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::: Social Movements Fighting Back in Latin America

Come and celebrate with us! Hear stories and strategies from people who are fighting back and winning against neo-liberalism in Latin America.

Key note speakers:

Heriberto Salas : “The Other Campaign”. Initiated by the Zapatistas in Mexico.
Carmen Curihuentro : “The Mapuche Nation”. Indigenous people in Chile.
Lourdes Vicente : “Landless Workers’ Movement”. Joga Bonito. Brazil.

Date: FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 10th, 7pm.
Venue: RMIT MultiFunction Room — Building 28, Level 4 (enter Building 28 from Swanston St., then take lift 1 or 3 to Level 4).
Cost: $8 workers / $5 shirkers.

Organised by: Latin American Solidarity Network — LASNET

::: Be inspired, then boogie down with Barricade!

Benefit gig @ The Wake, Sydney Road, Coburg, starring ABC Weapons, Make the Most, Miso-Maniax, The Focus and The Frantics. $7 workers / $5 shirkers.


A group of around 70 people staged a noisy protest in Melbourne on Monday (November 6) to show solidarity with the people of Oaxaca, Mexico who are currently experiencing murder, torture and disappearances at the hands of the Mexican government…

See and hear also : The Zapatista Experience — Heriberto Salas, Melbourne Trades Hall, October 31, 2006

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