Graceless and weird sockpuppet worn gate

Oh right.

I wondered what that was all about.

Otherwise, enjoy a skinny-dip in loon pond.

See also : Tim Blair Vs Crikey : Stupid Blog War Now Wasting NSW Supreme Court’s Time, The Orstrahyun, March 31, 2010.

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5 Responses to Graceless and weird sockpuppet worn gate

  1. inglourious basterd says:

    About 2005, on a right wing blog which shall remain nameless because of the tendency of its obviously cashed-up creator to pursue vexatious litigation, and the desire of this basterd that the slackbastard not be caught up in any barratry, a post defaming a journalist who at the time was the editor of Webdiary, was published.

    This post allegedly* implied in crude terms that the journalist was not in possession of her faculties.

    There were several such posts made by various entities at various times on that particular right-wing blog alleging* various physical, mental, sexual and emotional impairments possessed by a number of blog posters who had the temerity to oppose the downright reactionary, racist and bigoted positions taken by entities posting to said right-wing blog. None of these posts were removed or censored in any way by either the site creator or the overseas-based web-jockey, whose name I shall also regretfully suppress.

    To my knowledge none of the defamed posters ever either took legal action or were ever apologised to.

    Does anyone wonder why on reading what happened at Crikey?

    *(note legal weasel word)

  2. @ndy says:

    What’s a truck?

  3. @ndy says:

    Oh and me, I’ve only been threatened with suits. Twice.

  4. inglourious basterd says:

    Best garments I’d be able to threaten anyone with are a pair of worn brothel slippers. But I digress.

    The late and unlamented Premier of NSW otherwise known as Bob Askin used to use this tactic to silence anyone with embarrassing revelations to make about some of Bob’s less salubrious extra-curricular activities, including certain activities involving greyhound racing.

    Norman Abjorenson even wrote a book about it. This article appeared in Crikey (hmmm)

    So with the cautious example of Nick Greiner before me I shall henceforth refer to our practitioner of vexation (*alleged) as Albert Haddock.

    You will note the initials are fortuitously synchronistic as well.

    *(note legal weasel word)

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