“What’s a Stormfront?”

It appears that David Innes’ days of hate-mongering while remaining in relative anonymity are — finally — over.

As noted at Fightdemback, both The Advertiser and The Australian today contain reports on the foreign white supremacist import White Crusaders of the RaHoWa, the Australian franchise for which is owned by the not-terribly ‘Reverend’ Colin Campbell of Adelaide (not to be confused with Peter Campbell // ‘Kromlek of Asgard’ of Sydney). After having been booted from one host to another, Innes has rather foolishly found a home at this, one of Adelaide’s… er… ‘lesser-known’ churches.

Intriguingly, on the same day these articles appeared, and only a few days after my profiling of Der Baron, David’s partner-in-crime Lilith Peterson has seen fit to be the first neo-Nazi since Darrin Hodges to comment on my blog for over a month.

I wonder why?

Actually, I think the reason is pretty obvious: it’s a rather pathetic attempt to distance herself, her partner and her partner’s brother — Paul Innes // ‘Steelcap Boot’ — from Stormfront. Not a terribly courageous thing to do for a tiny group that once boasted of its role in promoting the foreign import that is David Duke’s brand of ‘White Nationalism’; then again, it’s not like ‘Perth Stormfront’ — with their ceaseless promotion of the virtues of racism, fascism and burnt snags — haven’t been begging and screaming for the attention for some time now. Further, attempting to ‘plaster over’ their extensive and well-documented links to neo-Nazism is not only useless; it’s embarassing.

You see, Australia’s fascists are not only confusing, they’re confused. They sincerely believe that their sordid ideology really does have popular support among Australia’s white population, and that the only thing preventing a ‘White resurgence’ is a Jewish-controlled media. Some of the more politically savvy among them realise that both aspects of this thesis are bankrupt, and do their level best to disown their movement’s neo-Nazi origins and (continued) lineage.

Poor David. An historical and political illiterate, he believes that neo-Nazism is much like fashion; an ideological garment you can put on and take off as many times as you like and as the need arises. David also believes that the source of all his woes is Mat Henderson-Hau, FDB’s spokesperson. In fact, while his comrade Ben Weerheym tends to adopt a scatter-gun approach to maligning anti-racists, such is David’s obsessional focus on Mat, he’s even constructed a shrine to him on his site.

When will David and his ilk understand that Fightdemback is not Mat, racism and fascism are unacceptable, and that, whatever they do, we’re not going away?

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