Redwatch Poland : D.O.A.

There are only two roads, victory for the working class, freedom, or victory for the fascists which means tyranny. Both combatants know what’s in store for the loser.

Buenaventura Durruti

FBI, Polish police shut down neo-Nazi Web site
Jerusalem Post
WARSAW, Poland
July 6, 2006

Polish police, US FBI block neo-Nazi Website
Middle East Times
July 6, 2006

No more ‘Blood and Honour’
Radio Polonia

Police shut down Neo-fascist website
Radio Polonia

Poland shuts down neo-Nazi site
[‘Breaking News’ — July 6/7]

Poland shuts down neo-Nazi site
July 6, 2006

Polish Police, FBI Shut Down Neo-Nazi Website
Joanna Wypior
All Headline News
July 6, 2006

Polish police shut down neo-Nazi Web site, charge suspected administrator
Pittsburgh Post Gazette
[The Associated Press]
Friday, July 07, 2006

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4 Responses to Redwatch Poland : D.O.A.

  1. Aussie Patriot says:

    hahaha oh Andrew Moran, you slay me.

    I just love how you have been having a big cry about how the Aboriginal girl got busted for racially abusing a white person.

    It must really grate you the wrong way that of all people — shock horror! — a non-white person went down for the count.

    Just to know that it upsets you that the DPP hasn’t been able to touch me really makes my day!

    see you at Barricade red scum!

  2. @ndy says:

    1) “yo slay me”?

    Really? You want me to slay you? Sorry, but no — I’m not a violent man. If yr feeling suicidal, I suggest you phone yr psychiatrist.

    2) You love how I “have been having a big cry”?

    That’s odd. This post concerns Redwatch Poland, not WA law.

    But yes, it *is* (somewhat) surprising that the WA DPP should have chosen this as their test case. On the other hand, it’s not like the WA State Government has ever been a friend to local indigenous peoples. It also appears to be the case that Eric Ripper, (WA’s then Acting Premier), actually had *young Aboriginal girls in mind* when he stated, in a radio interview two yrs ago — in response to the crimes YOU AND YR COWARDLY NEO-NAZI MATES committed — that “There are serious penalties already in our laws for racial vilification – up to two years imprisonment.”

    Presumably, 14 year old girls are considered to be more of a threat to WA’s racial fabric than organised gangs of neo-Nazi vandals and terrorists, even though it’s this latter group whose leader sits in jail, while his followers (such as yourself) are at liberty to establish political equivalents to sites (such as Redwatch Poland) which Polish and US authorities considered serious enough to close.

    Then again, perhaps the young girl in question has, like yourself, been engaged in many years of racist activism and, like yourself, was a former member of a terrorist organisation?

    It’ll certainly be interesting to read the court transcripts when she goes on trial in August.

    See ‘Explanations of police racism’, (John Williams-Mozley, Lecturer in the Faculty of Arts, School of Human Services at QUT, 30 October, 1998):

    Also :

    ‘Emerging race hate campaign in Perth’
    PM – Monday, 19 July, 2004
    Reporter: David Webber

    MARK COLVIN: There are fears of an emerging race-hate campaign in Perth after a spate of vandalism and graffiti targeting Jews, Asians, Africans and Arabs.

    West Australian Police have set up a task force to catch the people who last night painted swastikas and racist slogans on shops in three Perth suburbs.

    The incidents followed an attack on a synagogue on Friday night, when anti-Jewish messages took on a particularly vicious tone.

    The posters of the Australian Nationalist Movement have been prominent in what appears to be a carefully co-ordinated campaign.

    The events have reminded Perth residents of that group’s anti-Asian campaign of the 1980s.

    David Webber reports.

    DAVID WEBBER: It’s the second time this year that the Foo Win Chinese restaurant has been targeted – the business was firebombed in January.

    But the owner, Ailine Foo, doesn’t think her business has been singled out – she believes the restaurant is simply a target of opportunity.

    AILINE FOO: I’m very, very upset about that, that this thing happen[ed] within a short period of six months only, that is very unfortunate that this happens to me. We hope that this kind of vandalism stops here. I don’t think they specifically meant to pick me, but it’s very unfortunate that this one so happens to be convenient to them.

    DAVID WEBBER: After the firebombing attack, *the local community expressed its support for Ailine Foo* and she hasn’t considered leaving.

    AILINE FOO: Definitely please, please, stop this act – not only to me but to any other Chinese restaurant as well. I’m sure they will be worried about that as well.

    DAVID WEBBER: On Saturday members of the Jewish community at the Menora synagogue in Perth’s north found themselves confronted with slogans supporting the holocaust.

    Rabbi David Freilich told commercial radio in Perth this morning, those who’re found guilty of racial or religious vilification should be jailed.

    DAVID FREILICH: Well I think it should be a penalty that will indeed prevent such things happening in the future. A physical assault is bad enough. I equate a physical assault also with an emotional assault, what I saw on Saturday when the people came to the synagogue here, their very souls were assaulted.

    DAVID WEBBER: When three Chinese restaurants were firebombed in January, suspicion immediately fell on Jack Van Tongeren’s group, the Australian Nationalist/s Movement. The attacks turned out to be the work of people who [*were*… connected].

    The latest attacks have featured the racist paraphernalia of the ANM.

    In the 1980s, the group’s members plastered racist posters around Perth. Asian businesses were the focus and some members were involved in firebombing Chinese restaurants. Police effectively shut the group down. Its leader Jack Van Tongeren was sentenced to 18-years in prison. He got out two years ago.

    Van Tongeren has kept a relatively low profile since he was released. He has stated that he’s given up urban terrorism and he has denied any involvement in the attacks of the past few days. He says he hasn’t ordered them and he doesn’t know who did them.

    But he’s still committed to his nationalist cause and blames the attacks on frustration over what he believes is unwanted migration.

    JACK VAN TONGEREN: They must realise that they are not wanted and they are stirring up anger against them and Australians are becoming increasingly angry and yes, there probably will be explosions of anger here and there. We do not approve of what is going on to our country. We do not particularly approve of the explosions of anger.

    DAVID WEBBER: The Acting Premier Eric Ripper says racial vilification laws are under review right now. Mr Ripper has just come back to the state from a trip to South Korea and Singapore.

    ERIC RIPPER: I was appalled when I came home to see that news. There is so much good will towards Western Australia in Asia and to see that damage being done to minority groups in our community and to the reputation of our state, just made me very angry.

    DAVID WEBBER: It appears to be a concerted campaign, using the paraphernalia of the ANM.

    ERIC RIPPER: It does appear to be a concerted campaign. We did have this more than a decade ago in Western Australia. It was stamped out and we want it stamped out again. I’ve been talking to our police service. They formed a special investigative team. They are treating this matter extremely seriously and I am hopeful that the people concerned will be apprehended.

    DAVID WEBBER: There have been calls from the ECC among other groups for racial vilification laws to be strengthened.

    ERIC RIPPER: There are serious penalties already in our laws for racial vilification – up to two years imprisonment. There are things we that can do additional, for example, we could provide a civil process so that victims of racial vilification would have an additional alternative to police action, criminal offences.

    MARK COLVIN: Western Australia’s Acting Premier, Eric Ripper, speaking to David Weber.

    3) “Just to know that it upsets you that the DPP hasn’t been able to touch me really makes my day!”

    If that’s the case, you must lead a pathetic life.

    But I guessed that already.

    4) “See you at Barricade red scum!”


    Barricade’s located on the other side of the country, boofhead. But if you are intending to make a special visit, pls ensure you let the collective know in advance, as, outside of Thursday — Saturday, our opening hours are excitingly irregular.

    Hugs ‘n’ big, wet, fat, sloppy kisses,


  3. Seilvirr says:

    Neo-fascist is very fucked !!!
    Kill neo fascist

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