Hunting Australia’s neo-Nazis [The Saturday Paper, April 5, 2014]

This Saturday’s edition of The Saturday Paper has a feature article by Martin McKenzie-Murray titled ‘Hunting Australia’s neo-Nazis’ (April 5, 2014) in which I get a black ‘n’ white guernsey. I’ll comment on the article a little later but in the meantime thank you to my friends and comrades who have been supportive of my writing … and if you’d like to vote for my blog from among the 962(!) entries in the Australian Writers’ Centre’s ‘People’s Choice Award’ please do! (Voting closes Monday 5 May at 5pm (DST).)

About @ndy

I live in Melbourne, Australia. I like anarchy. I don't like nazis. I enjoy eating pizza and drinking beer. I barrack for the greatest football team on Earth: Collingwood Magpies. The 2024 premiership's a cakewalk for the good old Collingwood.
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24 Responses to Hunting Australia’s neo-Nazis [The Saturday Paper, April 5, 2014]

  1. [random nazi] says:

    Write that yourself, James? I mean, Andy?

  2. Adelaide Dupont says:

    Hello @Andy:

    On the 5th of May it will no longer be daylight saving time.

    Is it “somewhere standard time”?

    And if the Writers’ Centre offered “Lifetime Achievement Awards”…

  3. Brian says:

    Lol. How much did you pay this rag to publish this crap? You really have panicked this time @ndy. Anyone who believes this backslapping price of puke deserves retard of the year award. Also James/@ndy you shouldn’t get too excited no one in the general public is reading this or gives a stuff about you. You are giving yourself away and it is hilarious.

  4. Heinemann Electric says:

    Yes, Andy, how much did you pay a national newspaper to write a front page article about you and how it is clear to anyone who is not a complete fucking moron that you and James Hutchings are not the same person?

  5. Brian says:

    @Heinemann Electric – Andy has not proven anything at all to dispute the fact that he is James Hutchings. You obviously do not care about the truth and are just another follower trying to protect him from being exposed. So far his only tactic has been to have a caller appear on the SUWA show stating that he is James Hutchings when he sounded completely different from the James Hutchings recordings online. Andy and James sound exactly the same any moron can tell this. His only other defence has been to go around calling everyone STUPID as if he is ahead of the game or somehow more intelligent than those who have exposed him. James Hutchings answers to the name Andy over the phone in these recordings and the station manager of 3CR confirmed him as a host of the SUWA show. Among this the so called morons have compiled much evidence proving the James Hutchings = Andy theory. Maybe Andy could record a video of himself and James Hutchings together and post it online because so far he has proven nothing to the contrary and seems in denial.

  6. Heinemann Electric says:

    Jesus Christ, you are so fucking thick it pains me. Please remove yourself from the gene pool.

  7. Brian says:

    You are just proving my point Heinemann, so what is your reason for disputing the James Hutchings theory? That you seem to think they sound different when they don’t or that @ndy says he’s not James Hutchings so we should all just take his word for it? Sure mate I’m the thicky lol… @ndy Fleming has been protecting his identity for years because he needs to remain anonymous to operate in the manner he has and he really does not have a real answer to the facts put forward. If he was not James Hutchings this would have been put to bed weeks ago. You are the MORON Heinemann and im sure your stupidity goes back generations.

  8. Heinemann Electric says:

    Brian. He is not James Hutchings. The reason this has not been put to bed yet is because of the sheer stupidity of the people who concocted this idiotic theory in the first place.

    There is a video made by Whitelaw Towers. It features a recording of Andy Fleming from Triple J and a recording of James from a prank phone call. The voices do not sound remotely similar.

    Subsequently, audio is made available of Andy and James in conversation. The side of the conversation that is Andy sounds remarkably like the Andy recorded on Triple J. This is because it is Andy.

    The side of the conversation that is James sounds remarkably like the James in the recorded phone call. This is because it is James.

    They are two different people. They share similar political views, like cats, and share a reasonably common bonus body part (1 in 18 men).

    Over the past ten years, they have both independently created 2 vast and incredibly distinct bodies of written work. It is hard to believe that two people would have written so much – impossible for one.

    Conversely, the last decade’s output of the people bringing the charge that they are one person could perhaps be best defined by the word ‘delusional’. These are broken men, desperate for any sort of victory in their sad, pathetic lives, who have time and time again declared with absolute certainty that they have identified the mysterious Slackbastard. They have been wrong each time. This time is no different.

    In all seriousness, consider the case of Saleam. There is no debate that his racial background is not up to scratch from a proper Nazi point of view. It is often the case that racialist activists discover a few negroes in the genetic woodpile upon undergoing a DNA test – indeed, recent tests on Eva Braun’s hair reveal her to be a Jewess – but this is not the case with Saleam. He has always known who he is, and yet he has chosen a political path that if fully realised would see him, at best, deported. Consider, all racial issues aside, whether that’s the sort of mind you want to trust.

    Eventually you will work out that Andy and James are not the same person. On that day, I expect you to post a full apology not only to me, but to the generations of Heinemann Electrics that came before me.

  9. Brian says:

    The caller on the SUWA Show sounds nothing like James Hutchings. Once again you are just behaving as @ndy[‘]s little [parrot]. @ndy has nothing left to throw at this all he has in his defence are his little minions like yourself doing his bidding. He has hoped that having a fake caller on his radio program and running to the media to have that biased self promoting peice [sic] of trash article written by a journo sympathetic to his cause would shut up those who have exposed him, but it has not. He has nothing left in his arsenal except to go around crowing that everybody got it wrong and call them all stupid. People will not let this go so forget about lying your way out of this one. You have nothing left. And Heinemann you won’t be getting an apology from me, so don’t hold your breath.

  10. Heinemann Electric says:

    You WILL apologise to me, Brian and you WILL apologise to both Andy and James.

  11. Brian says:

    NOBODY will be apologising to any of you. What’s the matter Heinemann can’t handle when the boot is on the other foot? @ndy likes to play this game but when it goes the other way he throws a fit like a child. Maybe the lot of you so called “anti fascist” scumbags should be forced to publicly apologise for all the slander and incurred to hatered [?] and violence you have perpetuated against patriotic Australians over the years, that will happen before anyone apologises to you Heinemann. Here is a link proving that you fudged the facts about the third nipple statistics it[‘]s probably more like less than one percent of the male population not 1 in 18. Funny how you leftards always have a problem telling the truth.

  12. @ndy says:

    “Maybe the lot of you so called “anti fascist” scumbags should be forced to publicly apologise for all the slander and incurred to hatered [?] and violence you have perpetuated against patriotic Australians over the years, that will happen before anyone apologises to you Heinemann.”

    What slander?
    What violence?
    You’re talking out of your bottom “Brian”.

  13. Brian says:

    incited violence

  14. Brian says:

    This entire blog is slander @ndy and if you are big enough to post about others who do not agree with your ideology or differ with you on immigration policies then be prepared to have the same thrown back at you. This blog aims to ruin the lives of people who believe preserving Australia as a predominantly white nation which is what its founders believed in, which makes it a slanderous blog. You type cast everyone as a “nazi” as if you are judge and jury. Now people will have the chance to do the same to you.

  15. @ndy says:

    G’day “Brian”,

    OK. So you’re unable to:

    1) identify any slanderous material on my blog;
    2) cite any evidence of violence on my part;
    3) distinguish between patriots and neo-Nazis.

    Not a great start.

    Otherwise yes, I’m an adult, I have opinions, and I voice them on my blog. Apparently, this material makes you very upset. Because you’re incapable of having a grown-up conversation, your only recourse is to lies and to stoopid.


    If others want to express their opinions they’re free to publish their own blogs. Indeed, some do. This prospect does not upset me as much as you imagine.

  16. Brian says:

    Heinemann, please accept my humble apologies. I was wrong to come to conclusions about Slackbastard’s identity based on the ramblings of men of questionable heritage. I was also wrong to doubt your statement about the commonality of supernumerary nipples based on the website KGB-Answers, which uses as its source the wikipedia page for supernumerary nipples, which in turn claims that approximately 1 in 18 men have them.

    You may have had a point about me being a moron.

  17. Brian says:

    All you do on here is go on a campaign of character assassination while you hide behind your computer like a coward. To me calling people who care about their country and people thought criminals and potential mass murderers when you do not know anything about them IS SLANDER. What you are trying to achieve by intimidating people in this politically correct climate is destroy careers and reputations. Don’t pretend you are doing any different.

  18. Brian says:

    Nice fake apology guys reminds me of your pathetic FALSE flag on the SUWA show.

  19. @ndy says:

    “Brian” Brian “Brian”,

    There are two main weaknesses in your argument: one, it has a very poor logical structure; two, it relies on no evidence. I hate to be the one to break it to you, but merely repeating nonsensical claims does not render them any more worthy.

  20. Brian says:

    @ndy the logic is clear and the evidence is sound, your defence on the other hand is weak. If you are so sure release a video of yourself and James Hutchings together, this can not be a problem for you to do unless we are right. So be a man and do it, what do you have to lose? You seem to enjoy posting other[‘]s photos for once stand up and stop being a coward. If we are right so what?

  21. Brian says:

    Readers, I am the real Brian and I really do apologise.

  22. @ndy says:


    (Better yet, make a video of himself standing to attention, saluting a flag of his choice?)

  23. @ndy says:

    “Brian” Brian “Brian”,

    Yr stoopid w regards myself and James has already been remarked upon; I refer to your other claims re slander, violence, etc. Thus you remain unable to: 1) identify any slanderous material on my blog; 2) cite any evidence of violence on my part; 3) distinguish between patriots and neo-Nazis.

    Yr a dummkopf.

  24. Brian says:

    I’m Brian and so’s my wife!

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