SHAC Update : 24/7 Picket Announced / Solidarity Requested

The Kids Are Alright… for now.

Word on the street is that an eviction is not expected to take place today or tomorrow, but sometime soon. Obviously, the authorities — principally those located in the pampered offices of the upper management of the University of Melbourne — will be wanting to boost Melbourne’s homeless numbers, with a minimum of resistance, and a minimum of publicity.

This may be a difficult enterprise as a:

24 Hour / 7 Day A Week Picket

has been called for. Squatters have requested expressions of solidarity in the form of staffing the picket, bringing food, drink, spare bedding, good cheer and good will.

Like the University itself, the squat is located in the heart of Carlton: 272–278 Farady Street.

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Uni squatters gear up for evictions, Mex Cooper, The Age, January 7, 2009

The Student Housing Action Cooperative (SHAC) are a group of students who have formed together to take action on student housing affordability. As well as raising awareness and petitioning universities and government we have recently taken possession of four double story terrace buildings that have been vacant for three years. The property – situated at 272-8 Faraday Street, Carlton – is owned by the University Of Melbourne and we are currently in negotiations with them to have it turned into a student run housing co-operative.

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6 Responses to SHAC Update : 24/7 Picket Announced / Solidarity Requested

  1. Robert says:

    I posted about this today, with some historical references you might like.

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  3. @ndy says:

    Ah. Cool. Yeah. I’ve read Iain’s pamphlet. Good stuff. (It was originally published by ‘Barricade Library Publishing’ about 10 or so years ago.) Iain’s written loadsa other good stuff too. You should also check out Always Look On The Bright Side of Life for heap ’em good tales of AIDEX protests.

  4. BigBeautifulWhitemore says:

    Looks like me and the boys have a picknick to attend.

  5. BigBeautifulWhitemore says:

    …and maybe I can catch you Andy.

  6. @ndy says:

    You improvident lackwit!

    BigBeautifulWhitemore: [threateningly] We Nutzis aren’t all smiles und sunshine.
    @ndy: [recoils in mock horror] Oooh, the Nutzis are mad at me. I’m so scared! Oooh, the Nutzis!
    [hiding behind Smithers]
    Uh oh, the Nutzis are going to get me!
    BigBeautifulWhitemore: Stop it!
    Boy 2: Stop, sir.
    @ndy: Don’t let the Nutzis come after me. Oh no, the Nutzis are coming after me.
    Boy 2: Please stop the `pretending you are scared’ game, please.
    BigBeautifulWhitemore: Stop it! Stop it!
    @ndy: [brief pause, then resumes]
    No! They’re so big and strong!
    Boy 2: Stop it.
    BigBeautifulWhitemore: Stop it, Mr. Slackbastard.
    Boy 2: Please stop pretending you are scared of us, please, now.
    @ndy: Oh, protect me from the Nutzis! The Nutzis…
    BigBeautifulWhitemore: Slackbastard, STOP IT!

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