Random acts of kindness and anarchist solidarity

It’s hardly news but still . . .

In England, Freedom Books has come under attack. On February 1 an unknown party set fire to the the anarchist publisher’s premises in Whitechapel, London, resulting in extensive damage to the property. An appeal for help recovering from the loss has been made and the Melbourne Anarchist Club, among others, has pledged support.

In Egypt, the seemingly sudden emergence of some kinda ‘black bloc’-type movement last month has produced baffled headlines, new-ish anxieties and further repression by the shadowy forces of the state (and its new allies the Muslim Brotherhood).

A real mystery, this one.

In response to the repression, February 6 has been designated an international day of action intended to draw attention to the plight of comrades in Egypt and to let them know that anarchists in other territories are watching. In Melbourne, some anarchists will be gathering at the Egyptian Consulate (50 Market St, City) at 3.30pm.

Last month in Germany, a leftist protester was jailed for almost two years after a judge ruled that he was responsible for breaching a police line during the course of an anti-fascist action in Dresden in February 2011. In Greece, fascism is growing — with swine taking both to the streets and being guided into the skools — and the anti-fascist movement is facing increasingly harsh repression by the state. (January 19 was an international day of solidarity with antifa in Greece and a coupla small gatherings were held in Canberra and Sydney in response.)

Finally, From Lake Eyre to West Papua is a journey of solidarity beginning in late July and ending in mid-August. For more infos, please see the Lizard’s Revenge website. Oh, and ACLU Defends Nazis’ Right To Burn Down ACLU Headquarters.

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