we are fucking angry unemployed or low-paid young men with a small percentage of ”rich kid” thrill seekers!


did you know… post-anarchism has come to mean different things to different people? also, the second issue of the anvil has been published. lucien van der walt has some thoughts on Counterpower, participatory democracy, revolutionary defence: debating Black Flame, revolutionary anarchism and historical Marxism… and further thoughts on the subject are available by way of his blog. speaking of foreign trouble-makers, australian crackademic clive williams informs readers of the canberra times of the mysterious role 40 kiwi anarchists played in the public disturbances which took place in london late last month here; ernesto aguilar provides some critiques of anarchism here and explains his evolution away from anarchism here. oh, and cultural-juggernaut vice magazine has a vice stylee piece on angry teen anarchists into smashing stuff (unemployed or low-paid young men, with a small percentage of ”rich kid” thrill seekers in uncle clive’s terminology).

note that the international bolshevik tendency maintains that “The [Workers’ Solidarity Movement’s] anti-imperialism is confused in theory, and inconsistent in practice.”

but then, aren’t we all?


michael c. tuggle in right-wing smarty-pants taki’s mag has a crack at The Antifa Fad: Totalitarian Anti-Fascism
. in germany, meanwhile, police have launched a crackdown on violent baristas. also in germany, veteran fascist gottfried kuessel has been arrested for internet nastiness. yeah, that gottfried kuessel:

Gottfried Kuessel was a wealthy Viennese Nazi who was more willing to compromise with mainstream rightwing political parties. He spoke with ease to all kinds of people and was once seriously considered a possible future prime minister of Austria. His apartment, in one of Vienna’s more exclusive neighborhoods, featured life-sized authentic models of SS men, a giant caricature of a Jew from the Nazi years (used as a dartboard at lighter moments), and a toilet with a large blue star of David painted inside the bowl.


angry news from around the world is what it says on the label: a laundry list of angry (political) actions from around the world. North of Nowhere is a a blog by an australian writer currently living in accra, ghana (a city i will never visit)… or maybe melbourne, australia (a city from which i cannot escape). SnitchWire‘s latest report, meanwhile, reveals the fact that key elf informant jake ferguson has been busted for drugs.


speaking of snitches…

Radical Turned FBI Informant – Hero or Villain?
Brandi Grissom
The Texas Tribune
April 7, 2011

A little more than a year ago, well-known conservative political commentator Andrew Breitbart called Brandon Darby and thanked him for saving his life during the 2008 Republican National Convention. “You have an ally for life in me,” Breitbart told him.

Darby, once a leftist radical who by 2008 was an informant for the FBI, had notified authorities of an anarchist plot to hurl Molotov cocktails at the conservative gathering. Federal agents arrested two young radicals before the attack could be carried out…

you can read more blah about brandon here.

student movement

Oh yeah! Check yrself before you wreck yrself. By way of Italy Calling comes…

From Tute Bianche to the Book Bloc – english transcript

This is the transcript of the seminar “From Tute Bianche to the Book Bloc: the Italian movement and the coming European insurrection”. [italian version]

It seems a century has gone by since the political season of the Tute Bianche (White Overalls), but it was only a little over ten years ago. Ten years in which much has happened. Despite the historical shifts that have taken place in these past ten years, rebellious students in Rome and in London last autumn endorsed the experience of conflict invented by the Tute Bianche: shields and helmets for body protection; violation of the red zones and of the headquarters of institutional political power, barricaded behind their edifices, with no democratic relationship with society.

Such practices weren’t merely an imitation of the previous experiences of conflict, but in fact gave a whole new reading to them, an absolutely original one and a very effective one: shields were replaced by the book- shields, armour displaying the point that knowledge has become the means of physical protection for those protesting against the dismantlement of the public university, against job insecurity and unemployment. There are many more differences marking this new interpretation of the conflict. Let’s continue in order…

See also : Which Anarchism? Which Autonomism? Between Anarchism and Autonomist Marxism (Heather Gautney), January 7, 2010.

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