Nazis. Bikini Nazis. And who the hell is this guy anyways?

Sad but true:

Bikini-Nazis hit the beaches and stir the pot
Joe Hildebrand
The Daily Telegraph
March 4, 2007

WHITE-supremacist party Australia First is launching its bid for State Parliament with a video of a woman in a burqa and bikini being harassed by invisible Lebanese men.

The bizarre ad posted on its website features the woman lying on the beach talking about being propositioned by men “of Middle Eastern appearance” and making other somewhat surreal statements as well as several non-sequiturs.

“It’s natural that blokes admire females who take pride in themselves while embracing the Aussie way of life. That includes the beach and the summer lifestyle,” the woman, whose face is covered but body is exposed, tells the camera.

“I love the beach, confidently striding along in my cossie, carefree and feminine. The female can show off yet needs to maintain decorum, unless she’s strutting along Darlinghurst Rd. But I’m just enjoying the beach.”

Then a heavily accented voice from off camera says, “Hey baby I want to fuck you Leb style.”

The woman continues her monologue, saying: “There must be about a dozen of them, all of Middle Eastern appearance. Just ignore them.”

The accented voice comes back again, saying: “Ya mole, want to get raped white bitch?”

The woman then appears to get to the heart of the anti-immigration message: “What did I do to incite that? I’m minding my own business and, besides, this is our way of life but those who can’t or won’t accept this believe we are targets. Do they think their comments will impress or flatter me or are they frustrated virgins? They are assaulting us. I say they’re arrogant, intolerant, ignorant and racist towards the Australian female.”

The ad is seeking to capitalise on anger over the December 11 riots at Cronulla, where the party is fielding a candidate [John Moffat] for this month’s election.

Australia First boss Jim Saleam refused to comment on the campaign.

“I don’t think we’ve got a conversation. Whatever you say you say, which is what you do anyway,” he said.

However in an internal party newsletter Dr. Saleam, a former neo-Nazi convicted of organising a shotgun attack on a black politician, says Australia First wants to use Cronulla to spark a wave of white nationalism.

Jesus. Forty years experience as a fascist propagandist, and all Herr Doktor can manage to produce is this crude nonsense? Doktor Goebbels he ain’t.

Oh yeah, speaking of fascist twats, my blog has recently been subjected to a rigorous critique by pseudonymous members of Stormfront Down Under.

I don’t think they like it very much.

In fact, Deco — who wants to know ‘Who the hell is this guy?’ — reckons it’s “a litany of lunacy”, FrankW exclaims that I’m a ‘deranged sycophant’ and a ‘mindless insect’, David Innes (‘Baron Von Hund’) thinks my writing would improve considerably if only Mum would hug me more often, while Ben Weerheym (‘Patriot Alliance Downunder’) takes the opportunity to practice his alliteration, describing FDB! as being composed of “misfits, miscreants, malingerers and maggots”. Aquila Audax, on the other hand, is so incensed by the contents of my blog that he recommends it be hacked: which makes him sound more like a scared little rabbit than a big bad bird of prey.

Having gained an inkling that maybe my views aren’t appreciated by the wingnuts on Stormfront, Deco then asks the brains trust: “This may be a silly question, but are these people dangerous? Especially that @ndy bloke?” To which giorg1 replies: “They do come across as fairly unstable and radical. Half of it is all talk and show (and most of the talk is scatological), but given the opportunity they will try it. Don’t touch these people with a ten foot pole.”

Yeah well, I dunno about ten foot poles, but the reference to scatology must surely refer to Herr Schickelgruber‘s penchant for scat.

Not content with indicating his displeasure at my online presence, Oryctolagus cuniculus then whinges about another FDB! member: “The maggot Weezil supposedly sits on the NSW Police Multicultural Advisory Board. The NSW Police [bureaucracy] either is unaware of this or does not seem to consider that having a criminal on one of their boards is somehow inappropriate. Either way it illustrates the total hypocrisy of our enemies and of their government supporters.”


But the last word — literally, the moderators have locked the thread — goes to a fan of washing powder:

“Anarchist dirtbag, that’s about it”.

Listen to Iron Maiden baby with me?

About @ndy

I live in Melbourne, Australia. I like anarchy. I don't like nazis. I enjoy eating pizza and drinking beer. I barrack for the greatest football team on Earth: Collingwood Magpies. The 2024 premiership's a cakewalk for the good old Collingwood.
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3 Responses to Nazis. Bikini Nazis. And who the hell is this guy anyways?

  1. Surely that type of material couldn’t be legal? I mean it is quite hateful and racist isn’t it. I am honestly outstanded [flabbergasted?!?] that we live in a community with these types of people in it.

  2. @ndy says:

    Hey P,

    Hmmm… dunno ’bout its legality. If anything, it may violate (NSW) laws inre racial vilification:


    What is vilification?

    Vilification is generally any act:

    * that happens publicly as opposed to privately; and
    * that could incite (encourage, urge or stir up) others to hate, have serious contempt for, or have severe ridicule of you or a group of people, because of race, colour, nationality, descent, ethnic, ethno-religious or national origin, homosexuality (lesbian or gay), HIV or AIDS status or transgender status. This includes vilification because you are thought to be lesbian, gay or transgender, or to have HIV or AIDS.


    …but, leaving aside any political considerations, I’m not sure how the law could be applied in this case, and whether it would fall under NSW state jurisdiction. The link I’ve provided is to YouTube, a US-based site, and I believe the other version of the video (on ‘Truth Televsion’, which — off the top of my head — I believe is administered by either Martin Fletcher or James Newman) is also hosted in the US.

    More blah blah blah here:

    ‘Best case’ scenario:


    A homosexual man complained that the content of a *website* vilified homosexuals. The complaint was *not* resolved through conciliation, so it was referred to the Administrative Decisions Tribunal. The Tribunal found that the material on the website *did* constitute homosexual vilification, and that the respondent was *liable* for the content of the site, despite his allegation that someone else had hacked into it and added the material in question. It ordered that the respondent *publish a retraction on the website, desist from putting any similar material on the site, and pay the complainant’s quite substantial legal costs*.


    The other problem, of course, is ascribing authorship… Cf. recent AP leaflet distributed in Cronulla promoting John Moffat’s candidature; ‘Leaflet? What leaflet?’ says John.

    Etc., etc., etc..

  3. weez says:

    StormFart locked the thread! Hahahahaha! Brilliant!

    SF mods must have been embarrassed quite enough by their own gang of morans err… maroons umm… not real smart folk. 😀

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