mum reckons they were set up

While authorities chase the families of ‘missing’ white supremacists Matthew Billing and Jack van Tongeren for $40,000 in forfeited bail, Billing’s mother has stated that she’s relieved at learning of the existence of a letter, purportedly written by the missing men on ANM letterhead and dated March 8, and sent to the media:

“I was relieved that we had heard from them because, up until then, we were really quite frightened that something serious had happened to them, so it was good to hear that at least they’re still alive… I haven’t read totally the contents [of the letter] but I agree with what Jack is saying, they were set up.”

[Billing and van Tongeren] were due to go on trial with a third co-accused, John van Blitterswyk, for allegedly plotting to firebomb four Chinese restaurants in 2004.All three men have pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Mr Van Blitterswyk appeared for the scheduled court appearance on Monday but the trial was adjourned until a status conference on June 20 to give prosecutors time to decide how they will proceed.

Mr Van Tongeren’s failure to appear in court leaves his elderly mother facing a $30,000 bail forfeiture.

Mr Billing’s father will have to pay $10,000.

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