Yeah well anyway. Nobody reads my blog any more. They’re too busy sailing. (And by ‘nobody’ I mean ‘Evan’ and by ‘sailing’ I mean ‘reading about farming’.) In any case, I’ve been busy trolling the Australian Protectionist Party. Thus far I’ve succeeded in embarrassing the organisers of the shambolic Internets farce (formerly) known as the ‘Torpedo the boats’ rally into running, screaming like girlie men, far, far away from my 1337 skills. It’s even possible that chief organiser and former dildo salesman Darrin Hodges has quit the APP in disgust at lack of party support for his bald-headed efforts to stop Lesbian Seagulls from importing Muslamic Rayguns into the country.


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I live in Melbourne, Australia. I like anarchy. I don't like nazis. I enjoy eating pizza and drinking beer. I barrack for the greatest football team on Earth: Collingwood Magpies. The 2024 premiership's a cakewalk for the good old Collingwood.
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  1. @ndy says:

    Amusing statement from APP:


    Torpedo Gillard’s boat policy
    June 18, 2012

    Before the last federal election Gillard said that she would be tough on the boats issue. Gillard will use any deceptive means possible including lying to the Australian public to achieve her end which includes flooding Australia with Third World invaders. Gillard’s act of treason on illegal boat arrivals has exploded into the most serious problem facing the Australian Parliament and the Australian nation. The illegal invasion is underway and supported by both Labor and Green parties to the detriment of our social and cultural order and this most heinous act of betrayal is a complete burden on the taxpayers of Australia.

    An obscure and dysfunctional group called ‘Walk Together’ will be holding a nationwide rally on the 23rd of June to celebrate the UN initiated ‘Refugee Week’. Refugee Week in reality should be renamed to ‘Invasion Week’ because most of the asylum seekers arriving by illegal vessels are in fact economic opportunists are not genuine refugees.

    It is obvious Walk Together is working with dark forces to destroy Australia’s identity and in the process bankrupt the Treasury by welcoming further welfare-seeking opportunists into the community.

    Over 17,000 boat entrants have invaded Australia since Labor took office in Dec. 2007, what with Kevin Rudd abolishing TPVs (temporary protection visas) and also ending the past successful policy of offshore processing of asylum seekers. Once the asylum seekers have been granted permanent residence they are entitled to bring their family members to Australia, putting further stress on welfare, public housing and gaols. The media has reported that asylum seekers “are costing us billions, with 85 per cent of refugees on Centrelink benefits in their first five years here”.

    The Australian Protectionist Party is the only Australian political party calling for Australia’s removal from the UN Protocol on Refugees. The document is outdated and is obviously working against the interests of the nation. Sovereignty should be restored to the Australian people and that includes withdrawing from a raft of unlawful UN treaties and protocols including the Convention on Refugees.

    Over the past week APP representatives held two meetings with Police to discuss our Schedule 1 protest permit request. On both occasions the Police denied our permit request citing possible “violence” and the need to maintain the peace. Police acknowledged the good behaviour displayed by APP protestors over the past two years, but were worried the other side might resort to using violence. Over the past two years of holding protests APP members have witnessed many examples of pro-asylum seeker protestors and leftists groups using violence against APP members and also members of the NSW Police Force. Legally speaking, a protest can be staged without a Schedule 1 approval. The Police have been informed that APP members will be holding a peaceful counter protest regardless of our request being denied. The NSW Police Force’s decision to deny APP members the right to hold a protest looks like a double standard.

    With any protest our aim is not to cause public disobedience or mischief but to highlight the many disastrous Labor and Green policies that threaten our way of life. Our country is being invaded on an almost daily basis so why should we just sit idle and surrender our nation to the huddled masses of the Third World?

    So inform your friends, family and neighbours of this most important counter-protest. If present trends continue, you and your children will be strangers in your own land. This is our country and we plan to take ownership back. The counter protest is open to all Patriots regardless of political affiliation.

    Faceless members will also be involved in the counter protest so if you would like to wear a burqa or hold a placard please don’t hesitate to contact the APP Sydney organiser Nick Folkes for further details or information at [email protected]

    Stop the invasion!

    Meeting Place: Corners of Elizabeth Street & Eddy Avenue, Haymarket.

    Time: 1.00pm, Saturday, 23rd June 2012.


    NB. The “obscure and dysfunctional group ‘Walk Together'” is actually a project of a mob called ‘Welcome To Australia’. ‘Welcome To Australia’ is in turn a project of ‘Activate Community Services’, which

    “exists to provide a Christ-centered ministry for the relief of poverty, suffering, distress, misfortune and helplessness of people wheresoever found in Australia regardless of age, sex, race, ethnic background, religion, political beliefs or marital status.

    We also advocate for the exploited, marginalized and minority peoples residing in Australia, while promoting diversity, multiculturalism and social cohesion.”

    I’m unsure if sexuality is excluded from this list deliberately or not — the fact that the church regards homosexuality as sinful would suggest so — but in any case the Services are an arm of Activate, a church in the western suburbs of Adelaide and itself a member of the ‘Australian Christian Churches’ aka the ‘Assemblies of God’ in Australia.

  2. LOLercaust says:

    Wow… do you not realize @ndy that you are only giving more power to the “neo nazis”, it is like being trolled on the internet.

    These groups are small, like 10 people – yet you [are] making them out to be a “threat” and “against the grain of society” is only making them look cooler, giving them more power, making kids think “these guys are tough and awesome”. You are feeding the fear and giving them power!

    Not to mention having a fascist view towards fascists is just ridiculous – “how dare you believe in what you want to believe, i’m going to stop at nothing to ruin your lives and make sure you don’t believe in those beliefs” – that my friend is a pretty fascist world view you have there, and this site is indeed a site of fascist hatred. Anyone without your point of view is “wrong” and you want to make them pay for it.

    What happened to live and let live? Most neo nazi groups get together and drink, listen to music, and be stupid, sure they say racist shit and hype each other up, but long gone are the days where they were militant.

    Also if you have no issue with communism or stalin then you have no issue with dictatorship or murder/genocide anyway – that is just commonsense that communism does not work in reality and that stalin was the greatest mass murderer of the 2nd world war.

    You live in fear of a 70 year dead reich, one which people find some aesthetic attraction to or romanticize, yet one which will never ever rise again, quite frankly due to the segregation of society as a whole, the internet age, and everything else which makes the individual feel more important th[a]n any kind of a “group”. You think the kids of today want to follow someone to their doom? Nein. They want to be the leaders, the rock stars, the center of the universe… they don’t want to “follow”. Let people live in their fantasy, let them face their own choices in life – but don’t oppress them, don’t become what you hate… which is what this site is.

    Also in regards to antifa – these guys are the modern day nazis, bash people and bands for their beliefs even when half the time they don’t do any research on the band “oh this band sings about ancient times and their ancestors – NAZIS (even if their [sic] singing about slavic or celtic themes” – “look out michael [flatley] lord of the dance, your celtic ass is as good as dead”.

    Like the modern German government, to stop “nazism” they raid peoples houses, arrest them and persecute them for their beliefs… sounds like they are once again becoming what they are trying to stop, only the victims have changed… that is all that ever changes, same agenda different name – like this site, same agenda as the nazis just the victims are now people with those beliefs (your agenda presumably being to flush out nazis and expose them for what they choose to believe in, in their own lives).

    Apparently people are not allowed to believe in what they wish to, only what you tell them too… right mein fuhrer?

  3. Dr. Cam says:

    Congratulations. This surely must be the first time that the rise of social media has been lamentably blamed for standing in the way of the rise of a Fourth Reich.

  4. @ndy says:

    My name is Adolf Hitler and I approve this message.

  5. @ndy says:

    In the meantime…

  6. LOLercopter humdinga says:

    [Blah blah blah.]

  7. Aussie says:

    I actually think there is a lot of truth in what LOL said. The problem, or the confusing bit is, his own argument also applies to himself and he seems to have overlooked this.

  8. Bron says:

    You’ve guilted me into leaving this comment. I STILL READ, OK!

  9. @ndy says:


    You’ve made a range of observations, some of which I’ll respond to, other I won’t.

    So, to begin with:

    I’m not convinced that my writing on the subject of local neo-Nazis assists their growth or recruitment. Responding to this claim is a little difficult however as you don’t specify any such groups, or how and why you believe they’ve grown as a result of my blogging about them. If you have any such evidence, you’re free to provide it.

    Otherwise, while we may use the same words, I don’t think we mean the same things by them. The operative meaning of the term ‘fascist’, for you, is someone who disagrees strongly with someone else and attempts to punish that person for their disagreement. I, on the other hand, think fascism is a political ideology. I also think you’re prone to exaggeration. So in reality, nobody’s life has been destroyed by me because they’ve disagreed with me about something.

    A few more points:

    Neo-Nazis do lots of different things, including but not limited to getting drunk and/or being militant.
    You can discover my views on communism and/or Stalin by reading what I’ve written on these and related subjects.
    If you’d like to criticise ‘antifa’ (and not only ‘antifa’), it’s helpful to provide evidence to support your views.

  10. LOLerpop says:

    First – very mature not allowing my other post.

    Oh come off it Andrew. How can you say “fascism is a political ideology”? It shows how little you know and how similar you really are. Ignorance is bliss and the easiest way to “fight the good fight”. When you don’t know who the casualties will be, who gives a fuck – right?

    I was not saying it was someone who disagrees with someone, I was saying it is someone who believes that their world-view is “right” so they oppress anyone with a different world-view, even if that person isn’t pushing their view on anyone else, or even if that view is one based on hatred, they have the right to live that life – you making sites and naming names is here FOREVER. Employees [employers?] do Google searches for names, kids look up their parent’s names etc, etc. You might think it’s fun and innocent what you’re doing but you are actually damaging a lot. I mean if an Aussie band wanted to tour overseas, knucklehead antifa would Google search them, see this site and their name mentioned (even if it’s out of context or you’ve apologised later) and they will get a red mark next to their name, or put on another site and it just snowballs – forever! Like a leaked celebrity sex tape.

    Also if you want to look at political factions start using terms correctly, the Nazi party was the National Socialist Party of – GERMANY. You can have national socialist parties or political mindedness in other countries which are nothing like the Nazi party – because it is relevant for their own country. National Socialism was not even coined by the Germans, I believe it started in the Ukraine first.

    You seem to think anyone with a national socialist outlook is a “nazi” when that is specifically a German political group / regime. Yes a lot of groups these days are called “neo nazis” but this is just to pigeonhole them (unless they call themselves that). Someone who might be anti-nazi but pro-Celtic or pro- their own race could be classed as a “nazi” when of course this is not the case.

    The same goes for Aryanism. Indians are often called Aryan. It has nothing to do with blonde hair or blue eyes – again this was just Hitler’s view on a certain topic hence the dullards of society seem to think it is the world view and classification of the word.

    Also why do you only concentrate on nazism? Or people who idolize/romanticize nazism? What about the Ancient Romans – they were far more ruthless and tyrannical! You should start going on about live action role players who dress in Ancient Roman garb – because that could start a revolution of tyranny too! Right? What’s the fucking difference? You were not part of either era so they might as well be the same! If anything Ancient Rome probably affected you and modern society more than the Nazis ever did! You better get the Gladiator soundtrack banned, it has stirring tyrannical tunes to incite the rise of the next Caesar! “Strength and honour”! See how ridiculous it is?

    When you speak of neo-nazi groups you never give solid AUSTRALIAN examples of where they have risen up and made a drastic impact on society or our politics. Did Romper Stomper upset you or something? The skin and neo nazi groups in Australia are so small and irrelevant it is almost humerus [LOL] that you whinge and moan about them and especially Australian metal heads – yeah they dabble in some nazi imagery but mate – half of them have Asian or ethnic band members! It is just extreme imagery and nothing more, so let them role play and have their fun!

    Even the skinhead rallies are tiny in this country, because Australia is such a melting pot and so diverse almost everyone by default knows someone of a “lesser race” therefore they can’t justify becoming that way inclined or if they are they soon choose a different way of life when they grow older (or are lured by the Latino heat). You never see an old skinhead – unless it is a prison gang which is irrelevant as that is more just for protection than solid ideology and “world domination”.

    This blog is as pointless as a blog about hating pepperoni pizza. Sure maybe it tastes like shit to you, gives you gas and you’re not into it and can’t imagine why others are, but the people who are, eat it happily and don’t try to push it on to you, they keep to themselves. Just like “neo nazis” do.

    As for antifa, there have been plenty of shows in Poland, Austria and Germany where they have got Satanic bands banned from the shows. In one case antifa bashed the band and smashed all their equipment (the band being Kroda – a pagan/folk black metal band). Not to mention they vandalize people’s houses in Germany who they believe are right wing (and even if these people are right wing LET THEM BE!!! They literally are not hurting ANYONE – even if their message is vile, nothing comes from it!).

    @Aussie of course what i said applies to fascists as well (im presuming you think i am one) – however at least fascists admit to being fascist, they admit to their hatreds and are open about it therefore accept that people will disagree with them, however the antifascists (who are fascist) are wolves in sheep’s clothing who think they are “fighting the good fight” when in fact they are just pushing hatred and violence towards a minority group simply because that group doesnt believe in what they believe – the anti fascists act FAR MORE like nazis then any modern day neo nazis.

    I am not a skinhead, nazi, national socialist or anything like that – but in my day i have hung around with all of the above and i can tell you, maybe they talk shit online or get drunk and yell “fuckin jews” or say inappropriate things, but out of every group i have ever encountered the most hateful, intolerant bigots are the anti-fascists, SHARPs and other groups. Because these people think they are “fighting for whats right” they think their hatred is justified – kind of like christian zealots and zionists, they believe so strongly they are right that they dont give a fuck who gets hurt or how far they go even if it means death. Whereas your average skin or neo nazi have been told their “wrong” from all sides and most of the time do it to rebel or look “evil” or be part of a group.

    This is no different to the inquisition, you think the “witches” are evil and will poison the world therefore it is ok to burn them at the stake even if there is no solid proof or they are not even what they are accused of, it is better to be “safe than sorry”. Yes this site isn’t doing much, but to support a violent hate group of cowards who hide their faces like the antifa (which in Germany it is known they get away with it because the police are also involved in the group to help take care of “nazis” in a more militant way then whats legal), it is really sad and i hope you wake up to yourself, or at least one day meet some people with right leaning views and see they are not hurting anyone, they have kids, they have a mother and a father, and they are flesh and blood who just want to live their lives believing what they do. If they believe ZOG is controlling the earth – so what? it might be a belief of hatred but they don’t go and back it up with violence like you so called anti fascist fascists do.

    Next thing you’ll tell me that being vegetarian is respectful to animals!?!?!?!?! @_@

  11. LOLerpop says:

    yeah the humorous mistake was a bad one. ill admit it. V_V

  12. @ndy says:



    There’s a lotta nonsense packed into your remarks LOLipop, so much that I couldn’t be bothered responding to it all, and the longer this goes on, the less point I see in it. Nevertheless…

    A few preliminary remarks:


    I don’t think you’ve actually spent much time reading my blog. If you had, many of your questions would already have been answered. You also wouldn’t bother writing things like “if you want to look at political factions start using terms correctly, the Nazi party was the National Socialist Party of – GERMANY”. This is not only because you are literally wrogn — the Nazi party was known as the NSDAP or National Socialist German Workers’ Party — but because I’ve actually studied not only the names of such parties but their actual histories, and for some years. In other words, in your rush to demonstrate that I’m a Bad and Ignorant person, you end up looking like a bit of a Fool.


    I asked you to nominate some local Australian neo-Nazi groups. You chose not to. As such, your previous claim that these groups have actually grown in size and influence as a result of my writing — that I am empowering them and “making them look cooler”/more attractive to racist White yoof — remains dubious to say the least.


    You claimed that I had “no issue” with Stalin or Communism. I invited you to read what I’ve actually written on these matters. You didn’t bother. Again, this kind of behaviour is not conducive to a rational discussion and the more you refuse it, the less value there is in my entertaining you on my blog.


    As noted, not having actually read my blog places you at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to telling the world what I actually write on it. You’re apparently too lazy to find this material for yourself, so with regards the concept of fascism:

    a) You claimed that I have “a fascist view towards fascists” and “this site is indeed a site of fascist hatred”.

    What’s “a fascist view”?

    Apparently, the view of someone who declares that they are “going to stop at nothing to ruin” other’s lives and stop them from believing what they believe in. A fascist, then, is someone who believes that another’s “point of view is “wrong” and [who wants] to make them pay for it”.

    In order to cut through to you and at the risk of being considered slightly rude: that’s a fucking stupid definition of fascism and fascists. But stoopid or chillingly accurate — more to the point — it doesn’t actually reflect my own understanding or usage of the term. Pro-tip: if you want to criticise something someone else has written, criticise something someone else has written.

    b) Fascism is both a political ideology — a system of ideas — and a social and political movement. People have written books about it and everything. Here’s something I prepared earlier, extracted from one of these books (Martin A Lee, The Beast Reawakens, 1997):

    Over the years, academics have engaged in much debate and semantic hair-splitting without arriving at a universally accepted definition of fascism. The lack of agreement as to what constitutes the “fascist minimum” (the lowest common denominator of features found in all examples of fascism) stems in part from the protean nature of the fascist experience. Fascism during the 1920s and 1930s was an ideologically ambiguous movement that metamorphosed through several phases or sequences. Fascist parties initially attracted support among the hoi polloi by campaigning as social revolutionaries against the inequities of the free market; later, as serious contenders for power, they won over conservative elites in Italy and Germany by promising to thwart the Red Menace. In places where fascists governed, they inevitably violated their early platforms, especially their anticapitalist pretensions. Ultimately, their main political enemy was the worker Left, which placed fascism in the right-wing extremist camp.

    Several fascist leaders, including Benito Mussolini, started out as socialists but eventually lost faith in the revolutionary capacity of the working class. In order to mobilize an inert proletariat, they embraced nationalism. The mythos of national rebirth was germane to fascism, which assumed widely diverging forms based on a constellation of historical and social factors that differed from one country to the next.

    The National Socialist German Workers’ Party (NSDAP), led by Hitler, emphasized Nordic mysticism, biological racialism, anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, and aggressive militarism. In its formative period, the NSDAP shared the ultranationalist stage with several non-Nazi variants of fascism that flourished during the so-called Conservative Revolution of the 1920s. A plethora of German fascisms embraced Volk-ish and anti-Semitic assumptions-unlike Italian fascism (sometimes referred as “corporatism”), which was not inherently racialist. Mussolini’s followers may have been racist in the general sense of viewing nonwhites or non-Europeans as culturally inferior, but they did not inflate their racism into an obsessive, all-encompassing ideology. Nor did Franco’s hyper-authoritarian Catholics in Spain, who had little sympathy for the pagan and anti-Christian motifs that Nazis often espoused.

    Unfortunately, the blanket usage of the terms fascist and neo-fascist belies the diverse and sometimes conflicting tendencies that these labels encompass. Umberto Eco describes fascism as “a fuzzy totalitarianism, a collage of different philosophical and political ideas,” which “had no quintessence.” The word itself derives from fasces, a cluster of sticks with protruding axheads that symbolize the power and the glory of ancient Rome. In Latin, fasces is related to fascinum, to fascinate or charm.

    The abracadabra of fascism casts a spell over people by diverting economic and social resentments toward national and racial preoccupations. Proclaiming the need for a new spirit and a new man, fascist demagogues have extolled action for its own sake and romanticized violence as regenerative and therapeutic. Although many of their ideas are a by-product of the Enlightenment, they vehemently reject egalitarian social theories that formed the basis of the French Revolution in 1789. The “anti” dimensions of fascism are manifold and well-known: anti-democratic, anti-Marxist, anticapitalist, antimaterialist, anti-cosmopolitan, antibourgeois, antiliberal, antifeminist, and so on.

    But fascism was always more than just a negative crusade. Its eclectic style incorporated elements of competing ideologies that fascist rhetoric ostensibly repudiated. Herein lay the essential paradox of fascism: its ability to embody social and political opposites, to be at once elitist and populist, traditionalist and avant-garde. (“I am a reactionary and a revolutionary,” Mussolini boasted.) Within the fascist milieu, there has always been a nostalgia for preindustrial societies and an attraction to modern technology, a pathos for uncontrolled brutality and a fetish for obedience and order. Promising the remedy [to] the malaise and anomie of modern life, fascist leaders manipulated deep-seated longings for a better society. The skewed utopian impulse of fascism was the basis for part of its magnetism as a political movement, which appealed to all social strata–urban and rural, young and old, poor and wealthy, the intelligentsia and the uneducated.

    The massive defeat they suffered during World War II did not refute the innermost convictions of many fascists, who kept pining for the day when they might again inflict their twisted dream of a new order on much of the world. Within the neofascist scene, there has always been a residual subculture of nostalgics who clung to the heritage of the Third Reich and the Mussolini regime. Holocaust-denial literature and other racialist screeds have circulated like political pornography among the deeply devoted who cluster in small marginalized groups and clandestine cells. Others showed more resiliency as they tried to adapt to the changing realities of the postwar era. But the East-West conflict, which initially afforded a means of survival for these ideological miscreants, also stranded many of them on the farther shores of politics. They realized that sooner or later the binary logjam of the Cold War would have to be broken for revisionist forms of fascism to take hold.

    The more sophisticated tacticians understood that the fascist game could be played in many ways. Some deemed it best not to advertise their allegiance to the creed. Discarding the fascist appellation was an initial step toward articulating a political discourse more in tune with modern times, one that spoke of preserving identity and cultural uniqueness instead of white supremacy. Pragmatic and opportunistic, neofascist leaders reinvented themselves and crafted euphemisms into electoral platforms that concealed an abiding hatred of the democratic process. Campaigning as national populists, they managed to rack up significant vote totals in several countries and redefine the post-cold-war political landscape.

    This is the saga of an underground political movement that has reawakened after a half century of hibernation. It is the history of something long hidden reappearing in a new form, a thing once forbidden that is gradually gaining influence and respectability. Most of all, it is a story about a cadre of old-guard fascists who kept the torch burning and bequeathed it to a new generation of extremists who are carrying on the struggle today.

    The above quote I think illustrates the fact that when I use the term ‘fascist’ to describe, say, some political party (such as, for example, Australia First), I do so advisedly and with respect to its historical meaning rather than as a mere pejorative. The Bad behaviour you’ve described, on the other hand, is not ‘fascism’ but rather merely someone being arrogant and over-bearing, pushy and ill-mannered, even ruthless.

    On a more practical level.

    You worry about the fact that I name a number of individuals on my blog and also about the impact my writing might have on an Australian band touring Europe. You don’t name anybody so I dunno how to respond other than in general, and in general I say that anybody I refer to here is free to respond and that some can and do. In reference to Europe, few give a rat’s about what happens in Australia but if anybody does there’s always email.

    You ask: “why do you only concentrate on nazism? Or people who idolize/romanticize nazism? What about the Ancient Romans…?”

    The answer is: I don’t. I write about lots of different things on my blog. Take, say, last month: May, 2012. That month, inter alia, I re-published a pamphlet against political cynicism and a review of two recent books on the Situationist International; described the origins of May Day; referred to two local trials of political activists, an anarchist outrage in Ohio and industrial action by local restaurant workers; noted the launch of a government inquiry into child sexual abuse by religious authorities, protect action at Sydney University and more besides.

    As for the ROFLMAO Ancient Romans, apart from noting the fact that the term ‘fascist’ derives from Ancient Rome, the reasons I regard contemporary neo-Nazism, fascism and racism as more relevant to my concerns than the Society for Creative Anachronism is because the Ancient Romans died quite a long time ago.

    Also: the duck.

    To conclude:


    If you wanna read about contemporary Australian fascism, ‘A political history of National Action: Its fears, ideas, tactics and conflicts’ by Troy Whitford (Rural Society, Vol.20, No.2, 2011) and I was a teenage fascist by David Greason (1994) would be a start.


    Race and related concepts like Aryanism, Nordicism and the origins and meaning of the term ‘Caucasian’ are usefully discussed by Nell Irvin Painter [video] in her book The History of White People (2010).


    On the difference between boneheads and skinheads:

    I don’t “whinge and moan” about boneheads, I ridicule them. I also have a sense of proportion. For example, in 2009 I was interviewed by a journalist for an article in a women’s magazine. They wrote:

    Andy Fleming, who runs the Slackbastard anarchist/anti-fascist blog chronicling the nationalist scene, says “In general, the scene is tiny. There is a lot of chatter on the net, but not a lot else … there is real-world violence, but it is usually rare, sporadic and disorganised.”

    There haven’t been any “skinhead rallies” in Australia and the last rally by boneheads (belonging to National Action) took place in the 1990s. Otherwise, my concerns relate more (and are explicitly situated in reference) to Australia and the White Australia policy — rather than, say, Germany and its racial purity laws.


    Speaking of Germany, your understanding of contemporary fascist movements in that country, their opposition, and the role of the state in managing this relationship, is ah… not very good. So, y’know, in that other place called reality, the violent savagery of neo-Nazi militants in that country made international headlines only a few short months ago, when it was revealed that a group called the ‘National Socialist Underground’ had spent several years happily butchering ethnics right under the noses of the police and state authorities charged with ensuring nazis didn’t do stuff like run around and kill people. In addition, neo-Nazi rallies are a regular occurrence on the political calendar, and the state spares little expense in ensuring that the Angry Aryans have their brief moments in the sunshine (see, for example, Hamburg, a few weeks ago). These kinds of set-pieces have been going on with greater or lesser frequency since German re-unification, and the German police are quite expert at managing such public rituals: the actual history of contemporary German fascism is of course a whole other story, but you’ll find various references to it on my blog.


    With regards antifa, in your first comment you described them as being ignorant, stupid and violent nazis. I asked you to be a li’l more specific. Now you state that: a) lots of Satanic (heavy metal) bands have been banned from lots of shows in Austria, Germany and Poland by antifa; b) a band called Kroda once got bashed by antifa and; c) antifa in Germany vandalise houses belonging to completely harmless right-wing individuals.

    In response: again, you need to be more specific. Which bands got banned, when, where, how and by which groups? Austria and Germany have laws against the public display of Nazi symbols, Holocaust denial and so on, which forces many nazis to adapt their imagery and rhetoric and/or go underground. This includes NSBM acts. In terms of law, I understand the situation in Poland is similar but slightly different. In any event, the band Kroda (Ukraine) got bashed in Warsaw (as did Polish band Tormentia). The attack on Kroda took place in June 2009. Supposedly, Kroda are nazis, expressing nazi viewpoints in interviews, recording nazi songs and for a nazi label (Pagan Front), sharing members with other nazi bands and so on.


    I’ve not read or seen any reference to the assault by those responsible, and I don’t speak Polish so, y’know…

    I have however read the following statement by some Polish antifa with regards the bashing of Tormentia.

    Polish Anti-fascists [ambush] nazi band “Tormentia”

    “There is no Antifa in Poland” (it refers to mantra repeated for years by Polish fascists on their [Internet] forums). Really? On [Internet] you can see short clip from activity of “sport-oriented Anti-Fascists” (as militants call each other in jokes).


    On the clip we can see how those “sportsmen” attack band “Tormentia”. It is band from Poland playing national-socialist black metal. This day “Tormentia” was supposed to play on “v Szczery Memorial”, together with Serbian band Razor 88. Mariusz Szczerski aka “Szczery” was leading member of Polish neo-nazi band “Honor”. He died in 2005 and since then people connected with fascist movement in Poland turned him into a hero. If death in car accident is heroic, then “Szczery” was a hero- he died like thousands of other people dying in car accidents. Now fascists organize “memorials” devoted to his memory. Those are gigs, which gather “elite” of neo-nazis from whole of Europe. Details of those gigs are kept in secret, and their participants are informed about them in last moment by phone or text message. Despite of those security precautions, “persons [unknown]” managed to get some information. They arranged to meet fascists from “Tormentia” on one of the services on the way to the gig. Idiot neo-nazis, because they should be called like that thought that they will go with second vehicle full of nazis straight to the gig. After all its safer in a group. Well it appeared that they will neither go anywhere nor its safer. There was a funny dialogue with Anti-fascists, who didn’t know what else they can talk about with those idiots:

    “Allright, you know who we are, right?”
    “Antifa Poland”
    “Oh fuck!”

    And so on.

    I dunno WTF you’re on about inre German property being smashed. You can cite evidence, or not. In general, you seem both ignorant of and quite naive regarding European history and fascism.


    Finally, you obviously fail to understand that my primary motivation in blogging about them isn’t to rehabilitate racist wankers (or to stop metalheads from having fun for that matter). Rather, it’s to expose and sabotage organised expressions of fascist thought. Doing so does not actually prevent one of these twats from carrying on with their stoopid but I think you like others are pretty confused about this fact.

    Indeed, an astoundingly small proportion of arguments ‘for free speech’ and ‘against censorship’ or ‘banning’ are, in fact, about free speech, censorship or banning. It is depressing to have to point out, yet again, that there is a distinction between having the legal right to say something & having the moral right not to be held accountable for what you say. Being asked to apologise for saying something unconscionable is not the same as being stripped of the legal right to say it. It’s really not very f-cking complicated. Cry “free speech” in such contexts, you are demanding the right to speak any bilge you wish without apology or fear of comeback. You are demanding not legal rights but an end to debate about and criticism of what you say. When did bigotry get so needy? This assertive & idiotic failure to understand that juridical permissibility backed up by the state is not the horizon of politics or morality is absurdly resilient.

    Ya basta.

  13. Aussie says:

    I agreed with you mostly in the way that bringing people’s attention to something or reacting to something can generally heighten a situation. On the other hand, I also think sometimes people have to be stopped because they are harming or influencing others. Where the line is or how to go about this is the real problem it seems.

    I just assumed you are a person who thinks people should just be allowed to be how they want to be, mostly because that’s what you said, which is fine, but, why are you not letting people be how they want to be? Ya feelin’ me?

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