud says:

    [Ya basta!]

  11. renny says:

    THE OPPRESSED – The AFA song

    We don’t carry flick knives
    We don’t carry lead
    We only carry hatchets
    To bury in your head

    So come on, let’s go
    So come on, let’s go

    We don’t carry shotguns
    We don’t carry chains
    We only carry hatchets
    To bury in your brains

  12. @ndy says:

    Cheers renny…

    On the history of skinhead, see:

    “Stop! Hammer time!” Or: Boneheads and Baldies, July 26th, 2007. It contains a lengthy article (‘The Lost Boys: Hanging with the Baldies: An essay on anti-racism, brotherhood and righteous violence’, City Pages, Vol.12, No.478, January 31, 1990) on The Baldies, a skinhead crew of the mid-80s to early-90s from Minneapolis, Minnesota. It was out of their experiences fighting boneheads that the anti-racist network Anti-Racist Action formed, a network which, through many ups and downs, continues to maintain a presence in North America.

    “…Joe Hawkins is an intense 20-year old with short-cropped blond hair, light blue eyes, and a loud, nervous laugh. When he speaks he stares unwaveringly into your eyes, and the effect suggests a presence much larger than his stocky frame. He talks about partying and politics interchangeably; as he fluctuates between soft-spoken steadiness and fiery tirades about social injustice, he seems much too old for his years…”


    Skinheads at Forty
    Matt Snyders
    City Pages
    February 20, 2008

    Dusk was descending as a dozen skinheads eyed their counterparts across Lagoon Avenue. The ragtag crew stood their ground, the rubber soles of their Doc Martens defiantly gripping asphalt.

    Across the street stood a mirror image. They too had close-cropped hair, ample tattoos, and punk-rock piercings. But as they stood facing each other that day, a chasm much wider than a busy Uptown thoroughfare separated the crews.

    The Baldies were “traditional skins,” which is to say leftist, anti-racist militants. They devoted their days to stomping out fascism, often quite literally. Any neo-Nazi spotted on their turf in Uptown was promptly treated to a “boot party”—three or more skins kicking the offending party mercilessly with steel-toed Docs.

    Their boot-wearing rivals across the way represented a totally different breed of skinhead, a subculture much more familiar to the general public: nationalistic, far-right neo-Nazis…

  13. renny says:

    Our history in our music.

    Laurel Aitken, ‘Skinhead’:

  14. renny says:

    I hope this conclusively shows:

    A Skinhead can’t be racist by definition.
    If you are racist – then you are a Bonehead.

  15. rob says:

    theory rarely works in practice

    In the late 1960s, some skinheads (including black skinheads) had engaged in violence against random Pakistanis and other South Asian immigrants

    taken from the george marshall book, skinhead nation (i think)

  16. fiendishfish says:

    Dud Oct 1st, 2008 at 10:58 pm

    FiendishFish ring any bells for you?


    Dud, I presume you were accusing him of being me? I don’t have any clue how you know me or of my name, perhaps through my failed attempt at creating a Bristol antifa thing when I was younger.

    Despite that person having zero connection with me at all, I think it’s typical antifa and English anti-fascist elitism when they assume that people[…?]

  17. Ste says:

    Ian Stuart could drive and those lyrics fucking suck, put some thought into it.

  18. @ndy says:

    I agree Ste, and I would encourage all boneheads to enroll in the Ian Stuart Driving School. (Ask for the Violent Storm special.)

  19. Rev.Prick.-TCM says:

    How about you kiss yourself and do the world a favour Andy and Ste.
    PS Most of you Anarchist scumbags end up taking a dirt nap via a drug overdose.
    PS Renny.Stick your lame SHARP quotes in your freckle.SKINHEADS=WHITE POWER, SUGAR & FLOUR!

  20. Rev.Prick.-TCM says:

    Youre pathetic Baker,til I see you in person maggot.

  21. @ndy says:

    Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker. You’re silly, and have earned yourself a two-week suspension.

  22. Anonymous bonehead says:

    [Blah blah blah. Why bother?]

  23. Anonymous bonehead says:

    [Blah blah blah. Why bother?]

  24. I knowse says:

    renny said: “Actually, does anybody know where he’s buried?”

    Donaldson was cremated not buried. His ashes were scattered in the rose gardens in Carleton Crematorium near Blackpool. Donaldson hailed from the leafy village of Poulton Le Fylde and not Blackpool as some white power forums claim. It’s strange that Donaldson turned into a racist white supremacist when he was born into a middle-class family and raised in a semi-rural village with no ethnic or cultural diversity.

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