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A short while ago I republished the editorial from the very first issue of Black Flag. Forty years later…


As Black Flag brings out its May 2009 issue, we proudly present all three of the pre-2009 issues produced by the current collective, for free download from the website.

    226 (Late 2007)
    227 (Mid 2008)
    228 (Late 2008)

But that’s not all! For a sneaky peak at our cover story for the new issue, check out our sneaky preview.

Alongside a look at Greece in the aftermath of the riots, Black Flag is covering:

    In focus: In the first of a three-part series, Tom Gaynor looks at New Labour’s time in power.
    News: Laura Norder enters the Sparrow’s Nest, Nottingham’s archive of liberty.
    Interview: Black Flag talks to Irish anarchist Andrew Flood about his recent journey into the weird and wonderful world of US activism.
    Investigation: Paul Stott on media attempts to link Islamist terror to 19th century anarchists.*
    Interview: Rob Ray talks to a member of the Legal Defence and Monitoring Group about protest and policing.
    Theory: The Anarchist Federation bring their perspective to the economic crisis.
    Analysis: Iain McKay remarks on the tendency of writers to impose their own prejudices on anarchist theory in defiance of reality.
    History: Continuing our look at anarchists past, Ade Dimmick writes on Simone Weil.
    Radical Reprint: Malatesta explains why anarchism is not a destructive creed but a creative one.
    History: Glasgow’s Bloody Friday in 1919.
    Interview: Mark Leir on his new biographical account of Mikhail Bakunin.
    Review: Live Working or Die Fighting by Paul Mason.
    Review: The Anarchist FAQ.
    Reviews column: Hob’s Choice, rounding up some of the best new pamphlets available.

Black Flag is stocked in radical bookshops across the UK and available from AK Distribution and Active Distro. The editorial address is Black Flag, BM Hurricane, London, WC1N 3XX, UK. Each issue costs £3 + £1 p&p. UK cheques payable ‘Black Flag’. Email blackflagmag AT for more information.

*Media attempts which are supplemented by the efforts of some in the academy. See : ‘Al-Qaeda and Anarchism: A Historian’s Reply to Terrorology’, Terrorism and Political Violence, Vol.20, No.4, October 2008. I’ll throw it up on my blog soon-ish. See also : Intellectuals Are the Shoeshine Boys of the Ruling Elite (No.666), January 20, 2009.

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