Merry Christmas Jock

Palfreeman appeal still in limbo
Belinda Hawkins
December 23, 2010

Aussie to spend third Christmas behind bars

Philip Wen
The Sydney Morning Herald
December 23, 2010


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I live in Melbourne, Australia. I like anarchy. I don't like nazis. I enjoy eating pizza and drinking beer. I barrack for the greatest football team on Earth: Collingwood Magpies. The 2024 premiership's a cakewalk for the good old Collingwood.
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  1. Andrew says:

    “@ndy” – I’m just wondering – what do you think of this?

    (Embassy bombings in Rome – by self-described “anarchists”, apparently. I read elsewhere that one of the Embassy employees will probably lose both hands – nice one, mate!)

    So – you’re a self-described “anarchist”, aren’t you? Do you approve of this kind of thing? We all know what you what you would say if “neo-Nazis” did such a thing. So how about when your buddies do it?

    I seem to recall you were quite “relaxed and comfortable” when that random bank employee in Athens got incinerated in an “anarchist” fire-bomb attack some time ago (Damn those evil bankers – it was all their fault! They drove the “anarchists” to it!).

    I hope you’re proud of yourself. Merry Christmas!

    PS. This new format sucks. The old blog was way better, it had a certain charm which this version conspicuously lacks…

  2. Tonbridge says:

    He’s a killer and deserves to be in jail for a long time – he stabbed somebody in the back with a large knife, resulting in their death, and he looks very pleased with himself in your photo. No Merry Christmas from me, to either of you.

  3. @ndy says:


    Yes, I am a self-described “anarchist”: your powers of observation are acute. No, I did not approve of this action. Beyond this, I made no comment on the deaths of the three–not one–bank employees in Athens in May this year. I did, however, re-publish a statement by a Greek group called Ta Paida Tis Galarias (The Children of The Gallery) on the subject, and otherwise routinely recommend the ‘Occupied London’ blog as a source of English-language news on Greek social struggles.

    The letter bombs in Rome have been attributed–by the Italian news agency ANSA–to the ‘Informal Anarchist Federation’. The FAI (which shares its acronym with the Italian Anarchist Federation) first appears to have emerged, in police and media discourse, in late 2003, and has periodically been invoked since then in connection to a range of other violent incidents of a similar nature: to the best of my knowledge, no individual has ever claimed membership of the group. Its actual status, therefore, is an open question, and must be understood in terms of: a) recent social struggles in Italy (and elsewhere in Europe); b) the Italian state’s frequent recourse to such outrages in order to justify the repression of anarchist and other radical projects and movements and; c) a reasonable expectation that continued economic dysfunction will generate further struggle, and that this needs to be channeled into the least harmful directions.

    It’s an old story, really.


    And goodwill to all men.

  4. Andrew says:

    Well “@ndy”, the impression I get is that you approve of violence – as long as the right sort of people are committing it, and the right sort of people are on the receiving end. Much like your stance on censorship (but that’s another subject, and I think you’re a bit sensitive about that!).

    Anyway – if I’m mistaken regarding you and the whole violence thing, then I am glad.


    PS – Andrew is my real name (no need for the quotation marks). Unlike “@ndy”, which is truly lame…

  5. Kidnapped says:

    I’d like to reply to Andrew if I may, even though this doesn’t seem like the right place.

    I personally will meet violence with violence, I have no qualms about this, I do not complain when I lose and I won’t if I ever do, I take this as a given, unfortunately not all do, some want to have their cake and eat it too, for example the 15 neo Nazis who attacked 2 Roma boys. Jock defended them with violence and apparently was victorious. Now the 15 neo Nazis hide behind the state to not only hide their actions but to incriminate Jock by the state’s standards. If the neo Nazis are so correct and proud why do they hide behind the state they supposedly oppose? Jock is the only one not afraid to tell the truth about his actions. The neo Nazis in court claimed all Andrei Monov was doing was running from an unprovoked attack from Jock. What a fucking pussy fash! If Jock is correct good on him for standing up for his principles, if the fash are telling the truth, then Andrei Monov should have been stabbed by his fellow fash for cowardice.

    Let’s stop bullshit peddling, Andrei Monov along with 14 others led an assault that when met with resistance failed.

  6. @ndy says:


    The question of ‘violence’ is hardly straightforward. If there’s an ethical dimension to its application, then there is also a question of (moral) legitimacy: of principle and of context; who has the ‘right’ to inflict violence, and upon whom. Is it legitimate for a large gang of drunken, fascist football hooligans to assault two young Roma men? I think the answer is ‘no’. If they do, is it legitimate for these two young men to defend themselves, or for others to intervene on their behalf? I think the answer is ‘yes’. Otherwise, libraries are full of books which–unlike yourself–take these sorts of questions seriously. You may like to familiarise yourself with some of their contents. This will alleviate your ignorance and even, possibly, provide you with an opportunity not to engage in such tendentious commentary.

  7. aussie says:

    Andy you kind of remind me of george bush, on a different scale, but same thing. You claim to do good, but to do that, you think its ok to do bad. You even use the same disguise, this is what history or humanity say is ok, so im a good guy. The only truth is that you are feeding the same negative bullshit into the world as the news is every night. So what, there are bad people in the world, do you really think that is going to stop with the role models of the world saying being a murderer is ok, its for a good purpose? The only way to be a good guy is to direct your attention to what you are FOR, not what you are against, big difference, big fail. If anything you just make the problem worse..hence the saying..”be the change you want to see in the world”..anything else is trying to be intelligent, by being stupid.

  8. Kidnapped says:

    I didn’t know that there was a “question of violence” let alone that it wasn’t “straightforward”

  9. @ndy says:

    Look, apart from us having: a father who was a President; attended Harvard; avoided military service; (mostly) overcome a raging cocaine habit; declared the existence of an Axis of Evil; my good friend George and I have little in common, and I resent both the tone and the implications of your accusations Austrian.

    Life is like a box of chocolates.

  10. Kidnapped says:

    I am the “change I want to see in the world” and to say I’m not is stupid, maybe for @ndy too, look if I ever become a neo Nazi who attacks lone racial minorities in dog packs, I’ll personally kill myself

    btw Aussie, I’m shocked that you spit on the graves of our war heroes! Who killed and were killed for our nation’s freedom!!! They did “bad” for “good” as you put it, and you only have the freedom to criticise as they did what u call “bad” so that you may squalor in the “good”, Aussie, why don’t u love it or fuck off!! If u have a problem with people killing, why don’t u oppose the army that defends us from the Indonesian horde!! I think you’d prefer under sha ria law b4 an australian is allowed to kill!! People like u make me sick!!

  11. Kidnapped says:

    What’s the difference between Vietnam and Iraq? George Bush Jnr knew how to get out of Vietnam hahahahaha.

  12. aussie says:

    You have got up my nose a few times andy, mostly to do with the tone or the smartypants way in which you reply, it tends to bring out a certain sternness in me which isnt a usual characteristic of mine, anyway for the sake of me getting my point across, which i believe is a good one, ill tone it down.

    My point had nothing to do with George Bushes past or [ancestors], he might of been a harsh person to compare to, because the reality is that most of the world have the same characteristics as you do. My point was a little deeper than that, im not going to get right into it, unless you want me too?, but to cut a long story short, the human mind is [dysfunctional], (that is fact, not my opinion) everyone is worried about the negatives and never the positives, what good ever came out of being negative??, what good has this blog done for humanity?, in what way has it helped?.. sure some people feel more [strongly] about certain issues after reading your blogs, but all that has done is cause more hate, you cant change people perspective with negativity, because it causes them to react, [negatively]. I cant remember who said it, but i remember they had great success. “I am not AGAINST the british, I am FOR indian rights”, or something like that. I have to admit, i do question your cause, it seems to me you just like making people that are not as smart, or less clever than you, look stupid. I have an interest in trying to change peoples perspective for the better. My apologies, i realise it came from the wrong place.

    Kidnapped..when i hear someone say this..”I personally will meet violence with violence, I have no qualms about this”..and then tell me they are the change they want to see in the world, I lose hope for humanity, and dont appreciate your [absurd assumptions] about my thoughts on the diggers. Everyone was a hero in that war, if thats the word you choose to use, [unfortunately], at the same time they were all driven to causing mass murder to make a couple of lunatics feel better about themselves and have what they want, more [unfortunately], nothing has changed. due to the fire power of the world, it might even be fair to say it is worse.

  13. Lumpen says:

    what good has this blog done for humanity?

    Aussie, you have not made the case as to why a blogger should only be positive in order to be effective, or why a blogger must even try to effect any change. “Positive” is also a very weak system for the categorisation, synthesis and presentation of information on a particular topic/set of topics which, from my understanding, is what this blog is about. I can think of better filtering systems for information; the exclusion of whinging, ill-thought and baseless statements springs to mind.

    If you can link me to any comments you have made on other blogs, that most reasonable people would agree has not helped humanity or put forward a “positive” program for change, the rest of us commenters can at least see for ourselves that you are not, as I suspect, a weirdo, inconsistent patriot annoyed that facts can make you look bad.

  14. Kidnapped says:

    I fail to see how the death of a Nazi is a negative thing?? Your going into trash and treasure zone here and I think your wasting your time.

    Look, when 15 men try killing you because of your skin colour, please phone me 30 seconds b4 so I can hear how your positivity works in convincing them to stop.

    The media is 99% negative, as shit happens 99% of the time.

    Don’t loose hope in humanity!! The minute someone trys taking my humanity, I’ll kill them, and you know what, as it’s Christmas, whilst you hide under your positivity I’ll kill anyone trying to take your humanity too!!

    You claim the diggers were puppets for a few wackos!! Shame shame shame!! Shame on you disgracing those brave men who killed defending our country!! I suppose you’d have rather Nazi Germany to have won!! Or maybe you’d prefer us to be speaking Japanese or something!!!

    People fight, people kill and people die, it’s a fact, we can’t all get fat baggin out bloggers for not contributing, I guess your comments are contributing!

    It’s easy for u to pick on @ndy as he’s a non violant person and I presume he doesn’t condone any violance, possibly even defensive, but what about u try that positive crap on me and I’ll slap the un-Australian hippy smell right out of ya, what would you do?? You can’t slap me back or leave?? You apparently don’t support violance even in defence?? We can’t all eat lentils and tofu like the enlightened elite such as yourself who are holier then the average okka worker!!

    You shit me to tears, and then some, you neo liberal hippy!!

  15. @ndy says:

    “Be peaceful, be courteous, obey the law, respect everyone; but if someone puts his hand on you, send him to the cemetery.”

    ~ Malcolm X, Malcolm X Speaks: Selected Speeches and Statements, George Breitman (ed.), 1965

  16. aussie says:

    kidnapped, this is what i would do with you and what i am going to do with you… nothing, because it would defeat the [purpose] of my point and also prove the truth in it.
    lumpen, ill get back to you im just on holidays, ill explain it when i get back, it will take a while.

  17. aussie says:

    ok, back already…so lumpen to answer your question is alot more difficult that you could imagine or “think”…kidnapped had it right with me, because he associated me with “enlightenment”. although in his words, im some kind of a crazy hippy, if you met me you would realise I am far from that, even if i did tie dye a shirt once when i was a kid :/.

    I thought the whole thing with [positivity] was a little more logical than it was. For that reason i cant really explain it, because then i would be trying to give you a lesson in spirituality (which i am not even close to being able to do). what i can tell you is this, which to understand you will have to drop the whole Aussie is the enemy thing, if you dont you will probably find yourself trying to make you right, and me wrong, therefore, missing the whole point.

    what spirituality is, or for the sake of this conversation i might call it peanut butter (so you dont get weirded out) is, is a change in [consciousness], it is observing your mind, which brings the question, who is [observing] your mind? by observing your mind from who you are, it is easy to see the dysfunction of your mind (so you have to observe it in your self before you can see it in others).

    This is what i did, and thats why you have seen radical changes in me, although i am still stuck in my mind most of the time, you can see that the change in me, was a good one…my biggest problem is making myself right, and i am trying my best not to do that right now, so keep an open mind about what i am saying…because truth is i am not the only person with this problem, the whole of humanity has it (the good majority anyway). although it might be [relatively] harmless to the world in a conversation with your mates or girlfriend, it is hard to imagine what could happen to humans when someone with [their] own army has this problem.

    [Einstein] was a person who was [“conscious”], and it is why he said “the best things i learnt were not in school”, because when a person is [conscious] they become more in alignment with the intelligence that creates life on earth. the person who split an atom was [aligned] with this intelligence, the person who made the atom bomb was not. anyway the best part is, is that everyone has this greater good in them, even murderers, but to understand it they will have to read a few books. and although it isn’t being talked about on the news. i can assure you it is massive at the moment. here is a vid that might help make a little more sense of what i just said…


  18. Piltdown says:

    lol. Onya Shirley.

  19. Eric says:

    Aussie. What the fuck are you on about?

  20. aussie says:

    What i am on about is trying to explain why i know why being negative towards “bad people”, is a problem in itself. i didnt realise that the [benefits] of being positive were so hard to understand. now i am trying to explain it from the way i see it as much as i can. [because] that is all i can do. i did this by explaining that “peanut butter” isnt the [weird] part of the world people think it is and by pointing out that i am living evidence that it can change who you are (or should i say who you think you are). if you wanted to know any more about why i am so sure i am right, you would have to get involved in “peanut butter”.

    lumpen..just reading your question again, so you say the blog is about this..

    Aussie, you have not made the case as to why a blogger should only be positive in order to be effective, or why a blogger must even try to effect any change. “Positive” is also a very weak system for the categorisation, synthesis and presentation of information on a particular topic/set of topics which, from my understanding, is what this blog is about.

    My question are,

    ~What is the outcome for the blog if that is what it is about?
    ~Why should anyone do anything?

    He doesnt have to do anything, but i dont see the harm in suggesting things of no harm, my point is that if andy used his talent of putting interesting stuff on the internet and was “For” something he would have an outcome. i know it would be boring not having all the threats and stuff that goes on, but that would help censor all the w[h]inging [you’re] unhappy about, or having to censor anything at all.

  21. @ndy says:

    Eric says:
    January 4, 2011 at 3:31 pm

    Aussie. What the fuck are you on about?

    Most recently, the virtues of Eckhart Tolle, “best-selling author of A New Earth and The Power of Now“. If the above is any indication, reading Eckart has given Aussie a new lease on life. But he began his journey back in June, explaining that “the sad reality is muticulturism is destroying australia for many reasons” — this claim being prompted by a blog post on the subject of xenophobic yoof on Australia/Invasion/Survival Day 2009.

    When invited to elaborate on his contention, Aussie tried but — like the ANZACs at Gallipoli — failed to get very far after landing, and was forced to retreat.

    Since then, Aussie has said of rioting students in the UK that everybody is wrong and angry, this is an intractable problem, millions of people were murdered last century and our minds are corrupted.

    Aussie has also stated that, in his opinion, I shouldn’t have re-published an article on Tyler Cassidy without asking the permission of his friends and family.

    Aussie has also accused me of being forced to resort to censoring his and other’s views because I’m incapable of responding to criticism; agreed with a troll named ‘alex’ that I’m a “fascist mole” / “fascist” / “white, corporate capitalist bourgeois lackey pig” / “colonialist liberal rat fuck cunt” (and so on); and maintained that I’m ignorant, immature, and that I resemble George Bush (Jnr).


    Another day at the office.

  22. Eric says:

    So let me get this straight Aussie. You’re not AGAINST reality. Rather, FOR peanut butter?

  23. aussie says:

    Ah what? ..didnt i just admit there was a huge change in me, from bad to good?

    Anyway, most of what you just said is true, except it has a little added touch of your flavour to make it sound very different than it was. and why have you associated Alex with me? should practice what you preach andy. was it you that associated your fellow australians with hitler?

    Its all just a little bit silly, the only thing that matters is my posts above, feel free to tell me why i am wrong? ..even borrow some of lumpens facts if you need them.

    p.s. eric “swearing is [neither] big nor clever”

  24. aussie says:

    Not really eric, im FOR reality, which is peanut butter.

  25. aussie says:

    ohhh, now it all makes sense!!.. humans created the perfect world we live in because of peanut butter!!.. if only you had of shown me that picture earlier.
    I mean this in the nicest way possible andy, but have you ever been wrong?
    Even if you are right, try saying you are wrong, and then realise.
    Now why is that so god [damn] hard?
    Its much easier to just try to be right for some reason, even if it does carry the huge weight of lying, manipulating, anger [etc], but hey doesn’t it feel great when [you’re] right. almost as if you are better.
    What a great way for the world to live happily ever after.
    did you know jim carrey likes peanut butter, crazy neo liberal hippy!!

  26. aussie says:

    Haha, nice touch.

    No really, i had a good chuckle to myself.

    More to the point, you clearly have no idea what i’m saying, so there isn’t much point saying it anymore. Maybe one day you will, so i hope you don’t mind, but i have one last pointer.

    If you are going to live in fairyland you might as well make the most of it…


  27. @ndy says:

    I prefer something a bit more Aussie.

  28. Eric says:

    Ok aussie. I have re-read your posts over a few times now, to try and understand your point of view. From what I gather, you have had some kind of spiritual awakening (which, for some reason, you chose to call “peanut butter”) that you attribute to the reading of an Eckhart Tolle book – “The Power of Now”.
    This spiritual awakening has resulted in a fundamental change in you, from a bad person to a good person, but you are having trouble reconciling your two selfs.
    You are also having trouble expressing yourself due to, I think in part, your refusal to read any books prior to “The Power of Now”.
    I honestly applaud you for having an open mind, being able to admit your past mistakes, and your resumption of book learnin’.
    What I wish to know is;

    Does your new spirit still harbour the xenophobic sentiments you have previously expressed in your posts?

    Do you still oppose “multiculturalism” in whichever way you choose to define it?

    And, most importantly, do you think Jock Palfreeman deserves to rot in hell for defending the underdog in a street fight?

    PS: In my opinion, anger, opposition and dissent are the most noble and essential human principles, without which, we could not (or would not) effect change in any part of our lives.

  29. aussie says:

    Yeh that sounds about right, close enough anyway.

    Im not sure xenophobic is the right word, I think what i was about, was trying to get more to the core of the problem with [multiculturalism], because i realised even then, no matter what anyone does the problem will still be there, but yeh there was also alot of anger and confusion in those comments, so it was a big waste of time and [irrelevant] it even confuses me reading it.

    I dont oppose [multiculturalism] anymore, but in saying that i dont oppose anything, well at least try not to, [multiculturalism] doesnt even cross my mind anymore. it does leave the argument of population growth and the environment, but thats a whole different problem.

    And, no, i dont think anyone should rot in hell, although i do think if he is going to be of danger to anyones life, maybe the [necessary] precautions should be made. i dont think violence should be faced with violence, but self defence is self defence, they are two [completely] different things. My favourite word is INTENTION, everything that happens has intention. I suppose i would have to know his [intention], but that is hard because on the outside it comes across like he was the good guy. I think it is alot more complicated than that. The only person who really knows is jock.

    Most [importantly] for me, is none of this. I think the world is in a bad way, and that the truth of it is almost a little bit uncomfortable for people, so they ignore it, we have used the same systems to make thing work over and over (this blog for example), for that reason i think we need to change our ways drastically. before we kill each other or the world shakes us off like annoying little fleas.

    i dont mean my opinion to be against, but it will naturally come [across] that way when it is different. Glad you can some good in it eric.


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