White Nationalism Goes To The Polls : 2010 Australian Federal Election Results

    Update : September 12, 2010.

So how did the white nationalists fare at the polls in 2010?

On the whole, fairly poorly.

The largest party, One Nation, fielded 21 Lower House candidates, the most popular of which received 2,721 votes, or 3.35%; the least popular 443 votes (0.50%). Most ran last or second last. In the Upper House, there was a very modest increase in the vote, which remains at about 1/2 of 1%. The ON brand has lost almost all of its lustre, and it’s likely that the party will continue to bleed into other groups such as AF or APP, especially as it no longer has any sitting members in any Parliaments. Further, the success of several independent rural candidates may inspire others to shed the brand that was once a benefit but now appear to be more of a burden to racial conservatives.

AF fielded a handful of candidates, as did APP. Like ON, none achieved much more than expected.

(NB. All results are preliminary.)

Australia First

AF had four candidates in the Lower House: Terry Cooksley in Chifley, Tony Pettitt in Greenway, Mick Saunders in Lindsay and Alex Norwick in Deakin. Cooksley received 943 votes (1.17%) and came last, Pettitt got 780 votes (0.98%) and placed 7th; Saunders scored a little higher with 975 votes (1.17%) in a smaller field, coming second last, while Norwick came last in his competition, getting 295 votes (0.37%) — thus proving to be even less popular than the free market fanatics in the LDP.

In the Senate contest in QLD, veteran right-wing agitators Peter Schuback and Nick Maine gained 9,680 votes (0.40%) — more than doubling the Socialist Alliance vote (3,806 votes) and rivaling the Christian fundamentalists of the Christian Democratic Party (10,499 votes) in popularity.

Australian Protectionist

The APP contested one Lower House seat in South Australia. Party Chairman Andrew (James) Phillips scored 993 votes in the contest for Mayo, or 1.08%. Phillips was one of two nominally Independent candidates in the seat, the other being Bill Spragg of the Stop Population Growth Now Party. Spragg got 2,404 votes (2.62%); both Phillips and Spragg managed to overcome the Australian Democrats (948 votes) and The Climate Sceptics (655 votes).

In the Senate contest in NSW, Darrin Hodges and Nick Folkes pledged to protect Australia from Communists, Islam, Greens, Muslims, homosexuals, followers of Muhammad and the Australia First Party. They got 1,844 votes (0.05%) for their efforts.

One Nation



PARSONS, Michael got 1,595 votes (1.90%), coming last in a field of four.


With the benefit of a donkey, WATERSON, Victor received 731 votes (0.85%), a gain of 0.55% on 2007, placed sixth in a field of eleven, and was beaten off by the Sex candidate.


Party President Bob Vinnicombe scored 1,351 votes (1.83%) in Bennelong, a gain of 0.74% on 2007, and placed sixth in a field of eight.


Louise Kedwall was pitted against Terry Cooksley (AF) in Chifley, and narrowly defeated him. Kedwall scored 1,585 votes (1.97% / +0.67%) while Cooksley got 943 (1.17%).


Richard Putral gained 991 votes (1.11%), a slight reduction (-0.09%) on 2007, managing to beat a Christian fundamentalist from Family First into last place.


A donkey befriended Peter Bussa, and he received 1,599 votes, or 1.85%, and placed fifth of seven candidates.


Jennifer Leayr was ON’s * candidate, gained 2,721 votes (3.35%), placed fourth, and beat a Christian fundamentalist into last place.

Kingsford Smith

John Lawrence Cunningham (728 votes / 0.89%) narrowly defeated Zac Hambides of the Socialist Equality Party (576 / 0.70%) and thereby avoided coming last.


The Great White Hope of White Australia is Kate Melissa McCulloch. She got 2,340 votes or 2.99%, coming fourth in a field of eight.

New England

New England returned an Independent to Canberra. Brian Charles Dettman, on the other hand, gained just 794 votes (0.87% / -0.29%), but still managed to defeat the LaRouchite Richard Innes Witten (306 votes / 0.34% / +0.08%).


Kevin Leayr received 1,044 votes, or 1.27%, a gain of 0.32%. Perhaps courtesy of the donkey vote — and !nataS — he managed to defeat two Xtian fundamentalists.


Craig Hesketh was ON’s candidate in Riverina, and despite the support of AF — and a clear hatred of “race mixers” and “immigrant whores” — he failed to mobilise the electorate in favour of his vision of an ethnically-cleansed Australia. Indeed, even The Greens — those “sick f*cks” — managed to outpoll Hesketh (1,410 votes / 1.60% versus 3,972 votes / 4.51%). “We had some negative reactions at the polling booths because people believe there is a stigma associated with the party but those days are over”, the racist moaron complained to a local newspaper.


Don F Parkes presided over a vote of 568 votes for ON, a slight drop (0.67% / -0.39%), and came eighth in a field of of ten.


Finally, Milton M Alchin defeated the Secular Party candidate, gaining 1,726 votes — 2.06%.



KEARNEY, John rode a donkey into Solomon, received 1,505 votes (2.95%) and easily defeated the LaRouchite Trudy Campbell (668 votes / 1.31% / +0.83%).



The seat of Bowman pitted CHIDGEY, Dave against KENT, John Aaron, of the DLP, for PLACE, Last. CHIDGEY got 865 votes (1.06% / +0.53) while KENT got 768 (0.94%).


Ian Rossiter increased the ON vote by 0.79% to 1.60%. He also came last (fifth of five).

Wide Bay

Santo Ferraro got 1,875 votes (2.30%), almost doubling (+1.09%) the result of 2007. He also placed last (fifth of five).



Anton Horvat gained 662 votes (0.78% / +0.20%), a conspiracy of truly global proportions ensuring that he beat the Climate Skeptics into last place.


Jack King is a dunce. He got 443 votes (0.50%) and came last.



GAULT, George rode into Moore on a donkey, grabbed 1,471 votes — 1.79%, an increase of 0.74% — and came last.

Upper House

In total, ON received 69,972 first preference votes or 0.56%, an increase of 0.14% on 2007. Most of those votes came from the party’s strongholds in NSW and QLD: 22,926 (0.56% / +0.15%) votes in NSW and 22,353 votes (0.91% / +0.74%) votes in QLD. In VIC, ON got 12,010 votes (0.37% / -0.05%), in WA 7,537 votes (0.62% / -0.35%) and in SA 5,146 votes (0.51% / -0.10%).

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14 Responses to White Nationalism Goes To The Polls : 2010 Australian Federal Election Results

  1. Lumpen says:

    Is there a way to do a comparison of seats where both the far right and the far left ran? I would like to know if the electorate feels we are headed to a strongly-helmed communist paradise or the future is being secured for a race to our eleven white children (or whatever).

    And Joe Toscano didn’t run, I see. Saving his energy for the State election?

  2. Kieran says:

    Joe Toscano did run, Victorian Senate.

  3. @ndy says:

    Joe did run, actually. vote1josephtoscanovictoriansenateticket2010.com — Joseph Toscano, Jenny Warfe and Andrew Sadauskas — received 2,527 votes (0.10%). Jo & Co. scored 5,695 votes or 0.18% in 2007.

    Left-wing internationalists confronted right-wing nationalists in only one seat: Blaxland (NSW).

    5. PHILLIPS, Richard / Socialist Equality Party / 1,650 / 2.66 / +2.66
    6. VINNICOMBE, Bob / One Nation / 1,085 / 1.75 / +0.66
    8. POULSEN, Ronald / [Communist League] / 219 / 0.35 / +0.35

    In the Senate contests, national total for AF+APP+ON = 7,341+1,231+51,840 = 60,412. Total for CA+SA+SEP = 5,243+24,312+9,589 = 39,144.

  4. the term “several independent rural candidates” indicates, that these people will never be able to form a party without ripping it to pieces over personal quarrels, vanity and weird stuff

  5. Scrooge McDuck says:


  6. Troll says:

    Lumpen, why don’t you tell us about this “Communist Paradise”?

    Communism is anything but a paradise is [sic] you’re a white Australian, considering policies produces [sic] by the Left, especially far-left, aim at enslaving and oppressing whites.

  7. Definite Troll says:

    Try telling me I am wrong for saying this:

    “Communism is still alive today, preaching multiculturalism, mass immigration, whites are oppressors, Christianity is oppressive, men are oppressive, whites are racists and fascists. Class-Marxism, has turned into Cultural Marxism, the oppressive culture is over course white European culture and it’s Christianity and guess who is behind this agenda? Lift the rock and who do you see behind this agenda? That[‘]s right it’s them! They were behind communism and made 80% of inner party membership when communism rose up.”

    (BTW, My name is Clearwater, not TROLL I am definitely a TROLL, and like other TROLLS I have enormous difficulty with spelling and grammar, am grossly ignorant, and cannot resist parading my ignorance anywhere and everywhere I am able, especially sites belonging to Newscorpse — my natural home.)

  8. Fail Troll is Fail says:

    As previously noted, I am definitely a troll, and like other trolls I have enormous difficulty with spelling and grammar, am grossly ignorant, and cannot resist parading my ignorance anywhere and everywhere I am able, especially sites belonging to Newscorpse — my natural home.

    But while Uncle Rupert may welcome commentators such as myself, I understand that others find my paranoid ramblings tedious. For this reason, I wish to apologise for being a boor, and promise that this will be my last comment.

    I thank you for your patience.

  9. Who the hell wrote this rubbish.

    Didnt the DLP can the white Australia Policy.

    Isnt John Kent the DLP candidate for Bowman part cherokee Indian.

    If your going to write this rubbish at least attempt to look like you know what you are talking about.

    Obviously some socialist sloth.

  10. Craig Hesketh says:

    I would appreciate if you can send me information backing up your claims as to supposed statements I have made. It seems that while you can hide behind this alter ego of slackbastard you are willing to make all manner of accusation.

    I do not expect a reply as your lies will not be validated.

  11. Craig Hesketh says:

    Well I have seen the statements you are talking about [and I] admit that I regret that they were made. I must point out that they were made before I was involved with the election and were in no means the official position of One Nation.

    If anything they were foolish and off the cuff responses made in the heat of the moment and yes we all make statements we later regret.

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