Menacingly rolling towards Ben Brown in my wheelchair…

Award-winning BBC journalist Ben Brown has finally been able to break through the deafening silence being imposed on a growing menace to society: young men in wheelchairs menacingly rolling towards large groups of armed policemen. In drawing some desperately-needed attention to the veritable plague of young people with cerebral palsy in wheelchairs menacingly rolling towards large groups of armed policemen members of the public, Ben brings enormous credit to the exclusive private school he attended and the fine education he received at Oxford University. It is indeed fortunate that–in this instance at least–well-armed police were on hand to repel Jody McIntyre‘s frenzied assault… but who knows how many innocents have had to flee in terror from this self-proclaimed “revolutionary” in the past?

Watch Brown tear strips from McIntyre in this revealing interview, broadcast on December 13, 2010:

McIntyre’s a known troublemaker who was obviously looking for trouble, found it, and now has the cheek to complain about it. Given his obvious bad temper and expressed commitment to the violent overthrow of the state, I think that Brown handled the radical well, and ought to be congratulated for refusing to capitulate to the routine anti-police rhetoric which dominates media reportage on such matters. Besides, what, exactly, is McIntyre complaining about? The police have already announced an official investigation into the incident, one which in the fullness of time will declare a verdict; further, despite having ample opportunity to do so, he has evidently failed to himself file a complaint. Obviously, the police take the issue far more seriously than does this supposed ‘victim’!

Once again, congratulations to the BBC for refusing to be bullied into submission by a violent radical, and to the police for managing to control what must surely have been one of the most violent and frightening mobs seen on the streets of London for many years.

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7 Responses to Menacingly rolling towards Ben Brown in my wheelchair…

  1. dj says:

    I believe the logic of the police went something like this –

    The Daleks are the most evil beings in the universe
    The Daleks are lead by Davros
    Davros gets around in a ‘wheelchair’
    All people in wheelchairs are Davros and must be stopped

    or something like that.

  2. @ndy says:

    Y’know, I think you may be on to something there dj. It would certainly explain award-winning journalist Ben Brown’s line of questioning, viz, ‘What did you say to provoke the police?’ Ben would certainly have been a) aware (as all BBC staff are) of the Dalek’s predilection for barking out orders in a metallic fashion, and therefore b) reasonably assumed terrified police may have simply wanted to stop McIntyre (aka Davros) from issuing orders to other Daleks in the area to commence massacring innocent bobbies.

    Of course, I doubt we’ll read ref to this possibility in the politically-correct hullabaloo over Brown’s interview.

  3. reminds me of a case in Germany during the 80s, where the cops tried to counter the accusation that one of them had kicked a demonstrator at a anti-nuclear demonstration in the teeth with the argument that this was justified self-defense against somebody who wanted to damage a cop’s boot by biting.

  4. Eric says:

    I always thought the Daleks could be foiled by a well placed set of stairs.

  5. @ndy says:

    Jody McIntyre: ‘Why is it so suprising [sic] that the police dragged me from my wheelchair?’
    Kira Cochrane
    December 15, 2010

    Was he surprised by the incident? “No, and I don’t know why other people are. To me, it’s as if people must have been asleep all their lives if they don’t realise this is the police’s role at demonstrations – to protect the interests of the government and the state.”

  6. @ndy says:

    Despite being the object of an Internet hate campaign, Kevin Bakhurst has leaped to the defence of fellow worker Ben Brown. The fact that Bakhurst has been able to overcome his own prejudices (and wildly disparate schooling) in order to defend his colleague should serve as a reminder to contemporary students about the importance of upholding traditional British values; in this context, the values of freedom of the press and social equality, two sadly-overlooked qualities both of which, as Bakhurst here convincingly argues, Brown was able to embody in his interview with McIntyre:

    I have reviewed the interview a few times and I would suggest that we interviewed Mr McIntyre in the same way that we would have questioned any other interviewee in the same circumstances: it was quite a long interview and Mr McIntyre was given several minutes of airtime to make a range of points, which he did forcefully; Ben challenged him politely but robustly on his assertions.

    Mr McIntyre says during the interview that “personally he sees himself equal to anyone else” and we interviewed Mr McIntyre as we would interview anyone else in his position.

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