“Talking About Surrender”, with your hosts, Geert Wilders & Janet Albrechtsen

Poor old Geert. Last week, the nutty Dutch politician and amateur filmmaker was informed by a Dutch court that his shit-talkin’ was law-breakin’.

“The Amsterdam appeals court has ordered the prosecution of member of parliament Geert Wilders for inciting hatred and discrimination, based on comments by him in various media on Muslims and their beliefs,” the court said in a statement. “The court also considers appropriate criminal prosecution for insulting Muslim worshippers because of comparisons between Islam and Nazism made by Wilders,” it added.

Geert has compared the Koran to Mein Kampf, wants it to be banned in the Netherlands, and believes the “sick, cancerous ideology” of Islam is fundamentally a religion of ‘terror’, bent on destroying Western civilization. He also demands an end to Muslim immigration and a halt to any further construction of mosques in the land of clogs and windmills (Islam film Dutch MP to be charged, BBC, January 21, 2009).

In March 2008, Geert released the craptastic film Fitna, which effort helped secure him the title of ‘Man of the Year’ courtesy of US neo-con zine Frontpage. He has also come to the attention of local neo-cons, including yuppie scribbler Janet Albrechtsen, who shares Geert’s deep concern over Islamisation. In fact, such were the depths of Janet’s concern, in 2002 the former crackademic deliberately and maliciously distorted others’ work to suit her crackpot argument.

The former corporate lawyer turned corporate hack was rewarded by HoWARd for her good work by being appointed to the ABC Board.

Janet on Geert:

Talk about surrender
Janet Albrechtsen
The Australian
December 31, 2008

…When Somalia-born Ayaan Hirsi Ali arrived in Australia in early August to talk about free speech and her right to criticise Mohammed, she was still accompanied by security to protect her from those who regard violence as a legitimate response to words and ideas.

Hirsi Ali won’t be silenced. Neither will Dutch MP Geert Wilders, who is also surrounded by security. The release in March of his short film Fitna, which is critical of Islam, was followed by a fatwa from al-Qa’ida, boycotts against Dutch products, and attempts by Muslim countries to censor the film from the internet.

In the face of real threats, the tendency to curtail free speech even before threats arrive rather than offend minority sensibilities is spreading like a virulent cancer. Recall the case of the controversial Dutch cartoonist who was arrested in May and interrogated for his cartoons that mocked Islam. At least Gregorius Nekschot did not suffer the fate of Shafeeq Latif, who was sentenced to death in June by a Pakistani judge for insulting Mohammed.

But the West is killing free speech slowly – by more subtle means – through state-sponsored censorship under the grand name of protecting human rights…

Janet on the pack-rape of white girls by young Muslim men, driven by their ‘ethnicity’, eventually resulting in the collapse of Centre-Left government in France, and now (2002) polluting Australia.

I kid you not.

Talking race not racism
Janet Albrechtsen
The Australian
July 17, 2002

THE French call it tournantes or “take your turn” — the French term for the pack-rape of white girls by young Muslim men.

For 20 years the French ignored the ethnic causes of these barbaric crimes for fear of offending multicultural man. Along the way, more innocent young girls were pack-raped. Xenophobia divided communities. And finally, voters punished a Centre-Left government for assuming that the electorate was not grown up enough to discuss race without being racist.

Last year Sylvie Lotteau, a magistrate from Bobigny, a northern Paris suburb, described tournantes: “Their technique was to pick up a young girl — a white girl — and once she had become the girlfriend of one of the members, he would allow his mates to make use of her.”

Now it’s in Australia. Last week two Muslim brothers were found guilty of the gang-rape of a young Australian girl. The victim knew one of the brothers. She was invited for a drive but taken to a secluded park and gang-raped while 14 Muslim boys watched.

Racially motivated gang-rape first hit the radar screen in August last year. After the first trial, ethnic leaders such as Sheik Tajedinne Hamed el Hilaly, imam at Lakemba mosque, said the ethnicity of the rapists was irrelevant and simply incited racist attacks on Muslims.

But the Muslim community flogged the wrong racists — those Muslim rapists played the race card in the most horrific and demeaning way, taunting victims with “you deserve it because you’re Australian” and threats to “f— you Leb style”.

[Taunts noted by Janet and also exploited by the fascist Australia First Party in a bizarre electoral campaign video:

See : Bikini-Nazis hit the beaches and stir the pot, Joe Hildebrand, The Daily Telegraph, March 4, 2007.]

And when the judge in the first trial, Megan Latham, tried to douse the flames in an increasingly heated debate about ethnic crime with her gratuitous comments about there being “no racial element”, she simply turned up the heat.

Since then, evidence on ethnicity-based gang-rapes has mounted. Horrific attacks across Sydney’s southwest reveal the same modus operandi as the French tournantes. Our reaction? Like the French, we pander to sensitivities about race and cultural issues. And so we extend the social and political nightmare of race-based gang-rape.

A year ago the barbaric French phenomenon looked vaguely relevant. Now it looks scary and prophetic. When 11 young Muslim men were accused of pack raping a 14-year-old French girl in a cellar, politicians, judges and sociologists finally began to expose and explore the terror of tournantes.

“It’s the group effect. They can’t let themselves down in front of their friends, who are urging them to commit the act,” said a police commander of a northern Paris suburb.

Pack-rape of white girls is an initiation rite of passage for a small section of young male Muslim youth, said Jean-Jacques Rassial, a psychotherapist at Villetaneuse University. “Fraternal bonding now dominates. It is the law of the gang, shorn of any sexual morals,” he said.

Denmark presents a similar story. Last year, Flemming Balvig, a criminologist at Copenhagen University, confirmed the French experience of this barbaric rite of passage into manhood for some of these young men.

French and Danish experts say perpetrators of gang-rape flounder between their parents’ Islamic values and society’s more liberal democratic values falling back on the most basic pack mentality of violence and self-gratification. The progressive Danes offer immigrants advice about the nature of Danish culture and how Denmark’s liberal sexual attitudes cannot be equated with Danish girls “asking for it”.

Even the wider Arab world is confronting the costs of a culture that can treat women as second-class citizens. Two weeks ago a ground-breaking report by Arab scholars, commissioned by the UN, revealed that half of all Arab women can neither read nor write. The Arab Human Development Report 2002 found that Arab women’s participation in political and economic life rates the lowest in the world.

Transplanted to countries such as Australia, a culture which places so little value on gender equality was always going to have problems when faced with women who not only read and write but think and assume control of their lives. Each of those barbaric gang-rapists showed utter disdain for their young Western victims.

Yet in Australia racially motivated gang-rape is met by gutless censorship from multicultural man. And like our Muslim leaders, Australian feminists have been unusually quiet on this gender issue.

Ignoring it exacerbates it. A large group of Muslim boys involved in these gang-rapes is still at large. The Muslim community’s refusal to acknowledge cultural issues spells disaster for more innocent young women terrorised by Muslim boys hiding behind their ethnicity. Silence also spells disaster politically. Suppressing frank discussion gives a free kick to the next Jean-Marie Le Pen or Pauline Hanson.

At the community level, ignoring the link between crime and ethnicity raises the red flag to rednecks who wish to blame all Muslims for the barbarity of a few. This undermines a peaceful, tolerant future for the vast majority of immigrants who embrace Australian values.

Discussing race or ethnicity is neither racist nor xenophobic. Tackling problems head on can only encourage further immigration; ignoring them will be immigration’s death knell. Our tolerance of these Muslim pack-rapists simply feeds their intolerance of us. It took the French 20 years to work that out. How long will it take us?

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