Antifa blockade Warsaw : November 11, 2010

Blocking of fascist march in Warsaw 11 November 2010.

As every year on November 11, nationalists and neo-fascists from various organizations are planning a march through the streets of Warsaw. We do not want the supporters of xenophobic and racist ideology, who proudly refer to the pre-war organizations of openly fascist sympathies, to again pass through the capital. Remembering the past, we believe that the growing national movement must be opposed. For two years now, we have been trying to block this march. We will stop it only if there will be many of us.

We are a group of different people and organizations. We share an idea of resistance against fascism. We are planning a demonstration on the route of the fascist march. We want to physically block it. We will use our civil rights. We invite all residents of Warsaw and all who want to come to Warsaw, to take part in active opposition to the fascists. We look forward to your participation in the preparations, to your arrival to Warsaw on time and at the place proposed by us. We hope you to prepare banners and inform friends about our activities. We count on your presence.

For more information about the preparations check out our website.


See also : on preparations for the 2009 blockade.

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  1. @ndy says:

    Far-right protesters march in Warsaw on holiday

    WARSAW, Poland – Hundreds of far-right demonstrators rallied Thursday on Poland’s Independence Day, sparking a much larger counter-protest by people shouting anti-fascist slogans — some dressed in the striped uniforms of concentration camp inmates.

    There was a heavy presence of anti-riot police in the capital as Poles marked the anniversary of the end of World War I, when the country regained its independence after being off the map for more than a century.

    Several clashes broke out between the two groups of demonstrators. Police said 29 people were arrested and one policeman was hurt.

    The far-right demonstrators, many carrying Polish flags, marched to a statue of Roman Dmowski, an early 20th century statesman who helped Poland regain its independence but is tainted by his anti-Semitic views.

    Opponents held signs such as “Keep Warsaw free from fascists.”

    Poland’s president also led commemorations at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier celebrating Poland’s return to independence 92 years ago. It’s a message that still resonates deeply in Poland after the recent decades of being under Moscow’s influence during the Cold War.

    Six detained at ultra-nationalist demonstration in Poland

    Six people were detained during a march by hundreds of ultra-nationalists in the Polish capital Warsaw amid a heavy police presence on Thursday.

    A counter-demonstration, with participants attempting to block the march to mark Independence Day.

    The march by members of of nationalist and extreme right-wing groups was re-routed to avoid confrontations between the counter- demonstrators and the crowd.

    Counter-demonstrators blew whistles and carried signs saying, “Fascism is a crime, not an opinion,” and You won’t pass.” Dozens were dressed as prisoners of concentration camps in black-and-white stripped garments.

    Organizers of the counter-demonstration said they did not want supporters of “xenophobic and racist ideology” to pass through the city. Remembering the past, we believe that the growing national movement must be opposed,” organizers said on their website.

    Three members of the National Radical Camp, one of the groups taking part in the march, were hospitalized earlier Thursday after they were attacked on a train while en route to the gathering, broadcaster TVN 24 reported.

    Poland regained independence in 1918 after 123 years of partitions by Russia, Prussia and the Austro-Hungarian empire.

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  3. Bob the Chef says:

    Rubbish propaganda. Antifa is fascist. Antifa Germans decided to descend on Warsaw as provocateurs. Most of their victims were average citizens displaying normal patriotism by walking with flags. Antifa is a disgraceful group of losers hiding behind the legitimacy of disliking fascism and using it to crush anything that they don’t like, whether fascist or not. Down with Antifa!

  4. @ndy says:

    Oh right.


    It was on again this year (2012).

    Clashes and things.

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