Gold Coast Nazis endure sun, surf, seafood, steak, racist muzak and flogging by wet lettuce

“Neo-Nazi white supremacists” — a group which, one assumes, frequently clashes with neo-Nazi black supremacists — have had to endure almost two weeks’ worth of solid, investigative journalism. Despite these efforts — and the fact that copious amounts have been written about them for over two decades, most of which is easily available online — Blood & Honour and the Hammerskins remain as enigmatic at the end of this period as they were before it. Thus, although subjected to a barrage of questioning, the boneheads have kept stumm and, sadly, no reporter, even the most intrepid, has been able to penetrate the many layers of protection the swastika-lickers have been able to construct around their mighty redoubt on the Gold Coast.


Neo-Nazi festival outrages Gold Coast locals
Charlotte Glennie
April 20, 2010

Residents on the Gold Coast are furious after a group of neo-Nazi white supremacists were allowed to hold a gathering on the Queensland tourist strip over the weekend.

Gold Coast Mayor Ron Clarke condemned the gathering, organised by a group calling themselves the Southern Cross Hammerskins, but said he was powerless to stop it.

The boneheads organised the gathering alongside the international hate groups Blood and Honour and Crew 38 but very little else was known about it.

Anyone who was interested in going was merely told to email an organiser named Tattooed Aryan.

That person would then arrange to pick them up and take them to a secret location.

Gold Coast police monitored the weekend event and say it past [sic] without incident but they wouldn’t be interviewed about it and they would not say exactly where it took place.

They also would not comment on how many people turned up.

Councillor Clarke says while he was absolutely opposed to it happening, there was nothing he could do to stop it because it was held on private property.

“You can’t account for people’s political leanings, tastes, or stupidity, can you?” he said.

The gathering started about 7:00pm on Friday when a group of about 30 boneheads turned up at a suburban restaurant in Ashmore on the Gold Coast.

Some of the heavily tattooed and shaven-headed men displayed swastikas. Others were wearing t-shirts with the slogan “Blood and Honour”.

Blood and Honour is a global bonehead network which was banned in Germany in 2000 for spreading Nazi messages.

    The name ‘Blood and Honour’ is derived from the slogan ‘Blut und Ehre’, employed by members of the Hitler Yoof. The organisation B&H was established in 1987 by two dead English boneheads, Ian Stuart Donaldson and Nicky Crane.

Sociologist Alec Pemberton from the University of Sydney says Australians should be worried about the group’s activities here.

“These are white supremacists and they’ve actually been engaged in other countries in real acts of terror,” he said.

“[Oklahoma bomber] Timothy McVeigh and people like that, they’re along those lines.

“My point would always be, you are better off knowing about them, knowing where they are, what’s going on, than having them undercover and underground.”

    Oddly enough, the boneheads’ merchandising arm, 9 percent productions, sells copies of dead neo-Nazi William Pierce‘s The Turner Diaries, the fictional account of a bloody White uprising in the US said to have ‘inspired’ McVeigh’s attack upon the FBI building 15 years ago. (McVeigh was also ‘inspired’ by the FBI’s destruction of a compound belonging to the religious bizarros of the Branch Davidian sect at Waco, Texas, in 1993.) See also : Post-Hutaree: How Glenn Beck and Fox News spread the militia message, Eric Boehlert, April 6, 2010.

The so-called Hammered Music Festival was promoted as the first event of its kind on the Gold Coast in fliers and over the internet.

Promoters touted it as a weekend of “sun, surf and racialist musical mayhem”.

“These events aren’t just about music – they’re about networking and meeting new comrades – so we look forward to seeing ya [sic] and hopefully many other good white folk there,” one promoter said.

The ABC tried to contact a number of members of the bonehead groups who organised the event, but all requests were ignored.

However Blood and Honour’s online radio stream reveals that members often get together “to build a strong, white community”.

Queensland Deputy Premier Paul Lucas is unimpressed.

“Those sort of attitudes of that sort of people are disgraceful and disgusting,” he said.

But the president of the Gold Coast North Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Tony White, says there could be a case for the state government to go further if bonehead groups continue to meet on the Gold Coast and cause trouble.

“If it escalates, I think something maybe has got to be put to law by the State Government,” he said.

“We know that they can bring in these laws – they ban bikie gangs, so if they can ban bikie gangs, they can ban these outlaw Nazi gangs … if they start causing problems that is.”


Neo-Nazi music festival goes ahead without incident
Amelia Bentlay
Brisbane Times
April 19, 2010

A music festival held by a white supremacist group went ahead without incident on the Gold Coast at the weekend, police say.

Local police expressed concern prior to the event, which was held at an unannounced location on Saturday.

Officers planned to patrol the area near the festival, but a police spokesperson said there were no incidents reported in relation to the event.

The Queensland chapter of the Southern Cross Hammer Skinheads had distributed flyers for the white pride gathering, Hammered, sponsored by Gold Coast neo-Nazi groups Crew 38 and Blood and Honour.

Advertising did not name the venue, but interested festival-goers were asked to email the organiser, known only as Tattooed Aryan.

The organiser would then give interested parties details of a “meet and greet” gathering at which the festival’s exact location would be disclosed, it said.

Tattooed Aryan promoted the event as a week of “sun, surf and racialist music” on the SCHS website.

SCHS claims its goals can be summed up by its mission: “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children”.

    “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children” is a phrase coined by dead neo-Nazi David Lane. The slogan is usually referred to as ‘The 14 Words’, and is in usage by groups across the White nationalist spectrum. Lane, who died in prison in May 2007, will be remembered for his role in forming the Bruders Schweigen / Silent Brotherhood / The Order; ‘The Order’ is remembered for its assassination of radio DJ Alan Berg in 1984 (his crime was being loud-mouthed and Jewish). On a superbly bizarre note, David Lane’s ashes were divided into 14 after his death, and one portion was sent to Perth. Here, plasterer Paul Innes — currently moderator of the Australasian section of the Stormfront website — helped to oversee its dispersal.

Gold Coast City Council or police could not prevent the event, held on private property, from taking place.

An anti-racism protest was held on Saturday at The Spit on the Gold Coast, in protest of the SCHS festival.

The Gold Coast Bulletin reported a group of about 30 men and women wearing clothing with the slogan ‘Blood and Honour’ had dined at suburban restaurant Ashmore Steak and Seafood Restaurant on Friday night.

Staff reportedly seated other patrons away from the group, whose clothing bore swastikas.

The German branch of Blood and Honour was banned in Germany 10 years ago for spreading Nazi messages.

At that time, the German government said members of the group had been arrested after a series of attacks on foreigners inspired by music played at concerts organised by the group.

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  1. (A)dam says:

    fair enough @ndy

  2. lest we forget says:

    willy, the moral crusaders of this site are a finicky lot. their opposition to fascism is but a respectable veneer, used to mask their inherent hostility to our society. when you ask questions on a blog about neo-nazism, they feel they can rightly dismiss you as a racist. you make some valid points and ask some reasonable questions, but unfortunately, your opponents hold themselves superior to you, and act [contemptuously] as a result. read the other blogs of this site[?], and you will soon realise the impossible task of debating rationally with these people. when the obvious flaws in their utopian logic are pointed out, they can became quite catty. but beware, they can shroud their nonsensical ideas in flowery imagery and penetrating prose which, however, suffers the typical affliction of the intellectual. that is, of course, not having a fucking clue what’s happening outside the coffee shop. willy, neo-nazism is a joke. anyone with half a brain realises this. but our friends here on this site feel superior to nazis because of their moral absolutism. well good for them. if you need to feel superior to a skinhead [sic], then you set the bar pretty low for yourself, wouldn’t you agree. so mate, forget arguing with them, instead, just pick apart their feeble philosophies and whimsical beliefs. it’s entertaining and fun for the kids as well

  3. lest we forget says:

    i always know when your [sic] hurt, andy. i wonder, as jesus was dying on the cross, did he still believe he was the son of god or do you think doubt overwhelmed his belief[?] my point is, mate, grow up. absorb the world around you and accept you don’t have all the answers, no matter how enlightened you think you are. your quickness to petty insults should be proof enough of the impossibilty [sic] of your ‘brotherhood of man’. if you can’t be gracious and conciliatory, how do you expect the rest of mankind to do justice to your ambitious schemes. do as i say, not as i do, perhaps. in answer to your clever reply… have you ever wondered how, for example, brilliant men can be practicing christians. surely their intellect would force them to question their faith. or is it that no matter how clever, man requires some ethereal prop to justify their existence. as do you, andy. your faith blinds you and your temperament betrays you. finally, why is it a smart bloke like you keeps getting burnt by a stupid truck driver?

  4. lest we forget says:

    he he he… finally some goddamn respect!

  5. samuel welsh says:

    only idiots are nazis

  6. french gypsy says:

    uhm yeah hello uhm where to start … oh yeah there is new caledonia which is 3 hours from the gold coast and has planes going there and back on the daily basics so im like yeah why not mix a lil with the gold coast people over facebook seeing as i live near by and IM WHITE thinking there should not be a problem … well it turns out that in the gold coast you have the tourist business people and then u have the others uhmmm it got quickly very ugly i never been so insulted in my life i have never seen so many people dying their hair blond with greek features and wearing surf stuff calling me a malaka wog (which is the sweet candy word on everyone’s tongue yes it’s a racial slur thank you) i have seen asian tourists getting yelled at for speaking their languages in day light in the pacific fair shopping centre in public it’s not so bad u have the new generation of people that accepts color or differences but some times people there don’t seem to know when they are crossing the line when it comes to vilification and racial slang being used in public places you have european n other background women that r adored by beach boys but as soon as it is a male he is this and that at cavel ave and parties which seems disturbing coming from europe and the french islands seeing it as many australians work overseas and in new caledonia being called a parasite in a touristic area which tourists make the place go round it’s not so bad but yeah uhmmm being asked where u from every 10 seconds with white skin on me seemed quite unreal seeing as some questions were asked by asian european fake blonds it’s a nice place but yeah being a customer at oakleys n having my change chucked in my hand by force by a oz 80s style looking fella in his early 20s was quite unpleasant there is big contrast by what the australian government is doing with immigration and what the 60 percent of the australian population unapproval of it in the qld society it’s kinda like do ur shopping and don’t understand english pay a lot of money and ignore idiots trying to greater than white trash nothing is perfect but i didn’t recall seeing too many people saying : u fn aussie or skip with eyes of hate leading with some type of violence really shocked at the some type of inbred aboriginal albino white europeans (n others) with changing their bodies their looks to look aussie n spitting at their own male versions and dishonored their parents with the total knowledge of their australian crews of males are xenophobic scanning every non blue eye n blond hair n calling people racially out for being born in another country or else for 2 days of their lives in a touristic venue that is generated by money from tourists and international students <— without that money that place wud of been dead yonks ago like u guys say thank you for posting this brutal reality

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