Geert Wilders in Australia, February 2013

Update (February 19) : The venue for Wilders’ trouble-making in Melbourne on Tuesday, February 19 is La Mirage Reception & Convention Centre, 210 Hume Highway, Somerton. The venue can be contacted on (03) 9305 4855. A picket is being held at the venue from 6pm.

Update ( February 8 ) : Wilders’ tour appears almost certain to attract protest and it also seems that the venue originally booked by the Q Society in Sydney has cancelled its booking. Note that one of Wilders’ most recent project is an initiative intended to stop the construction of any further churches synagogues supermarkets mosques in the Netherlands.

Not that he’s got anything against Muslims: it’s teh Muslamics what done it.

Update : Fairfax has an article on Wilders’ tour titled ‘White supremacists ready for fight’ (Natalie O’Brien, The Age, February 2, 2012). It refers, inter alia, to the ‘Australian New Nation’ website — established several years ago in order to replace the White Pride Coalition of Australia site — and the Internet radio show ‘Australia Calling’. ‘Australia Calling’ is produced by Brisbane nazi Carl D Thompson, who briefly came to public attention some years ago when, after publishing some anti-Semitic material, he lost his job editing the One Nation newspaper.

Muslim-hating Dutch rightist Geert Wilders is gonna be touring Down Under in a few weeks. The Flying Dutchman’s tour is being organised by an anti-Islamic group known as the Q Society, and Wilders is scheduled to speak in Melbourne on the 19th, Perth on the 20th and Sydney on the 22nd of February, with the venues only being announced a day or two prior.* Unsurprisingly, having already roused controversy, Wilder’s tour is expected to generate some opposition, but also a good deal of support, especially among the far-right fringe. To that end, a number of individuals drawn from racist and fascist groups will be attending Wilder’s events :– some ostensibly in order to protect them from disruption.

Or were . . .

Within 48 hours of declaring that it was the sacred duty of White racialists to attend Wilder’s event in Sydney — largely in order to show the dastardly Reds who’s boss — Welf Herfurth — the leader of the minuscule forces of the New Right (NR) in Australia — changed his mind, and declared it to be a positively dreadful idea, one which risked aligning the NR with Zionists (ergo Jews).

Well, kinda . . .

Actually, the former NPD, ON and Democrats (!) member was admonished by his master, Troy Southgate, to pull his head in and think a li’l moar about the implications of aligning his handful of followers with The Jew. Thus:

Note that Herfurth’s mob last reared its head in Sydney back in November, when police provided them a platform at a Palestine solidarity rally; Herfurth himself is a Holocaust denialist and strong supporter of his kamerad Uncle Fred Toben.

Australian Protectionist Party & Conservative Islamophobia

Of course, support for Wilder’s message also extends deep into the conservative heartland, and includes prominent Muslim-baiters in the Tory party as well as handsomely-paid hacks in the corporate and state media. Further, the conservative embrace/promotion of paranoid fears over Muslamics has stolen a good deal of oxygen from a number of racist, right-wing fringe-dwellers, including Anders Breivik’s friends in the Australian Protectionist Party (APP). Just five short years after its foundation as a more ‘moderate’, less anti-Semitic version of the Australia First Party (AF), the APP has undergone its first major crisis, with the entirety of its Sydney branch decamping in order to establish yet another marginal bunch of kooks, this time modelled on Wilder’s Freedom Party (the APP modelled itself on the BNP). Whether or not the handful who spat the dummy can actually assemble another party remains to be seen, but given that they were the only active members the APP possessed the Protectionists seem doomed to disappear back into oblivion.

Or perhaps not.

Andrew Phillips, APP National Chairman, has relocated himself and his PO Box to Tasmania, while the party continues to nominate two others as contacts for NSW and VIC. Having lost perennial losers Darrin Hodges and Nicholas Hunter-Folkes, Phillips is now begging someone — anyone — to nominate themselves to undergo the humiliation of losing another popularity contest. Those interested can write to P.O. Box 170, Dover, Tasmania 7117 (which also functions as the postal address of Meals On Wheels in that part of the world).

*According to Q, “Details will be advised to paid-up patrons 48 hours prior to event. Expect a function centre within easy reach of the CBD. Photo ID is required to enter; only one small handbag per patron permitted into the venue.” Paul Sheehan writes for the defence here and you can read more about the Q Society on their webshite.

(More) Bloody Foreigners Making Trouble

Overseas: Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (aka ‘Tommy Robinson’ aka ‘Paul Harris’), the leader of the E E EDL, has been sentenced to 10 months jail for ‘possession of a false identity document with improper intention’, viz entering the US to attend an anti-Muslim gathering using a false passport. (Tommy’s troubles mirror those of Martin Brennan, another whinging Pom and the former leader of the A A ADL, forcibly expelled from Australia in August 2011 for immigration offences.) Also in attendance at the gathering in New York in September last year was Yanqui crackpot Robert Spencer. Spencer is described as ‘VP Islamic Scripture and History’ for the Q Society and runs a loon website called jihadwatch; the Coordinator for Victoria/Tasmania and Secretary of the Society is Ralf Schumann; Andrew McDonald is their Administrator in NSW while in Perth Debbie Robinson Coordinates teh stoopid. Anyway, here’s a picture of the patriotic sheila from Perf (Debbie Robinson) and two foreign loons (Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer) holding the Strayan flag at SION:

More on Geert’s tour later maybe . . .

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19 Responses to Geert Wilders in Australia, February 2013

  1. Walter says:

    U lot organising anything in melb?

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  3. @ndy says:

    Yes. With funds provided by The Gnomes of Zurich I’ve organised several plane-loads of Ajax, Panathinaikos and St. Pauli ultras to greet Geert upon his arrival and to harass him and his fans at every opportunity; an army of Leninist paper-sellers has been organised to keep police and security distracted while the Egyptian black bloc (flown in by helicopter) has bought dozens of tickets and using fake ID (supplied by refugee smugglers based in Indonesia) will be creating anarchy at the outset and throughout the course of his speech.

    And that’s just the beginning . . .

  4. Erica Weegen says:

    Hahahaha good one Andy, like your sense of humor.
    Where can I get a ticket to attend?
    I have a legit ID btw.

  5. Dr Koolaid says:

    “Yanqui crackpot Robert Spencer. Spencer is described as ‘VP Islamic Scripture and History’ for the Q Society and runs a loon website called jihadwatch”

    Dumber than dirt. You don’t get around much, do you?

  6. anon says:

    The meeting is being advertised on 3aw.

  7. Walter says:

    Not that many lenninist paper sellers in melbourne to pose enough of a distraction would have to be lenninist mag sellers.

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  9. troy says:

    @ndy so quick to discredit the messenger, yet fails to address the message. You accuse robert spencer, pamela geller of being loons. This is based on what? people that are speaking out against a hate provocking ideology (islam).

    Are you just a naive blogger or do you see something I dont?
    Your quick to condemn a white supremacist group yet you tolerate all other forms of supremacism?

    In this case, people will become more ignorant after reading your article.

  10. A Dawson says:

    Islam is not a race but a religion/idealogy. Maybe you should read the Koran and educate yourself about Islam before you brand anyone a racist.
    Just as someone who opposes or dislikes Christianity is not seen as a far right lunatic so it is the same as someone who dislikes Islam.
    I live in the suburb in Sydney that has the highest Muslim population in Australia. Some of the racism and xenophobia coming from these people is breathtaking, I see it everyday. This stuff needs to be talked about.

  11. zook says:

    what a lot of rascist crap. so you lot are rascists making trouble. remember free speech. though you leftie rascists only respect lies. i”ve never read more lies from uneducated thugs in my life.

  12. inglourious_basterd says:

    troy says:

    You accuse robert spencer, pamela geller of being loons.

    Maybe it’s because we sniff the stench of pogroms and hear echoes of The Protocols whenever we encounter their rubbish.

  13. Doug says:

    A .Dawson, Troy, Zook.
    The test is “cui bono”, to whose benefit is this “Islamophobia”?
    Even if you’re genuinely concerned about the impact of Third World immigration or this particular ideology on European Australian ethnic groups and the working classes you have to be aware that the type of activism employed by Wilders, Spencer, Geller and all is not intended to be of benefit to your ethnic group or your class.
    For people like us going along with what the bosses say about race and ideology has often led us to dark places, like Passchendaele and Suvla Bay.

  14. earthfan says:

    Geert Wilders speaks out against an ideology that is supportive of institutional slavery, advocates wife-beating and denies women equality before the law. The founder of Islam married a six-year old and consummated the marriage when the child was nine.

    Since you are so opposed to Wilder’s views, it is logical to deduce that you, zook, are pro-slavery, support spousal abuse and the sexual abuse of nine-year old girls, and can’t bear for women to have the same legal rights that you have.


  16. truth-first says:

    “In 2010, Sydney Sheikh Feiz Mohammad caused a controversy after he said in a speech on his website that Mr Wilders should be beheaded for denigrating Islam. But he later said his comments had been taken out of context…”: The Age, February 2, 2013. Yeah right…
    Do Christian leaders, Hindus or anyone else make statements like this. You may not hate a pedophile but you will hate his actions. You will point out the wrong he does and seek to prevent him spreading his ways to others. You don’t have to hate Muslims to point out what has happened to Europe in the name of Islam. This man at great risk to his life is warning us not to let this happen to Australia. Go to Europe and see for yourself. People move to Australia to escape it. Already representations for the the use of Sharia law are happening in Australia. While you are shouting racist and missing the point, this cloud is creeping up behind you to ruin the lives of your children and theirs. See him speak on Youtube and realise to see what the real message is.

  17. Pierre says:

    Thank goodness there are other people breathing that have the good sense to see through the drivel and see some people for the modern day Churchill that they have the potential to become. As has been said many times, ignorance is bliss…for some…useful fools.

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