Free Dee & Kelsey!

Dee and Kelsey are two anarchists what got arrested on May Day after encountering some White supremacist BANANAs. The BANANAs‘ comrades in the San Francisco police subsequently arrested Dee and Kelsey, and the pair have each apparently been charged with four counts of assault and one count of robbery, with bail set at $75,000. Kelsey has been bailed but Dee is still behind bars. Write acteal[at]riseup[dot]net for more infos on how to help raise funds for Dee and to assist in their legal defence.

For more infos on the BANANAs and ‘national anarchism’ see : National Anarchist!. See also : ‘Co-opting the Counter Culture: Troy Southgate and the National Revolutionary Faction’ by Graham D. Macklin (May 30, 2009).

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  1. Mike Boda says:

    Good old Colin McInnis (apteryx of the “band” Stormfront swastika) is using this incident to correct some historical errors:

    Brilliant conclusions such as:

    “You quote Arshinov’s bio of Makhno, but if he were alive today, he’d be pretty close to a National Anarchist, not an ‘Antifa’ of any kind.”

    “Mahkno was anti-statist but supported Ukrainian independence and autonomy. He would not have been a friend of the mentally ill upper middle class slummers and crusties who make up the bulk of the Bay Area Anarchist scene. Nothing like 40 y/o ‘ex-punks’ who still squat and ride skateboards, eh?”

    I’m pretty sure it’s the same one or could just be a name stupid people give themselves or their kids.

  2. @ndy says:

    G’day Mike,

    They’re a weird mob, and become hugely upset whenever anarchists point out teh stoopid. Otherwise, I’m inclined to think of ’em as extras in some B-grade horror flick; one in which a mad scientist — in the tragically mistaken expectation that it will loyally serve him in his quest for world domination — brings to life some monster from the past, only to have the misshapen creature turn on its new master, and tear him to shreds…

    But maybe that’s just me.

    Anyway, funnily enough, I’m still half-way through writing a post about teh anarchism at the moment — maybe it should include some tracks from grandpa’s collection of Greatest (Anarchist & Antifascist) Hits?

  3. @ndy says:

    Oh yeah.

    Speaking of skating!

  4. Mike Boda says:

    Alternate histories seem to be taking on a near religious significance of their own, these days. Hopefully, this means that most recent (mid ’70s) cycle of religious fundamentalisms is running out of steam?

    One of my recent favorite revisions of recent history, from the US, is this one:

    Were you aware that the IWW and the Wobblies have split? It is quickly making the rounds and becoming canon among the mainstream US right. It’s interesting to see a hoax like that from its beginnings.

    Delighted to see this video, too. That was a big part of my forbidden (from Ma) punk rock diet in high school. Good to be grandpas.

  5. Peaces N' Dreams says:

    Did those two [actually] do anything?

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