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WA policeman guilty of tipping off suspect
December 2, 2011

A FORMER policeman has been convicted of trying to tip off a suspected white extremist that his phone calls were being intercepted by police.

A District Court jury took about four hours today to convict Robert David Critchley, 43, of attempting to pervert the course of justice.

The former senior constable was supposed to be monitoring calls on January 15, 2010 during a covert police operation into white supremacist groups when he made an anonymous call to Murray Holmes, the friend of the operation’s target, Jacob Hort.

Critchley cryptically told Mr Holmes he should tell his friend with an “American wife” to get a new SIM card.

During the trial, the prosecution argued that Critchley was sympathetic to the white supremacist group, but the defendant denied the allegations and maintained his innocence.

Critchley was granted bail until his sentencing in February and was ordered to surrender his passport.

Crtichley, who is originally from the UK, also suggested he could not have made the tip off call because Mr Holmes had described the caller as sounding “Irish”.

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