Frankie Goes to Prison : The Rumjacks

[Update (September 1, 2016) : This post has been edited. In August this year, The Rumjacks released a new album, Sleepin’ Rough, and are currently on tour. Their return has sparked some controversy in the music press, and the band has published a statement on their website in response. You can read it here.]

A few days ago (April 5) Frankie McLaughlin, vocalist in Sydney band The Rumjacks, was apparently found guilty at Penrith Court House of assault and was sentenced to 16 months prison.

Last month, The Rumjacks were the first band to be signed to the ABC Music’s new imprint FOUR | FOUR.

ABC Music has always strived to be a very diverse label, with FOUR | FOUR being yet another step in that direction. As Head of ABC Music Robert Patterson says, “In essence, FOUR | FOUR represents music that, at its core, is as simple as a 4/4 time signature… It’s music that moves people in a fundamental way. The imprint’s first signing, The Rumjacks, typifies what FOUR | FOUR is all about – honest music making with a no-nonsense directness and immediacy that connects with the listener from the first moment.”

So yeah. Men assault. Even men who play in punk rock bands. (Previously, a frustrated and “hungry” local punk rocker broke the nose of a 7-Eleven staffer because the victim struggled to understand which pie he wanted.)

Update (April 9, 2015) : The Rumjacks have issued the following statement:

In light of recent events concerning band member Frankie, we have decided to take an indefinite break.

As a result all upcoming gigs and recording plans have been cancelled.

We refute any suggestion that we condone domestic violence. It is an abhorrent crime and its perpetrators should be dealt with under the full extent of the law.

We thank all of our fans worldwide for their support over the years.

Johnny, Adam, Gabe, Anthony.

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  3. matt scott says:

    Ahh leave the man alone. Everyones been trashing this poor guy about the alleged charges brought against him, they dont know the entire situation. Frankie mclaughlin is an amazing singer/songwriter and maybe before demonizing him they should think maybe he was made example of by the courts just because of his status as a musician and an irishman. Theres more behind the scenes than people think. If these people leaving comments are true punk rockers they should be questioning the system not frankie. Whatever happened to unity. And the rest of the rumjacks should be ashamed of themselves for abandoning their frontman like that. Francis mclaughlin IS the rumjacks. Fuckin people need to take the cocks outta their asses. Loyalty doesn’t mean shit anymore to these turncoat bastards.

  4. xaocam says:

    Frankie needs to own it, whether it was an out of control relationship or not, his time is done and to really cement it, write a song, the art is to help others before they end up in the same situation … walk away walk away.

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