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  1. Ah… BUT will this shit be subjected to Interpretive Dance by Lumpen and hosted by YouTube?

    NB. Interpretive Dance “often includes grand, eloquent movements, like wide swooshes of the arms, spins, drops to the floor, rolling around, or pretending to reach for or catch something like a butterfly. Often enhanced by lavish costumes, ribbons, or spandex body suits.”

  2. i saw mr floppy play many times, they were a band ahead of its time
    (i have all of their cds)

  3. I remember they got tons of radio attention here and in the UK with a single – “100,000 Morisseys”. They did an album called ‘Firm and Fruity’ didn’t they? I guess they went back to their day jobs after that. They should have held on and tried to surf the alterna-wave in the early 90s. After all, no-one could have predicted that TISM would have a number one album, and they would have shared fans with that band. Even though Floppy weren’t as good.