David Duke’s Invasion of Germany Meets Opposition

Yeah so last Thursday last Friday, prior to addressing a group of radical right-wing bizarros called Outside the Network(?), US neo-Nazi leader David Duke was told by Cologne police to leave Germany. Their command was apparently made on the basis of an earlier (April 2009) decision by Czech authorities that he could similarly refrain from talking shit in Prague (Duke was touring the country to promote the Czech translation of his book My Awakening at the invitation of Czech neo-Nazis).

As a result of his current legal difficulties, Duke is asking his followers for money (Kari Huus, ‘Click here to help,’ beseeches former Klansman David Duke, MSNBC, November 28, 2011). It’s debatable whether Duke’s previous conviction for defrauding followers — he “served a year in prison in 2003 and 2004 after pleading guilty to tax fraud and stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations from supporters to pay gambling debts” — will stop the moar gullible among the international white supremacist fraternity from handing over their preciousss.

Probably not.

Curiously, in her MSNBC report Huus cites the Australian neo-Nazi blog ‘Whitelaw Towers’ and its recent post on Duke’s travails: Because the person being persecuted was a pro-White advocate … his arrest has so far been ignored by the mainstream media, and the U.S. government remains quiet about this too,” wrote James Buchanan, who describes himself as an advocate for white civil rights, on the site Whitelaw Towers. Actually, the blog simply re-publishes an article on Duke’s arrest which originally appeared on Duke’s White Civil Rights website (What Would Happen If Jesse Jackson Were Arrested in Europe?, November 27, 2011 : http://www.whitecivilrights.com/?p=6343).

Hear also : Sunday Night Safran, JJJ, November 27, 2011: “Known as the most dangerous man in America, Jared Taylor, is a self confessed ‘race realist’ who believes a philosophy that views race as a biological reality and advocates the separateness of racial groups. He’ll be having it out with Daryle Lamont Jenkins, an African-American who founded the One People’s Project.”

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