Boofhead trumps himself

Sorry, this was just too !nataS to ignore. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you: Ben Weerheym! The lying little fascist weasel has reproduced a comment on Melbourne Indymedia regarding the recent protest at local neo-Nazi pub The Birmy, claiming not only that it’s ‘real good’ but written by a sympathetic academic… who was actually there.

Monday, November 06, 2006

‘Anti-Fascism’ is the New Fascism
by Dr Odessa
October 31, 2006

Ed: The following article is written by an academic from Melbourne who was present at the protest of self proclaimed “anti-fascists”… [who caused] a public nuisance at… The Birmingham Hotel in [Fitzroy]. This public nuisance and illegal [sic] demo[n]stration was in response to the Victorian chapter of [the] international [neo-Nazi network] Blood and Honour holding a [gig] at the hotel a week [sic] [prior]. The academic in question is rather switched on [Ben the wigger, Ben the Jew… or Ben the hippy?!?] and has some some [sic] real home-truth[s] to tell us… about the bigotry and double standards of the hypocritical far-left. Keep in mind that there are Black Nationalists and Arab Nationalists… but of course we don’t see leftist morons making a fuss about them!

Yeah… maybe, Ben… but what we certainly do see is fascist morons like Boof’Ed making piss-funny attempts at being “all intellectual… ‘n’ that”. In reality, the “academic from Melbourne who was present at the protest” is a British fascist named Aidan Rankin. (According to the site where you can read the full version of his shitty article, Rankin “is co-Editor of New European. His book, The Politics of the Forked Tongue: Authoritarian Liberalism was published in 2002 and is available from New European Publications“.) Further, Rankin wrote this diatribe years ago, and in reference to the BNP and the ANL, not The Birmy and Melbourne antifa! Whoever plagiarised his scribblings simply re-contextualised them, and removed the stuff what was too… hard. Then made the foreign toff travel to Melbourne, where he re-wrote history. Or something.

According to George Monbiot (Black Shirts in Green Trousers, April 30, 2002) the far right groupuscule Rankin belongs to is:

…a tiny offshoot of the National Front which calls itself Third Way. This is the group which most clearly articulates the way in which the politics of the hard right are shifting.

Third Way, which was founded in 1990 by the Front’s former chairman and vice-chairman, claims to reject “racism and the politics of hate.” But it believes that cultures should, for their own good, be kept apart, and defended from “mass immigration”. Globalisation, the splinter group claims, “reduces us to a rootless, transient population disconnected from its history”, precipitating ecological crisis and encouraging migration. The party’s leader, Patrick Harrington, has made contact with the black separatist Nation of Islam and orthodox Jews pursuing “separate development”. Third Way, like many far right groups, has abandoned overt racist aggression in favour of cultural isolation…

Whichever fascist twat plagiarised Rankin’s work — ooops, “a Melbourne academic” in Weerheym the weirdo’s phantasy — may well come from Melbourne, but the only thing they apparently had to contribute was a question almost as daft as Rankin’s argument:

    “You say Fascism implies support for big business, and a large, controlling, central power[,] and talk about beer-swilling yobs?”

Um… the salad?

I’m a beer-swilling yob; I hate capitalism; I hate fascism; and I can spot a dickhead a mile away. Oh, and speaking of dickheads who come from miles away, the gig was also attended by the busy little neo-Nazi bee Welf Herfurth from B&H NSW. Herfurth seems to have assigned himself the role of roving Ambassador for the NPD in Australia — presumably in order to impart the NPD’s considerable organisational experience to local kameraden.

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  1. Don Oorst says:

    Nice spotting @ndy. Something seemed rather bizarely decontextualised about it all, and now I know what 🙂

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