Australian Political Blog Roll : HALP!

Greg @ Grog’s Gamut is writing a book for Scribe publishers on social media and politics, policy and journalism. As part of the project [he] thought it worthwhile trying to come up with a list of all Australian political blogs. Such a thing is actually rather difficult to accomplish…

Which is presumably what makes it worthwhile attempting amirite?

Greg has started a list but needs help with comments, corrections and clarifications.

Best comment so far comes from Benjamin Marks: Thanks for the inclusion of in such an inauspicious list of boring, cowardly and unprincipled websites, who are all afraid to answer this one question that I have given them.

The blogosphere is pretty fucking cool eh?

See also : Mark Esterhuysen is pretty fucking cool eh? (September 29, 2011) | Australia’s Best Political Blogs (February 14, 2011).

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2 Responses to Australian Political Blog Roll : HALP!

  1. @ndy says:

    *Note to self. Of 40 individual blogs w F authors, 4 C, 5 R, 31 L. Q. Why are Australian female bloggers mostly L?

  2. LeftInternationalist says:

    Because the left kicks both the patriarchs and the bosses in the balls. I would say, more seriously, that the Left as a whole has spent much more time both analysing and committing itself to the cause of women’s lib, and this is quite likely an influence on why there are so many female bloggers who are Left. I can’t think of a specifically Australian reason why this would be so- I can only assume that the Left in Aus has successfully proved itself over the Right in theory and practice to many women that it is in solidarity with their struggles, hopes, and aspirations. Perhaps this is a part of a worldwide wave also, given the popularity of female writers and bloggers like Laurie Penny from the UK, writer for the New Statesman and an out and proud socialist. This list is a great thing, and I’m looking forward to seeing a full list- and, of course, to see my blog there.

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